Journey To Become A True God Chapter 439

439 A Woman Broken Heart 2
Ji Weng continued to scream in pain as he cried while enduring the pain caused by Ye Chen's crushed wrist.

"Dear husband, what happened to you, quickly tell me." The young woman beside Ji Weng was very worried about Ji Weng's current state.

"My wrist was crushed, that person crushed my wrist" Ji Weng told the young woman who was beside him that his arm was crushed by Ye Chen.

The young woman immediately looked at Ye Chen, she looked very angry at Ye Chen who had crushed Ji Weng's wrist.

"How dare you crush my husband's wrist, my father is an officer in the military, he definitely won't let you go easily." This young woman threatened to take revenge on Ye Chen who had dared to hurt Ji Weng.

"I'm not afraid at all of the threats you say, be it soldiers or whatever, if it makes me angry then I'll get rid of them." Ye Chen gave a stern warning to this young woman in front of him.

Ye Chen was not afraid of the threat from the young woman in front of him, as long as anyone dared to disturb him then Ye Chen would definitely fight them.

Ye Chen's principle is very simple, if there are parties who dare to disturb his calm then Ye Chen will definitely fight them.

"Ye Chen please, don't waste your time and energy talking to a woman like her, let's just leave here." Su Yuya said to Ye Chen.

Su Yuya didn't want Ye Chen to waste time serving a woman like this.

A woman like this only dared to use her background to bully a weak person like them.

"Well if that's what you want, let's get away from this place." Ye Chen nodded at Su Yuya, he and Su Yuya finally walked away leaving Ji Weng and the young woman.

"Heti wait I haven't finished talking to you, how dare you go like that" the young woman shouted at Ye Chen and Su Yuya who walked away leaving this place.

Ye Chen and Su Yuya completely ignored the words that came out of the young woman's mouth, the two of them continued to walk away leaving this luxurious restaurant.

The young woman was very angry when she was ignored like this by Ye Chen and Su Yuya.

from childhood to growing up like now, she had never been treated like this by anyone else.

Ye Chen and Su Yuya were the first to treat young women in this manner.

"Ahh. . , it hurts, help me, hurry up and call an ambulance here. "Ji Weng kept screaming in pain, he couldn't stand the pain he was feeling right now.

The young woman came back to Ji Weng's side, she tried to help Ji Weng who was currently looking so badly hurt.

Ye Chen and Su Yuya had arrived at the very bottom floor of this hotel, both of them were currently leaving the luxury restaurant.

A while after the two of them left the hotel, suddenly Su Yuya squatted on the ground.

Su Yuya lowered her face, Su Yuya started to cry again.

" Are you okay ? ",Ye Chen asked Su Yuya's state.

Su Yuya did not answer Ye Chen's question , she was currently too sad because she had just broken heart.

Ye Chen understood what Su Yuya was feeling right now, Su Yuya just had a broken heart, of course she still couldn't accept what happened to her.

AccordingYe Chen, Su Yuya is a woman who is quite strong, just imagine, Su Yuya has accepted injustice for almost 9 years.

If this was replaced by another woman, they would cry all day long or faint on the spot.

No normal woman wanted to be in Su Yuya's position at this time, the 9 years of extremely long waiting ended in bitterness.

"Don't be sad like that, there's no point in you being sad because of a guy like him, you still have a lot of things to do, I'm sure in the future everything will be better." Ye Chen tried to comfort Su Yuya so she wouldn't be sad anymore.

Su Yuya was a little happy when Ye Chen comforted herself, this was something that Su Yuya needed, namely someone who was willing to comfort herself in times of sadness like this.

Ye Chen's words gave Su Yuya encouragement not to cry over someone like Ji Weng.

Su Yuya raised her head, she started to wipe the tears on her cheeks again.

"Ye Chen, you are absolutely right, there is no point in crying over a man like that, I still have time to improve the life I have, I must not be dissolved in sadness like this." Because of the words and motivation given by Ye Chen, Su Yuya regained the spirit she had.

"Very good, I'm sure you can do it" Ye Chen believes that Su Yuya can do it.

Su Yuya smiled at Ye Chen.

"Thank you very much for all the things you have done, I am very indebted to you." Su Yuya thanked Ye Chen for providing motivation for her.

"You're welcome." Ye Chen smiled gently at Su Yuya.

Seeing Ye Chen's smile, Su Yuya's face suddenly turned slightly red, Su Yuya's heart also suddenly beat very fast. somehow according to Su Yuya, Ye Chen is now very handsome for herself.

"What happened to me, why when I saw Ye Chen my heart suddenly beat very fast" Su Yuya said in her heart.

"Why did your face suddenly turn red, do you not feel well?" Ye Chen asked Su Yuya.

"Ahem, Ye Chen I'm okay, I'll go home now, see you later" Su Yuya decided to go back to her house, if he kept staring at Ye Chen she felt that she would really fall on Ye Chen .

As Su Yuya took a step forward, she felt that her feet were extremely soft.

Su Yuya felt that she couldn't walk like a normal person.

Su Yuya looks difficult to walk, if Su Yuya can't walk then how can she return to her house.

When he saw Su Yuya who seemed to have difficulty walking, Ye Chen suddenly squatted in front of Su Yuya

"Come on, let me carry you, I'll take you home" Ye Chen told Su Yuya to get on his back.

Su Yuya was very embarrassed when Ye Chen offered something like this to herself.

"What are you waiting for, come on, hurry up, it's getting late." Ye Chen told Su Yuya to get on his back.

Somehow Su Yuya felt that she couldn't resist Ye Chen's good intentions,The charm of Ye Chen made it difficult for Su Yuya to refuse what Ye Chen wanted.

Su Yuya started to climb onto Ye Chen's back, Su Yuya's two hands rested on Ye Chen's shoulders.

After Su Yuya climbed onto his back, the crouched Ye Chen started to stand up, Ye Chen used his hands to support Su Yuya's smooth thighs.

Su Yuya felt Ye Chen's hand which was currently supporting her thigh, Milf woman Su Yuya felt embarrassed when Ye Chen touched her thigh.

This was Su Yuya's first time doing something like this with the opposite sex, according to Su Yuya this was a bit embarrassing.

Su Yuya could only bury her face in Ye Chen's back which was very sturdy and wide.

Su Yuya felt that a man's back was very wide and very strong, she felt a comfortable feeling when he leaned on Ye Chen's back.

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