Journey To Become A True God Chapter 438

438 A Woman Broken Heart 1
"What's wrong huh? , Why did you stop us?" Ji Weng asked Ye Chen.

Ji Weng wanted to know what kind of business Ye Chen wanted to stop him.

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself for making a kindhearted woman like Su Yuya cry like this? ", Said Ye Chen to Ji Weng.

From earlier Ye Chen had listened to what happened between Su Yuya and this man, it was not denied that Su Yuya had a complicated relationship with this man.

Moreover, Ye Chen was very sorry for Su Yuya, Su Yuya had been waiting for the arrival of the man who had promised to marry her for 9 years, it was unexpected that all the promises made by Ji Weng were just false promises.

"So what? Is it a problem for you?" Ji Weng didn't like it when Ye Chen wanted to interfere with his business.

"Of course it's a problem for me, I don't like the way you treat Su Yuya." Ye Chen didn't like the way Ji Weng treated Su Yuya.

Su Yuya is a kind woman, how can she be treated like this by a man like Ji Weng.

"Hahaha, why if I treat him like that, I have the right to do whatever I want" Ji Weng said to Ye Chen.

"Hasn't he been waiting for you for a long time, how can you talk to a woman who has been waiting for you for a long time," said Ye Chen back to Ji Weng.

"This woman alone is stupid for waiting for me, I was never serious when I made a promise that time" Ji Weng very easily replied to Ye Chen's words.

Ji Weng did not seem to regret what he had done so far.

Ye Chen clasped his fist, he was eager to hit a man like Ji Weng.

Su Yuya, who heard this, was very angry in her heart, the 9 years that she had passed all this time felt like a waste, the person she was so late with turned out to not care about her at all.

Su Yuya felt that being a stupid woman, she wasted the 9 years of her youth she had waiting for a man like Ji Weng who had even forgotten her for a long time.

Su Yuya started to stop crying, she wiped away the tears she had, Su Yuya had already decided she would end things here.

"Ye Chen, stop it, I don't want you to be dragged into my troubles, let me solve this problem with him." Su Yuya stopped Ye Chen, Su Yuya didn't want to bother Ye Chen anymore.

Ye Chen looked at Su Yuya, "Are you sure? " Ye Chen asked Su Yuya.

"Yes, I am very sure, let me end everything I have started" Su Yuya said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded at Su Yuya, he would let Su Yuya do whatever she wanted.

Su Yuya went to the front of Ji Weng, she was currently standing right in front of Ji Weng.

"Ji Weng so you've been giving me a false hope all this time?" Su Yuya asked Ji Weng.

"Yes, that's right." Ji Weng answered Su Yuya's question, Ji Weng looked like he didn't have the slightest regret for Su Yuya.

"Tell me, what lack of me until you prefer this woman over me? "Su Yuya wants to know why Ji Weng prefers the young woman beside him to her.

"Do you really want to know the answer?" Ji Weng said to Su Yuya.

"Yes, I want to know." Su Yuya wanted to know the reason.

"It's because you've become an old woman who is no longer worthy of being." Ji Weng said what was the reason he preferred the young woman beside him to Su Yuya.

Ji Weng doesn't like a beautiful Milf like Su Yuya, the reason is very simple, in a few years maybe Su Yuya will experience aging, so Su Yuya will look no longer beautiful and unpleasant to look at.

Ji Weng hated seeing a woman who had gotten old like that, so he preferred the young woman beside him.

One more thing that Ji Weng didn't tell Su Yuya, was the background of the young woman beside him.

The young woman beside Ji Weng had a pretty strong military family background, Ji Weng was willing to leave Su Yuya because of this kind of thing.

"Pahhhhh! ! ! Su Yuya slapped Ji Weng's face very hard.

She was pouring out all her emotions at this slap.

"Husband, are you okay?" The young woman who was beside Ji Weng immediately asked where Ji Weng was.

Ji Weng touched his face which was just slapped by Su Yuya, Ji Weng did not think that Su Yuya dared to slap him.

"You bitch, how dare you slap me, I'll repay you, feel this" Ji Weng was very angry with Su Yuya who dared to slap him, Ji Weng raised one of his hands, he prepared to slap Su Yuya who was in front of him.

Su Yuya could only close her eyes when she saw Ji Weng raise his hand and prepare to slap her.

Ji Weng did not hold back the strength he had at all, he intended to slap Su Yuya with the full power he had.

If Su Yuya was hit by the slap that Ji Weng was about to do, Su Yuya's face would be badly injured.

Ji Weng's palm drew closer to Su Yuya's face, this palm almost hit Su Yuya's beautiful face.

A few milliseconds before Ji Weng's palm slapped Su Yuya's face, Ye Chen had already stopped Ji Weng's wrist.

Ye Chen gripped Ji Weng's wrist very firmly.

"Ah. . . , let go of my hand, it hurts so much. "Ji Weng roared in pain, Ye Chen's grip was too strong, he felt that his wrist was almost crushed because of Ye Chen's grip.

Ye Chen did not let go of Ji Weng's grip at all, Ye Chen even strengthened his grip on Ji Weng's wrist.

"Ye Chen please stop this, I don't want you to get into trouble because of me." Su Yuya tried to stop Ye Chen who looked like he wanted to hurt Ji Weng.

"You don't need to worry, I won't get into trouble because of trivial things like this." Ye Chen told Su Yuya not to worry about himself.

"Hey you, hurry and take your hands off my husband, if not I will tell my father who is an officer in the military, he will definitely make you regret being born in this world". The young woman beside Ji Weng also told Ye Chen to remove his hand from Ji Weng's wrist.

This young woman also didn't hesitate to threaten Ye Chen.

Ye Chen paid no attention to the babbling of the young woman beside Ji Weng.

"Cracked. . , Cracked. . , Cracked. . ,"Suddenly there was a sound of cracking bones.

Ye Chen completely crushed Ji Weng's wrist.

"Ahhh, my hand, it hurts. . .", Ji Weng immediately fell to the floor, he is currently curled up on the floor holding his wrist which was crushed by Ye Chen.

Ji Weng even cried because of the pain he was currently feeling.

Su Yuya was shocked when she saw Ye Chen crush Ji Weng's wrist, she did not expect to believe Ye Chen would do something like this for herself.

Su Yuya felt a hint of sweetness in her heart, when she saw what Ye Chen was doing for her.

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