Journey To Become A True God Chapter 435

435 Ye Chen Showed His Wealth
"At this time all the rooms on this floor have been ordered by other people, only Vip's room is still left." The manager told Ye Chen that all the rooms were full for the next few days. right now only Vip's room is left in this restaurant.

"Then I'll just take Vip's room." Ye Chen decided to take Vip's room.

Everyone was shocked when they found out that Ye Chen wanted to take the room, everyone in this room began to wonder if this young man in front of them was so rich that they wanted to rent a room for Vip.

"Please pay first for the cost of renting the room" the manager told Ye Chen to pay in advance so that everyone can walk easily.

This manager looked even better than the restaurant waiter that Ye Chen had previously spoken to.

The middle-aged man had been working in this fancy restaurant for quite a long time, so he knew very well that sometimes rich people came here wearing ordinary clothes.

So he should not judge someone by their outward appearance alone, it could be that an ordinary looking person has an enormous amount of wealth.

"Do you accept card payments here?" Ye Chen asked the manager of this restaurant.

"Of course, we accept all the cards that come from all over the world." The manager answered Ye Chen's question.

"Good, here's my card, as well as I want to order all the best food in this restaurant" Ye Chen gave his card to the manager of this restaurant.

"OK" The restaurant manager received a card from Ye Chen, he immediately swiped Ye Chen's card to pay for the usual room rent and food that Ye Chen ordered.

When the restaurant manager swiped Ye Chen's card, he was quite surprised by the large number of nominal numbers on Ye Chen's card.

The restaurant manager did not believe the many nominal numbers on this young man's card.

The amount on Ye Chen's card is "5.1 billion $"

The restaurant manager started rubbing his eyes, he thought that there might be something wrong with the vision he had.

after he rubbed his eyes repeatedly, the nominal numbers he saw remained the same as before.

The restaurant manager started trembling when he learned this, he did not think that this man was so rich, that he had $ 5.1 billion in his card.

The restaurant manager started to sweat when he looked at Ye Chen, fortunately he didn't offend Ye Chen before, if not possible now he would be very sorry.

"What's wrong, is there less money in there?" Ye Chen asked the restaurant manager.

"No ..., no ..., this is enough." The restaurant manager immediately answered Ye Chen.

The attitude that the manager showed to Ye Chen now looked even more respectful.

The manager started to treat Ye Chen like a very important honored guest.

The restaurant manager started to complete the payment that Ye Chen wanted.

After finishing the payment, the restaurant manager returned the Card back to Ye Chen.

"Sir, everything has been paid, please come with me to Vip's room." The restaurant manager himself will escort Ye Chen to Vip's room upstairs.

This includes a form of respect for this restaurant customer.

Everyone's jaw almost fell on the table when they saw that Ye Chen could pay for a Vip class room, they couldn't believe that the young man who looked so ordinary was so rich that he could afford to rent Vip's room.

The people who previously laughed at Ye Chen felt embarrassed, they all did not expect that the person they laughed at was richer than they are currently.

"Su Yuya, let's move to Vip's room." Ye Chen asked Su Yuya to go to Vip's room.

"okay." Su Yuya nodded at Ye Chen, she decided to follow the decision made by Ye Chen.

"Do you three want to come too?" Ye Chen invited Qi Ling, Yu Lie and Lu Mue to go to the Vip Room together with himself and Su Yuya.

"yes we will." Qi Ling, Yu Lie and Lu Mue simultaneously answered Ye Chen.

These three women were very excited when they found out that Ye Chen was taking them to Vip's room which is upstairs.

the three of them hurriedly got up from their seats, the three of them followed Ye Chen and Su Yuya to the upper floor where the Vip Room was.

apart from these three women, Ye Chen did not invite the other people in this room to go with him at all.

Ye Chen couldn't possibly invite people who had previously laughed at him.

Ye Chen together with the four women and the restaurant manager left this room.

Before leaving this room, the restaurant manager told the waiter who had previously been looking for trouble with Ye Chen to leave this restaurant immediately and never come back here again, that meant this waiter was fired on the spot by the restaurant manager.

Everyone in this room could only see the departure of Ye Chen, Su Yuya and Qi Ling, Yu Lie and Lu Mue.

Some of these people regretted laughing at Ye Chen, if only they were like Qi Ling, Yu Lie and Lu Mue who didn't laugh at Ye Chen, maybe now they could enjoy a Vip Room in this restaurant.

rice has become porridge, what has happened now cannot be repeated, they all can only accept this regret.

all of them could only continue to eat the food that was on the plate in front of them.

while for Cao Zin, right now he was feeling very embarrassed, the person he should have humiliated turned around to humiliate himself in front of everyone in this place.

Cao Zin had no face in front of everyone present in this place, he had just made a joke of himself for everyone in this room.

Cao Zin doesn't have the mod anymore to eat the food in front of him.

"Hey you, this is all your fault, it's because of you that I lost the job I have." The waiter who was fired by the restaurant manager came to Cao Zin..

This waiter looked very annoyed at Cao Zin who was sitting in front of him.

The waiter who had previously been looking for trouble with Ye Chen was very sorry, just because of Cao Zin's 500 $, he had to lose a job that meant a lot to himself.

"How dare you shout at me, don't you know who you are talking to?" Cao Zin is currently in a pretty bad mood.

This person's shouting made Cao Zin's mood even worse than before.

The waiter felt very angry, he immediately rushed towards Cao Zin, this waiter knocked Cao Zin out of his chair and started to beat Cao Zin.

Cao Zin wasn't good at fighting someone at all, as a result he was beaten up by the maids without putting up a fight.

The battle between Cao Zin and the waiter made the tables and chairs around here become very chaotic, the food and drinks on the table scattered everywhere.

The people who were here began to summon the security guards outside the room to stop the battle between Cao Zin and the waiter

The situation in this room became very chaotic after Ye Chen left this room.

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