Journey To Become A True God Chapter 433

433 Inappropriate Treatment Of Restaurant Waiters
"Ye Chen, I didn't expect that other than being good at playing an instrument, you're also very good at making two beautiful women fall in love with you at the same time" Su Yuya told Ye Chen.

Ye Chen does not know if the words that have just come out of Su Yuya's lips want to insinuate him or are praising him.

"Hehehe, you may as well be careful of me, lest you also fall in love with me" Ye Chen wants to tease Su Yuya a little.

Su Yuya smiled at Ye Chen "I've become an old lady, you can't possibly be attracted to an old lady like me" Su Yuya told Ye Chen.

"I don't think you're old at all, you still look so beautiful right now, if someone doesn't know your real age, they'll probably think you're 25 years old" Ye Chen praised the adult beauty possessed by Su Yuya.

Su Yuya does not look like an old woman at all, Su Yuya's face and skin are still very smooth at all, there is not a hint of wrinkles seen on Su Yuya's face.

Su Yuya's face still looks like a 25-year-old woman with a very well developed body.

Su Yuya's face was slightly flushed when she heard the compliment coming out of Ye Chen's mouth.

Su Yuya does not believe that a young man like Ye Chen will praise her nearly 35-year-old self.

Somehow Su Yuya was very happy when she was praised by Ye Chen.

"You have a very slippery mouth, it's fitting that Zhao Yanyan and Xia Qingyu can be deceived by you" Su Yuya laughs to Ye Chen.

"hehehe" Ye Chen also laughed, both currently look very happy.

What Ye Chen and Su Yuya are doing this time is not to escape cao zin's eye scrutiny.

Cao Zin was furious when he learned that Ye Chen and Su Yuya were currently flirting with each other and laughing together.

If there was no one else in this room, Cao Zin would have approached Ye Chen and expelled him from being close to Su Yuya.

Unfortunately Cao Zin can't do that for now,Cao Zin is starting to think, he's currently looking for a way to deal with Ye Chen.

After thinking for a while, Cao Zin finally has a way to deal with Ye Chen.

Cao Zin will humiliate Ye Chen in front of Su Yuya and the people in this place, Cao Zin knows what he has to do for it.

Cao Zin called one of the waiters who had been provided in this room.

Cao Zin whispers something to the waiter, when Cao Zin whispers something to the servant next to him, Cao Zin Pointing his finger to point at Ye Chen who is currently having a conversation with Su Yuya.

The waiter nodded at Cao Zin.

Cao Zin nodded contentedly to the waiter next to him, he gave a $500 to the waiter he told.

The waiter who received 500 bucks looks very happy, the waiter will definitely do what Cao Zin told you to do.

After getting an order from Cao Zin, this waiter immediately came out of the room used for the Reunion event.

"applause" Cao Zin suddenly clapped to make the people who were doing the talk to shut up

Hearing the applause from Cao Zin, everyone immediately stopped talking to each other.

"My friends have not met and gathered like this for a long time, today I gather you all here to relive the past that we have" Cao Zin began speaking in front of everyone who was here.

Everyone started listening to the rant that Cao Zin is currently saying.

Ye Chen himself can't wait to try the food served by this restaurant.

From morning Ye Chen hasn't eaten anything yet, so he's a little hungry.

Finally after a long time, Cao Zin finally finished his speech.

"then let's just start the Dinner" Cao Zin immediately started this dinner.

" applause . . . , applause . . . Applause... "the people who are here are starting to applaud Cao Zin.

These people can't wait to taste what the food is like in an expensive restaurant like this.

Some of the waiters of this restaurant come into the room, they bring some dishes on top of which there is food that looks very delicious, all the dishes brought by the waiter have the same stuffing on it.

the waiters began handing out plates on which there was food to everyone in the room.

After the waiters at this restaurant distributed the food evenly, everyone started to eat the food that was in front of them.

Ye Chen looked at the plate in front of him, on the plate in front of Ye Chen there was only a prayer and tomatoes.

Ye Chen began to compare the food on his plate with those around here.

Obviously what Ye Chen got is very different from the people who are here.

"hey you, are you sure you didn't give me the wrong plate?" Ye Chen asked the waiter behind him.

"sorry sir, it looks like we're running out of the same food stock for you, so we can only give you food like that" the waiter in the back tells Ye Chen that the food in the order is up, so Ye Chen gets nothing.

"then why don't you give me another food ?" ye chen said to the waiter behind him.

"Sorry, the food ordered by Mr. Cao Zin is just this, so we can't give you any other food menu other than the same one we gave to the guests who are here" the waiter told Ye Chen that he could not get any other food in this restaurant.

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows, how could a restaurant of this size run out of food like this.

"looks like there's one guy who doesn't get food here" Cao Zin said to Ye Chen.

After Cao Zin spoke to Ye Chen, everyone immediately stared at Ye Chen, as they looked up at Ye Chen's plate, they all laughed out loud.

In this room all that doesn't laugh is Qi Ling, Yu Lie and Lu Mue.

Qi Ling, Yu Lie and Lu Mue were sorry when they saw what was on Ye Chen's plate.

What's on Ye Chen's plate is just a prayer and tomatoes, this is a long way off when compared to the food in front of each one.

Su Yuya sees that Ye Chen is getting a very inappropriate treatment once, how can a large restaurant like this serve a prayer and tomatoes to their customers.

Ye Chen looks at Cao Zin, it looks like what's going on with him right now is planned by Cao Zin.

"Ye Chen, how about you just take my food" Su Yuya gave Ye Chen the food ration she had

Su Yuya was really bad when she saw Ye Chen who only got a prayer and tomatoes.

Whereas Su Yuya was the one who invited Ye Chen to come here, it is not thought that Ye Chen would receive this kind of treatment.

"it's not necessary, I can order my own food" Ye Chen told Su Yuya.

Hearing this, Su Yuya's heart felt sad, it seems that at this time Ye Chen is really angry.

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