Journey To Become A True God Chapter 43

43 Practicing Technique

Ye Chen received all the prizes, they all went straight into the Fairy Gate storage, and this Fairy Gate had an infinite storage capacity, this was far better than Ye Chen's Storage Ring.

Because the Principle Is Similar to a Storage Ring and It's Impossible to See, It's Very Suitable for Ye Chen.

"My wife has a good gift for you"

Ye Chen then took the marrow-washing pills and the zither lotus and handed them to Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan Received Pill Bottles and Zither That Looks Very Beautiful, Zhao Yanyan Loves Traditional Musical Instruments, Therefore Zhao Yanyan draws on techniques related to musical instruments.

Ye Chen also explained that this Zither lotus was a spiritual weapon and had special powers.

"Yanyan's younger sister. How about I teach you these two techniques, come with me".

After that Chu Yuechan took Zhao Yanyan to the practice room to practice these two new techniques.

"Your husband wants to come with us? ? "

Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen to go to the training room

"You guys go first I'll follow you soon"

Ye Chen wanted to follow the two of them but first Ye Chen wanted to plant the seeds of the Peach Heaven first, so Ye Chen hurried to the Medicinal Garden.

Arriving in the medicinal garden Ye Chen searched for the Empty Land to Plant Heaven Peach Seeds.

For Ye Chen's Growth Aray Technique You can at any time make it possible to disable or disable it.

After Finishing Planting Heaven Peach seedlings Ye Chen went Following Zhao Yanyan and Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen finally arrived in the practice room and saw Zhao Yanyan being lectured by the Chu Yuechan Basic Problem to become a cultivator.

Ye Chen Didn't Want to relax, Ye Chen wanted to practice his technique further, to become even more perfect.

These three people did not realize that time had passed for a whole day, and Zhao Yanyan had successfully mastered the basis of the two techniques.

Zhao Yanyan showed off that technique to Ye Chen, like a little girl who showed off her new toy.

Ye Chen only smiled at Zhao Yanyan's behavior.

Ye Chen brought Zhao Yanyan out of this place, Ye Chen then gave Zhao Yanyan one of the 3 keys of the fairy gate, this fairy gate key was a special right for women because it could go in and out of the fairy gate completely.

This Fairy Gate Key Turns Out is a Mark that Appears in Zhao Yanyan's left hand, and this mark will appear if Zhao Yanyan wants to enter or from the Fairy Gate.

When Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan came out it turned out that they were still outside, Ye Chen looked at the clock on the wall and showed me it was nine o'clock at night.

"My husband wants to take a shower first".

After saying that Zhao Yanyan immediately went into the bathroom and prepared to take a shower.

Ye Chen was currently quite exhausted after practicing some of his techniques, Ye Chen lay on the bed of the bed.

When Ye Chen was relaxing, suddenly the cellphone rang, when Ye Chen looked at his cell phone it turned out that it wasn't his.

Ye Chen saw that the cellphone that was ringing belonged to Zhao Yanyan.

When Ye Chen took it, it turned out that the person who was calling Zhao Yanyan was Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen looked at the bathroom door and saw that Zhao Yanyan was taking a shower, so Ye Chen decided to lift it.

When the call was connected "Yanyan, where are you now, why aren't you home yet".

Lin Rouxi's tone on the cellphone seemed to be very worrying about Zhao Yanyan's condition.

"Teacher Lin is currently Yanyan with me so you don't need to worry."

"Who are you ?, how is Yanyan's cellphone in your hands?"

"It's me Ye Chen and now Yanyan is taking a bath so I picked up his cellphone"
for visiting.

"Are you Ye Chen? Ye Chen, you say Yanyan is taking a shower? , actually what are you doing together with Yanyan Now ".

Ye Chen spoke wrongly, so Lin Rouxi actually showered him with so many questions.

Luckily Zhao Yanyan was out of the bathroom and was wearing a towel.

"Yanyan teacher Lin called you, this is for you"

Ye Chen handed the phone to Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan Yang Received the Phone was completely scolded by Lin Rouxi, leaving Zhao Yanyan helpless.

Luckily Zhao Yanyan was good at making excuses for Lin Rouxi to believe in her.

After the phone was turned off Zhao Yanyan looked at Ye Chen with a complaining look.

"Ye Chen It's your fault, I was scolded by Rouxi's sister".

"Hahaha, what can I do with it, oh yeah are you going home to where you live? ".

"Sister Lin told me to go home soon because it was very late"

"Okay I'll take you".

After that Zhao Yanyan immediately changed his clothes to the clothes that he was wearing before, when Zhao Yanyan changed his clothes Ye Chen never took his eyes off of Zhao Yanyan's body.

Zhao Yanyan was not shy about being seen by Ye Chen when he was naked, instead Zhao Yanyan felt quite happy.

After a little more or less minutes, Zhao Yanyan finished dressing and dressing.

Ye Chen then immediately drove Zhao Yanyan home by flying, because it was far faster than walking.

Finally Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyn arrived at the front gate of the girl's dormitory.

"Husband Until here only"

Zhao Yanyan then went towards the entrance of the hostel, but while taking a few steps Zhao Yanyan turned back and kissed Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was not ready with Zhao Yanyan's sudden attack

Zhao Yanyan: "My real husband does not want to be separated from you".

It was natural because Zhao Yanyan felt that the two of them were new beauties and did not want to be separated as far as possible.

Ye Chen: "What do you say if you want to meet me you can enter the fairy gate, wherever we are we can meet at any time".

Zhao Yanyan, "Not tonight. I want to just rest. I am quite exhausted from fighting, Husband until Tomorrow again.

After saying that Zhao Yanyan left Ye Chen's arms and ran towards the entrance of the dormitory.

After the figure of Zhao Yanyan was not seen again Ye Chen decided to leave this place and immediately returned to the hotel to rest too.