Journey To Become A True God Chapter 428

428 Quickly Let Go Of That Woman
Su Yuya looked at the people around here, he hoped that someone could help him from these thugs.

Unfortunately Su Yuya's wish might not come true, the people who were here were completely ignoring her who was asking for help.

They did not want to help her who was currently in trouble.

The people around here preferred to be safe, rather than helping Su Yuya and dealing with these thugs..

Su Yuya was very disappointed when she saw this, it seemed like she would not be able to escape from the thugs who were currently dragging eher.

Su Yuya hoped that right now there were good people willing to help her.

"Hey you guys, hurry up and let that woman go." Someone came and stopped these thugs who wanted to take Su Yuya away.

Su Yuya and the thugsimmediately looked back, when they looked back, they saw a handsome man standing a few meters behind them.

The person who came was of course Ye Chen, Ye Chen came to help Su Yuya who was being bullied by these thugs.

"Ye Chen" Su Yuya immediately called Ye Chen's name, Su Yuya didn't expect Ye Chen to be around here either.

Seeing Ye Chen's arrival, Su Yuya had a little hope of getting out of this matter.

"Ye Chen, hurry up and help me from this thugs ." Su Yuya asked Ye Chen to get rid of these people.

Su Yuya had heard from Su Yuyu that Ye Chen was quite good at martial arts, Su Yuya believed that Ye Chen could easily overcome these thugs.

"You bastard, how dare you interfere with what we're doing, don't you know who we are? ", The man who was holding Su Yuya's wrist immediately snapped at Ye Chen who had just appeared.

This thugs man was angry when he saw someone who dared to interfere in the business he was currently doing.

This was the territory of the delinquents who were bothering Su Yuya, around here had never before had anyone dared to interfere in their affairs.

"I don't know who you are and don't want to know about that matter either. All I want is for you to let that woman go." Ye Chen didn't care about these people.

What Ye Chen wanted was for these thugs to let go of Su Yuya who they were holding back.

"How dare you speak to us like that. . . ! ! ! "The delinquent guy looks very angry at the words that Ye Chen said.

"All of you, hurry and break the arms and legs of this arrogant person who intends to be a hero, let him know who we really are." The thugs man ordered the friends beside him to take care of Ye Chen.

"Hehehe, it's easy to leave everything to us, we will take care of this person very quickly, after that we will enjoy the core beauty together." The thugs friends chuckled, they were all ready to take care of Ye Chen who had dared to interfere the affairs they do.

These people couldn't wait to taste the tastes of a Beautiful Milf woman like Su Yuya.

Right now the thugs wanted to hurry up and finish Ye Chen and go to Ktv to have fun.

The thugs advanced towards Ye Chen, they looked ready to break both Ye Chen's legs and arms who had dared to interfere with the business they were all doing.

Ye Chen looked at the people who were approaching here, people like them are really trash among today's modern society.

Garbage like them must be removed so that it does not become a disease for others.

"Hehehe, you idiot, you are currently wrong in looking for trouble with us, be prepared to feel the consequences." Before they broke Ye Chen's legs and arms, one of the thugs talked nonsense to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen only smiled when he heard the nonsense that was being said by the person in front of him.

Seeing Ye Chen was not afraid at all and instead smiled, the thugs felt that they were being laughed at by Ye Chen.

"Bastards feel this." One of these thugs hit Ye Chen very hard.

"Bammm" the punch from this guy hit Ye Chen's chest.

"Ouch" the person who screamed in pain was not Ye Chen but the one who hit Ye Chen.

The person who hit Ye Chen felt that he had just hit a very hard concrete wall.

"Damn, is there an iron plate under your shirt?" The person who hit Ye Chen began to suspect that Ye Chen was wearing an iron plate under the clothes he was wearing.

"What iron plate? Aren't your punches too weak?" Ye Chen told the person in front of him that the punch he just did was very weak.

Even Ye Chen didn't feel anything when he was hit by the person in front of him.

"Damn, I'll kill you." The person who previously hit Ye Chen did not accept the words of contempt that came out of Ye Chen's mouth.

This person took a penknife from his trousers, he began to open the penknife in his hand.

The person with the knife stabbed the knife in his hand at Ye Chen.

The knife in the delinquent's hand stabbed towards Ye Chen's neck.

Ye Chen currently still looks very relaxed when the knife points to his neck.

"Ye Chen, be careful." Su Yuya shouted very loudly when she saw a knife about to stab Ye Chen's neck.

When the knife in the hand of the delinquent stabbed Ye Chen's neck, the knife stopped at the skin of Ye Chen's neck, this knife was completely unable to penetrate Ye Chen's skin which was extremely hard at all.

Everyone saw the knife stop right at Ye Chen's neck, the current blade did not move the slightest bit from Ye Chen's neck.

The thugs started to wonder what one of their comrades was doing, why didn't he stab Ye Chen right away.

The man who was holding the knife was surprised to find that the knife in his hand was unable to penetrate Ye Chen's neck.

The knife in his hand felt like he was stopped by something so hard that it was unable to move through the skin on Ye Chen's neck.

Ye Chen stretched out his hand to grab the knife in the hand of the thugs who was currently standing right in front of him.

Ye Chen took the knife from the hand of the thugs who was in front of him.

"Are you kidding me? , do you think this toy gun can hurt me? "Ye Chen told the person in front of him that the knife in Ye Chen's hand felt like a toy.

People who saw Ye Chen could hardly believe what Ye Chen had just said, it was clear that the knife in Ye Chen's hand was genuine and very sharp.

How could Ye Chen say that it was a toy knife.

Ye Chen started to condense the knife in his hand into a flat iron plate.

Seeing what Ye Chen had just done, the people who were here gawked, their jaws almost dropped when they saw Ye Chen turn the knife into a flat iron like that.

This was really, really absurd, how could anyone compact a knife into a flat iron like that.

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