Journey To Become A True God Chapter 431

431 Cao Zin Arrival
"He is Ye Chen, Ye Chen is a very good musical instrument player, his playing can be said to be the greatest in this country." Su Yuya introduced Ye Chen to her female friends who were next to her.

" Is it true ? , is he better than Mr. Ji who is the best musical instrument player in the country? "Su Yuya's female friends are starting to be more curious about Ye Chen's abilities.

Su Yuya nodded at her female friends.

"Teacher Ji Himself even praised Ye Chen's great ability," said Su Yuya to her female friends.

"Wow, that's really amazing, then how do you know that Mr. Ji praised Ye Chen? ", One of the women asked Su Yuya.

"You, did you forget that our Yuya is one of Mr. Ji's disciples" another woman reminded the woman who asked Su Yuya.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot, aren't our Yuya also Tuan Ji's students?" Su Yuya's female friend just remembered that Su Yuya was Mr. Ji's student who was the best musical instrument player in this country.

Su Yuya smiled at her female friends, they still looked the same as before.

Ye Chen is currently just silent, at this time Ye Chen doesn't know the names of the three women Su Yuya is talking to.

Seeing this, Su Yuya finally realized that she had not introduced her female friends to Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, introduce these are my friends, their names are Qi Ling, Yu Lie and Lu Mue." Su Yuya started to introduce her female friends one by one to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled gently at the women that Su Yuya introduced.

"Hello my name is Ye Chen, nice to meet you" Ye introduced himself to Qi Ling, Yu Lie and Lu Mue.

"Wow, Very handsome." Qi Ling, Yu Lie and Lu Mue simultaneously praised Ye Chen's good looks.

The three of them have never met a man as handsome as Ye Chen, even male artists on television cannot be compared with the good looks possessed by Ye Chen.

"Hey Ye Chen, how old are you right now." Qi Ling was the first woman to ask Ye Chen.

What Qi Ling asked was Ye Chen's current age, she was very curious how old Ye Chen was right now.

"I am 19 years old." Ye Chen shared his age.

"Wow, you're still very young, never thought that our Yuya would like young grass like you." Yu Lie tried to tease Su Yuya.

Hearing this, Su Yuya's face started to turn red.

"What are you saying, me and Ye Chen are only close acquaintances, we don't have a relationship like that." Su Yuya tried to refute Yu Lie's words who were teasing her.

Su Yuya didn't have a relationship with Ye Chen at all, Ye Chen currently had two women who were prettier than herself, so it was impossible for Ye Chen to be attracted to an old woman like her.

When Su Yuya remembered about Ye Chen's woman, she just remembered that she still had a mistake she made during Feng Luo's grandfather's birthday.

It seemed that later Su Yuya would have to find time to apologize for the misunderstanding he had done at that time.

"Giggled." Qi Ling, Yu Lie and Lu Mue laughed when they saw Su Yuya who dodged Yu Lie's words.

"Yuya just now I was just teasing you, why are you taking it so seriously like that, is it true that you have a relationship with Ye Chen ?, hehehehe" Yu Lie laughed at Su Yuya.

"Seriously, you never change even after years of not meeting, you still tease me like this." Su Yuya looked dissatisfied at being teased by Yu Lie.

Yu Lie smiled at Su Yuya, it was quite fun for Yu Lie to tease Su Yuya.

"But I have to admit that this younger brother is quite handsome, if only I wasn't married I might be attracted to him too." Lu Mue suddenly said what was on her mind to Su Yuya.

Among Qi Ling, Yu Lie and Lu Mue. Lu Mue is the most mature woman and very brave in matters like this.

Ye Chen only smiled at Qi Ling, Yu Lie and Lu Mue who were teasing Su Yuya and himself.

"You three please stop teasing Ye Chen and me." Su Yuya asked Qi Ling, Yu Lie and Lu Mue to stop teasing herself and Ye Chen.

"Okay. . ., Okay. . . "Qi Ling, Yu Lie and Lu Mue were giggling again at Su Yuya.

Su Yuya looked happy when she met her old friends, the three of them could make herself laugh.

"Oh yeah, Yuya why did you come together with Ye Chen, where is that man? Are you guys no longer together now?" Qi Ling suddenly asked Su Yuya about someone.

Su Yuya's mood immediately turned sad when Qi Ling asked Su Yuya about someone.

"He is currently in an important task, so he won't be able to come back for the next few years." Su Yuya told Qi Ling that the person he was questioning hadn't returned, he was currently still in an important task.

"I see." Qi Ling nodded at Su Yuya.

Seeing that the mood in Su Yuya's heart changed when she asked about that person, Qi Ling decided not to continue this conversation.

The atmosphere between Qi Ling, Yu Lie, Lu Mue, and Su Yuya became a little awkwardness, they were all currently silent and did not have a conversation like before.

On the other side, Ye Chen was a little curious about what Qi Ling was asking, he wanted to know who the man Qi Ling was asking Su Yuya about.

Judging from the change in Su Yuya's mood, this man should be very important to Su Yuya.

"Oh yeah, why hasn't this event started?" To overcome the awkwardness, Su Yuya decided to start a conversation.

"We are currently waiting for someone before starting this event." Qi Ling told Su Yuya that they were all waiting for someone very important.

This person was also the one who took the initiative to hold the Reunion and booked a room at this luxurious restaurant.

"Who are you talking about?" Su Yuya asked Qi Ling.

"Do you really not know who the person I mean? " Qi Ling asked Su Yuya.

Su Yuya shook her head, she had absolutely no idea who the person Qi Ling was referring to.

"The person I'm talking about is Cao Zin, wasn't he one of your pursuers back in school?" Qi Ling told Su Yuya who she was talking about.

Su Yuya now remembered the name Cao Zin, in the past he was one of his most annoying pursuers.

"I heard that now he is a manager in a large company in the capital with a salary of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year." Yu Lie told Su Yuya that now Cao Zin has become a very successful person.

"I'm quite jealous of him who can have such a huge salary." Lu Mue was a little jealous when she heard of the salary Cao Zin had.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars per year is a lot of money, even Lu Mue, who currently owns a boutique clothing store, can only earn tens of thousands of dollars annually.

This is very far from the salary that Cao Zin has.

When Qi Ling, Yu Lie, Lu Mue, Su Yuya were talking about Cao Zin.

The door to this room suddenly opened again, a man in a suit came into this room.

This man was around 35 years old, this man was Cao Zin who was being talked about by the women by Ye Chen's side.

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