Journey To Become A True God Chapter 429

429 The Kindness That Su Yuya Had
Ye Chen threw the knife that he had turned into flat iron towards the thugs in front of him.

The thugs in front of Ye Chen received the knife that Ye Chen had solidified into a flat iron

The thug received the knife that had turned into flat iron, when he saw the flat iron in his hand, this thug suddenly started shivering in fear.

The thugs did not know how strong the strength possessed by this young man in front of him was able to make a knife into this state.

The thugs in front of Ye Chen started to slowly retreat, they began to be afraid of Ye Chen who had shown the strength he had.

Seeing the people in front of him retreating, Ye Chen decided to take one step forward.

When Ye Chen took one step forward, the thugs took two steps back, they all started to keep their distance from Ye Chen.

It's really funny to see the thugs who used to bully the people around here turn scared like this.

Ye Chen started to take a few steps forward, when Ye Chen got closer to the thugs, the thugs ran away, at this time they were trying to save themselves from Ye Chen.

The thugs who previously wanted to break Ye Chen's legs, now scattered running away from this place.

"Hey where are you guys going ? " The man who was holding Su Yuya shouted at his friends who were currently leaving himself together with Ye Chen and Su Yuya.

The people who previously wanted to break Ye Chen's leg did not hear the screams made by the man who was currently holding Su Yuya.

They were currently busy trying to save themselves from Ye Chen who had terrifying strength.

Ye Chen couldn't possibly let the thugs go so easily, if he let these people go so easily, then it was certain that they would again cause trouble around this place.

Because of this, Ye Chen used his strength to suppress the thugs who were running away in various directions.

When Ye Chen took out the strength he had, the thugs who were running away immediately fell to their knees, they all felt something very heavy starting to press all the parts of their bodies.

The result was that these thugs couldn't move an inch from where they were right now.

The man who was holding Su Yuya saw the odd thing that was happening to his friends.

It was quite strange seeing all of his friends suddenly fall to the ground at the same time, this was a very strange occurrence for the man who was currently holding Su Yuya.

When he was looking at his friends who were collapsing on the ground.

Ye Chen had currently arrived right in front of the man who was currently holding Su Yuya.

"I told you before to let go of this woman, unfortunately you don't want to do it, now feel the consequences for your stupidity" Ye Chen said to the thugs man in front of him.

The thugs man who was holding Su Yuya was very surprised when he saw Ye Chen already in front of him, Ye Chen is currently starting to look like a ghost.

"Bastard, feel this." The thugs guy didn't talk to Ye Chen much, he was currently intending to hit Ye Chen's face in front of him.

Before this person could hit himself, Ye Chen first hit the face of the person who was holding Su Yuya.

"Bammm" Ye Chen's punch hit the face of the man who was holding Su Yuya straight.

The man who was holding Su Yuya was blown dozens of meters by the punch that Ye Chen did.

The thugs man landed several tens of meters from where Ye Chen was currently standing.

The thugs man who previously held Su Yuya at this time seemed to have started convulsing on the ground, blood started gushing out from this man's mouth.

The condition of this thugs man was terrible, Ye Chen's punch just now looked quite strong, to the point of making a thugst man in this condition.

"Looks like I was too much" even though Ye Chen was enough to withstand the blow he threw at the thugs man who was holding Su Yuya, unexpectedly the punch he just did was still quite strong.

The result was the thugs man who had previously held Su Yuya in a state that looked quite terrifying.

Even in such dire circumstances, this thugst man was unlikely to die from a punch from Ye Chen.

At most he would be in the hospital for a few weeks.

The thugs who fell to the ground saw one of their comrades beaten by Ye Chen to such a state.

Seeing how terrifying this man's strength was, the delinquents began to sip their own Saliva, they all started to look scared at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen started to ignore the thugson the ground, he was currently focused on Su Yuya who was in front of him.

" Are you okay ? "Ye Chen asked if Su Yuya was okay or not.

"I'm fine" Su Yuya told Ye Chen that right now she's fine.

"That's great, now let me teach these people a little lesson so that they don't repeat this kind of repetition in the future." Ye Chen intended to teach a lesson to the thugs who previously bullied Su Yuya.

"Ye Chen stopped." Su Yuya immediately stopped Ye Chen who wanted to cause trouble with the thugs who previously bullied her.

"Why did you stop me" Ye Chen started asking why Su Yuya stopped himself from giving lessons to these people.

"Ye Chen don't hurt them, I'm sorry to see you beat up these people" Su Yuya told Ye Chen not to hurt the people who previously bullied her.

Ye Chen really didn't understand what kind of mind Su Yuya had, this beautiful Milf woman was too kind to people who previously wanted to do bad things to her.

"Okay, if that's what you want then I'll let them go." Because Su Yuya asked himself to let go of these thugs, Ye Chen would let them all go.

Su Yuya was relieved when she saw Ye Chen was willing to let these people go.

Ye Chen started to retract his own power which he used to press the thugsto the ground.

After Ye Chen pulled back his strength, the hoodlums on the ground started to feel the weight pressing on their bodies disappear.

They can now move their bodies back.

"You are very lucky because Su Yuya asked me to let you all go" Ye Chen told the thugs who were far away.

"Ye Chen, you don't have to waste your time dealing with people like them, let's get out of here." Su Yuya embraced Ye Chen's arm, she pulled Ye Chen away from this place.

Su Yuya pulled Ye Chen away from this place, Ye Chen was helplessly dragged by Su Yuya to leave this place.

The delinquents felt relieved when they saw Ye Chen leave this place.

To all of them, Ye Chen was something more terrifying than anything they had ever encountered.

The thugs immediately helped one of their friends who was hit by Ye Chen.

They immediately took the person who was beaten by Ye Chen to the hospital for immediate treatment in order to receive proper treatment.

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