Journey To Become A True God Chapter 44

44 Delicious Peaches

The next day Ye Chen left to go to school, last night after returning to take Zhao Yanyan Ye Chen home and sleep in his room.

Today the weather is very bright and beautiful, people are also starting to go to work looking for money for the necessities of life.

Upon arrival near the school, Chen Chen suddenly was stopped by several people, these people were carrying iron pipes and clubs.

"Are you Ye Chen? "

The person who spoke to Ye Chen all parts of his head were wrapped in bandages like a walking mummy, Ye Chen almost laughed at this.

"I have no business with you all get out of my way quickly".

Ye Chen tried to hold them all out of his way.

"I Ask Again, Are you Ye Chen or not or I hit you"

Men with bandages like mummies really shouted at Ye Chen.

"Yes, I am Ye Chen, what do you want from me".

Ye Chen had already lost his temper and challenged these bad guys.

"Good, you two Quickly break the legs of this person"

The man with the Mummy Bandage on his head ordered his two men who were carrying Weapons to hit Ye Chen.

Bang . !

Before the man with the bandage on the head could laugh, Ye Chen had already hit his head until it bounced a few meters, and the head of the man with the bandage crashed into a street light pole.

The two bad guys could only see their boss being hit by Ye Chen.

The two bad guys immediately used an iron pipe and a wooden stick to hit Ye Chen.

Bang . . Bang . . Bang . . Bang . . Bang . . Bang . . Bang . .

They both beat Ye Chen with all their might Samapai Iron pipe crooked and broken wooden sticks.

The Two Criminals saw a bent pipe and a broken wooden stick with horror.

what made those two bad guys feel weird was that Ye Chen was still standing like a sturdy wall.

"Oh, the massage was comfortable enough now, get lost"

Ye Chen raised the collar of the two bad guys, then slammed their heads at each other as hard as possible.

The two bad guys immediately felt pain in their heads, Ye Chen then walked towards the man who was wearing a bandage.

The bandage that this person is wearing now Apart and this bad guy is showing his real face.

People's faces were familiar to Ye Chen, even though the state of people's faces was as thick as Ye Chen's still remembering this person, yes this bad guy was the blond haired man who was looking for trouble with Ye Chen while at the antic goods exhibition.

"Say who sent you"

Ye Chen grabbed the blonde man's hair and asked.

"Brother, my grandfather, I'm sorry for confusing you just now, the person who asked me to beat me was Sen Tu"

The blond man tried to look for mercy on Ye Chen.

"Sen Tu" Ye Chen muttered.

It turned out that one of the pursuers of Zhao Yanyan was in his class yesterday, Ye Chen had warned him yesterday and it seemed like Sen Tu didn't take him seriously.

"Just look later I will definitely make that person regret"

Zhao Yanyan was now his woman, Ye Chen would not let others have bad thoughts on him.

"I don't know what your name is but if in the future you dare to look for trouble again then there won't be anything else in the future"

Ye Chen had no business with these people, so Ye Chen let them go, and continued on his way to school.

After Ye Chen left, the two people whose head hurts could finally wake up, the two men approached the blond man and helped him up.

"Boss, what do we do now should we release that person"

These two bad guys were a little afraid of Ye Chen because of his weirdness, they both had beaten him up and nothing happened to Chen Chen.

"Let go? After what he did to us, how can I get rid of this person named Ye Chen "

The blond haired man had just come out of the hospital this morning and now some of his teeth seemed to fall out by Ye Chen's punch, how could a blond haired man get rid of Ye Chen.

"Let's go back, I'll ask Big Wolf's big brother for this problem"

After that the three of them left right on that too by walking a little staggered.

After a few minutes Ye Chen finally arrived at his class smoothly without any other interference.

Zhao Yanyan seemed to have arrived early and as usual read a book.


Ye Chen mamangil and hurried off to the side of Zhao Yanyan's seat.

"Ah !! Ye Chen doesn't call me like that in public "

Zhao Yanyan who was reading the book was shocked by Ye Chen's call earlier.

"Okay Yanyan, so are you used to being a cultivator? "

Ye Chen asked whether Zhao Yanyan was getting used to being a cultivator.

"Yes, I like it, you know. After I woke up this morning and tried to memorize the contents of the book, in just one reading I could remember it very clearly".

"It's good that Yanyan likes it, so does Teacher Lin know about our relationship"

Ye Chen changed the topic towards Lin Rouxi

"It's your fault, you know, in fact I was really scolded for more than half an hour, luckily I could find an excuse if I didn't. . . "

Zhao Yanyan complained to Ye Chen.

"If not, what? "

Ye Chen wanted to know the continuation of Zhao Yanyan's words.

"Ah, forget it, oh yeah Ye Chen seems like your relationship with Rouxi's sister is quite special, Yesterday's sister Rouxi calls you to her personal room, right? "

Now it's Zhao Yanyan's turn to change the subject.

"My relationship with Lin Rouxi is not special, it can only be teachers and students".

"Then tell me what you did yesterday in Lin Rouxi's sister's room."

"Ah, that question"

Ye Chen was a little confused. Must say how, because yesterday Ye Chen had lunch with Teacher Lin Rouxi in the riding room and let Zhao Yanyan wait until he was kidnapped.

If Ye Chen said it, surely Zhao Yanyan would be angry, because that was Ye Chen confused to answer it.

Seeing Chen Chen's doubts, Yanyan Segara said.

"Ye Chen, so you don't want to be honest with me".

Zhao Yanyan seemed to want to cry.

So Ye Chen had no choice but to be honest with Zhao Yanyan that happened yesterday in Lin Rouxi's room.

Zhao Yanyan: "hahaha, so it was just lunch together, I did not think that your relationship was that close"

Ye Chen: "That is the reward for healing only Yanyan"

Zhao Yanyan: "I don't think it's just for making food, you know. Even though Rouxi's older sister makes you food, but if I eat with a man I've never seen before, even every invitation from the male pursuers of Rouxi's sister is always in ignore it ".

Ye Chen: "You mean? "

Ye Chen did not understand the meaning of Zhao Yanyan

"I mean, maybe Rouxi's sister has feelings for you".

Zhao Yanyan said to Ye Chen.

"Huh, it's impossible for people like Teacher Lin to be interested in me, he just regards me as a student all this time"

Ye Chen recalled that every time Lin Rouxi would always only advise him on the subject and also his future career, and Lin Rouxi never discussed Love or anything when they were both.

"Nothing is impossible in this world, you know women are very complicated creatures,

Zhao Yanyan said as he smiled.

Zhao Yanyan "Ye Chen, I'm so glad you want to be honest with me, I don't mind if you have another woman, but I hope that you will always love me in your heart forever".

Ye Chen: "Yanyan you will always be the woman I love most in this life and the life to come"

Ye Chen took Zhao Yanyan's hand to make his promise

Zhao Yanyan who heard this His heart felt very sweet and happy.

"Master, isn't that great? Zhao Yanyan Agree. You have other women, so in the future there won't be any more problems."

Chu Yuechan's voice spoke in his mind.

"This is none of your business"

Ye Chen said nonchalantly

"Hehehe, at least make a little happy expression why, basic not cool"

After saying Chu Yeuchan kept quiet and said nothing more.

Ye Chen and also Zhao Yanyan continued the conversation until the lesson began.

The teacher who taught in the morning was not Lin Rouxi but a middle-aged male teacher, Lin Rouxi would teach at noon.

During the Rest Zhao Yanyan got an incoming message on his cellphone.

"Who?" Ye Chen asked curiously.

"This is Lin Rouxi's sister, she said you must go to her room now there is also an important matter."

Zhao Yanyan read the contents of the message, Lin Rouxi knew that Zhao Yanyan and Ye Chen were now good friends, but Lin Rouxi did not know that they were actually a pair of lovers.

Therefore Lin Rouxi sent a message to Zhao Yanyan who was at the same table as Ye Chen.

"Maybe it's lunch today, then go now or Rouxi's sister will be angry again".

Zhao Yanyan encouraged Ye Chen to go to Lin Rouxi's place.

Zhao Yanyan planned to make Lin Rouxi a woman of Ye Chen, so that Zhao Yanyan would no longer be afraid that Lin Rouxi would report to his grandfather.

Zhao Yanyan's grandfather was a strict person to Zhao Yanyan, which made Zhao Yanyan have a few friends until now because he was too restricted.

Fortunately after living together with Lin Rouxi, Zhao Yanyan felt a little free now.

But if Lin Rouxi reported it to his grandfather, it was very likely that Zhao Yanyan would have to go home to his grandfather again.

So if Zhao Yanyan and Lin Rouxi were on the same boat, then Lin Rouxi would not report it to his grandfather.

That was the Perfect Plan, Zhao Yanyan did not know when that plan began to cross his mind.

Ye Chen arrived at Lin Rouxi Rouangan, when he entered the room, the food in the box had been neatly arranged by Lin Rouxi.

"Oh, looks like it's going to taste good."

Ye Chen immediately pulled out a chair and sat face to face with Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen then began to eat the food provisions, Ye Chen felt strange because Lin Rouxi rarely spoke to him as usual, who would ask Ye Chen various things.

Even until finished Lin Rouxi still rarely spoke.

"Is Teacher Lin angry at me?" Ye Chen said in his heart.

After finishing eating Ye Chen said goodbye and left Lin Linxi's room.

Right now Lin Rouxi's face was very red, in his mind the incident of the indirect kiss yesterday always loomed in his mind, which was a shame to start talking to Ye Chen.

So Lin Rouxi from the beginning only bowed his head while eating with Ye Chen.

After exiting the room Lin Rouxi Ye Chen returned to his class, and met Zhao Yanyan.

"Oh Ye Chen, you're back, so fast"

Zhao Yanyan questioned Ye Chen.

"Of course I will quickly return to accompany Yanyan dear"

Ye Chen came and hugged Zhao Yanyan, fortunately the class was pretty quiet during recess and there were only Ye Chen and also Zhao Yanyan in the class.

"Ye Chen, are you still hungry?" Zhao Yanyan asked.

Ye Chen: "So what? "

"Today I bring food, how about we eat together"

Zhao Yanyan pulled out a box of food from under the table.
for visiting.

"Yes, let's just go to the Elves' gate, there won't be anyone disturbing us."

Ye Che then dragged Zhao Yanyan to a deserted place so that when they came out no one would know.

Ye Chen and also Zhao Yanyan were like having a picnic, the view at the fairy gate was very beautiful, even when they ate they were very romantic feeding each other.

Ye Chen just remembered that he planted the Peach Heaven yesterday it should have grown now.

Ye Chen then went to the medicinal garden for a while and saw that the ore Yang Ye Chen had planted yesterday had now become a big tree and it was really fruitful and the fruit was much bigger than a peach in general.

Even though the fruit is around 30, Ye Chen mememtik fruit around 5 and took to Zhao Yanyan to eat together.

Ye Chen suddenly left without speaking first to Zhao Yanyan, when Ye Chen returned and he brought 5 pieces that looked like peaches but were very large in size.

"What fruit husband is that? "

Zhao Yanyan asked because he was very curious about the fruit Ye Chen was carrying.

"It's called Paradise Peaches, I've never eaten it before either, let's try it together"

Ye Chen took a knife from his storage room to peel the flower.

"Husband, I'll do it"

Zhao Yanyan took the fruit and knife from Ye Chen's hands and peeled the fruit.

The strange thing is that this fruit does not have any seeds in it, only the fruit. Zhao Yanyan cuts it into small pieces so that it is easy to eat.

Ye Chen saw that there were no striking differences with the local peaches on the market.

Ye Chen took one piece from the peach and ate it.

It tastes really really sweet and the body becomes very fresh after eating it.

This was the most delicious food Ye Chen had ever eaten in this life.

"Wife let's try"

Ye Chen then responded to Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan also felt the same way Zhao Yanyan had never eaten such delicious food.

Zhao Yanyan took another piece and put it in his mouth

In no time at all the five fruits had been consumed by Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan.

"This fruit husband tastes very good, I think I want it again and again after eating it"

It's true that this fruit tastes extraordinary, if only this were sold would sell for thousands of dollars.

Ye Chen finally had the idea to get money quickly. Ye Chen could sell this fruit at a high price, culinary lovers would definitely spend a lot of money for this momentary fruit.

But the problem was who Ye Chen had to sell this Heaven peach on, Ye Chen began to think.

"Ah, it's also true why not ask for help from that woman. I'm sure that woman must have many connections to the rich people in this city."

Ye Chen said in his heart

"Hey you two, what are you doing?"

Suddenly Chu Yuechan dantang out of nowhere.

Zhao Yanyan "Our Yuechan's sister just ate a delicious meal dear once it was finished".

"Ah, you mean the heavenly peach? , this fruit is a very rare fruit, it is said that there are only 3 seedlings in the god's alah, at the time there was one god who planted the seed and every fruit is fruitful eating other gods will scramble to get it, because of the taste of the fruit this is very extraordinary delicious ".

Chu Yuechan explained to Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen began to understand why this fruit did not have ore in it, because indeed this fruit could not be planted, which made it rare.