Journey To Become A True God Chapter 437

437 Su Yuya Crying
Ye Chen took Su Yuya downstairs, Su Yuya looked very troubled while walking, if at this time there was no Ye Chen helping her, maybe Su Yuya had already fallen to the floor.

Ye Chen kept Su Yuya from falling to the floor, on the way downstairs, Ye Chen met several times with people who wanted to eat at this restaurant.

Ye Chen and Su Yuya happened to run into two people who were lovers.

"Hey dear, what are we going to eat tonight?" a pretty young woman asked her partner who was next to her.

This young woman is quite beautiful, her beauty is only slightly inferior when compared to the beauty belonging to Su Yuya who is beside Ye Chen.

This young woman's partner looked a little older than this young woman, from the looks of it this man was 37 ~ 40 years old.

"We will eat the best food in this city, I guarantee you will be satisfied eating in this restaurant" this man promised the young woman who was beside him.

When Su Yuya heard the voice of the man she had just passed by with Ye Chen, Su Yuya regained consciousness from her hangover.

Su Yuya immediately turned around and looked at the pair he had just passed by. Su Yuya looked at the two people who were currently flirting with each other.

Su Yuya's eyes widened when he saw the back belonging to the man they had just passed, Su Yuya hurriedly pushed Ye Chen away from him.

He then ran towards the couple he had just passed with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was quite surprised by what Su Yuya was doing, he did not expect that Su Yuya would suddenly push himself like this.

"Hey, Su Yuya, where are you going?" Ye Chen hurriedly pursued Su Yuya, who was currently running towards the couple they had just passed.

The current Su Yuya didn't listen to Ye Chen's screams at all, she was currently rushing towards the man in front of her.

"Ji Weng, is that you?" Su Yuya shouted at the man in front of her.

The man Ye Chen had just passedimmediately turned around, he was now looking at Su Yuya who was in front of him.

When Su Yuya saw the face of this man, Su Yuya looked very happy, it turned out that this man was really Ji Weng who had disappeared from her life for more than 9 years.

This man named Ji Weng, he is Su Yuya's past lover, 9 years ago Ji Weng went to undergo a special military training to become a soldier.

"Ji Weng, where have you been, you know I've been waiting for you for a long time." Su Yuya wanted to hug Ji Weng in front of her.

When Su Yuya wanted to hug Ji Weng, Ji Weng who was in front of Su Yuya stopped Su Yuya from hugging him.

Su Yuya was very surprised when she saw Ji Weng rejecting her, Su Yuya wanted to know why Ji Weng rejected her at this time.

"Husband, who is this beautiful woman, is she an acquaintance of yours?" The young woman beside Ji Weng asked if Ji Weng knew Su Yuya.

"Wife, I don't know who this woman is, it looks like this woman is drunk and wrong to recognize people." Ji Weng tried to explain to the young woman beside him.

Su Yuya's heart shattered to pieces when she heard that Ji Weng didn't know her.

Su Yuya, was very surprised when Ji Weng called the woman beside him as wife, is it possible that Ji Weng has married this young woman? .

"Ji Weng, I am Su Yuya, have you forgotten me?" Su Yuya, who was about to cry, shouted at Ji Weng.

Su Yuya was very- very sad when she saw Ji Weng forget about herself, even though for 9 years Su Yuya had been waiting for Ji Weng's return.

In the past, Su Yuya herself was the one who escorted Ji Weng to the enlistment place to become a soldier.

When Ji Weng went to become a soldier, he had promised Su Yuya that when he came back he would marry Su Yuya.

During these 9 years Su Yuya continued to wait for Ji Weng's return to herself, during these 9 years Su Yuya continued to be alone, she even rejected every application she received from her many suitors because she was waiting for Ji Weng's return.

"Hey drunken woman, didn't you listen to what my husband just said? He said he didn't know you, so go right now" The young woman who was Ji Weng's wife kicked Su Yuya away.

"Shut up I'm not talking to you, I have personal business with this man, do you know this man has a promise that hasn't been kept with me?" Su Yuya snapped at the young woman who was beside Ji Weng.

Su Yuya was eager to know the reason Ji Weng did this to her.

"hey Ji Weng, why are you doing this to me,9 years ago didn't you promise to come back and marry me?" Su Yuya asked Jing Weng who was in front of her.

"Whenever I talked like that, I don't remember promising something like that to you." Ji Weng tried to dodge the promise he had made.

Su Yuya completely cried when she heard this, she did not expect that the man she had been waiting for would say something like this.

"Ji Weng you bastard, how could you do something like this to me" Su Yuya was currently crying even harder.

hearing this, the young woman beside Ji Weng started to raise her eyebrows.

"Husband, what does this woman mean, did you have a lover with this woman, didn't you say that you had never had an intimate relationship with a woman?" The young woman began to question Ji Weng.

seeing this young woman angry with him, Ji Weng immediately tried to explain to this young woman.

"It's true that my wife used to have a relationship with this old woman, but it's just a normal relationship, when we were in a relationship, I never had any intimate relationship with her, you are the first woman in my life" Ji Weng tried to explain to the young woman who was beside him.

With a little seduction from Ji Weng, the young woman finally calmed down a little.

"That's good, if you dare to play behind me, I will make my father fire you from your current position." This young woman threatened to fire Ji Weng if he dared to cheat behind her back.

The young woman looked at Su Yuya who was crying, this young woman did not look sorry for Su Yuya who was currently crying.

" let's go to the room we have rented." The young woman invited Ji Weng to go to the room they both rented earlier

Ji Weng nodded to the young woman beside him, he walked away leaving Su Yuya who was already shedding many tears.

"Hey you, wait a minute" Ye Chen stopped Ji Weng who wanted to leave this place.

Ji Weng and the young woman immediately stopped when Ye Chen called the two of them.

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