Journey To Become A True God Chapter 440

440 Spent Night With Su Yuya 1
"Oh, by the way, where is your house? "Ye Chen doesn't know where Su Yuya lives.

"You just go ahead, my place is only a few tens of blocks from here" Su Yuya told Ye Chen where she lived.

Su Yuya's residence was not too far from this restaurant, that was why Su Yuya had previously walked away when she went to this restaurant.

"OK, I understand." Ye Chen nodded at Su Yuya, he started walking while carrying Su Yuya.

Currently Su Yuya continued to bury her face on Ye Chen's back, Ye Chen's back gave her a very comfortable and safe feeling.

"Hey Ye Chen, may I ask you something." Suddenly Su Yuya wanted to ask Ye Chen something.

"What do you want to ask me?" Ye Chen said to Su Yuya.

" that . . , why did you want to help me deal with Ji Weng before, even though you had nothing to do with my problem? ", Su Yuya asked why Ye Chen was helping herself when she was dealing with Ji Weng.

"Why do you ask that? , shouldn't I help a kindhearted woman like you who is in trouble like that earlier "said Ye Chen to Su Yuya.

"How do you know that I am a kind-hearted woman, we only met a few times, so you shouldn't know anything about my true nature," said Su Yuya to Ye Chen.

"Maybe you're right if we just met a few times, but I feel you are a kind and very beautiful woman." Ye Chen is good at judging someone, so he is very sure that Su Yuya is a very kind woman.

hearing Ye Chen's words, Su Yuya's face turned red, she was a little embarrassed and happy when Ye Chen praised herself as kind and beautiful.

This felt very pleasant for Su Yuya, Su Yuya's heart felt very sweet when she heard the words spoken by Ye Chen.

"I am now an old woman, in a few years I will lose the beauty that I have, at that time you may not praise me as beautiful anymore like now." Said Su Yuya to Ye Chen, Su Yuya returned to remember the words in said by Ji Weng to herself.

Ye Chen was silent, he was a little confused about how to answer the words that Su Yuya had just said

"Ye Chen, right now I look like a stupid woman, I have spent 9 years of my precious youth waiting for someone who doesn't even think about me anymore." Su Yuya had to admit that she had wasted her precious youth waiting for a man like Ji Weng.

"I think it's not completely in vain, every second of life we have is the most precious gift in this world, you shouldn't regret the gift of life you've got so far." Ye Chen said to Su Yuya.

Su Yuya looked very astonished when she heard words like this from Ye Chen, she did not expect that a young man like Ye Chen had a way of thinking that was much more mature than her.

What Ye Chen said is very true, life is the most precious gift, you must not regret the gift that was given to you.

Su Yuya felt that Ye Chen was someone who was specially sent for her, all the sadness in Su Yuya's heart instantly disappeared when she heard Ye Chen's words.

"Ye Chen, thank you very much." Su Yuya suddenly wrapped her arm around Ye Chen's neck, she whispered in Ye Chen's ear in a very soft voice.

Ye Chen was surprised when Su Yuya hugged his neck, Su Yuya's two soft objects were currently striking Ye Chen's back very strongly, it felt so extraordinary when these two soft objects pressed against his back.

"You're welcome" Ye Chen said to Su Yuya.

Su Yuya smiled at Ye Chen, finally she was able to smile again, all thanks to Ye Chen who gave her a lot of encouragement.

Su Yuya had decided to forget the past that she had with Ji Weng, from now on she would continue her life with all her heart.

After walking for about 10 minutes, Ye Chen finally arrived at the gate of Su Yuya's house.

Su Yuya's house looked pretty good even though it wasn't very luxurious.

"Ye Chen please take me in, I feel that my feet still feel soft" Su Yuya asked Ye Chen to escort herself into the house.

Ye Chen nodded at Su Yuya, he led Su Yuya into the house.

Ye Chen opened the entrance to Su YUya's house, he immediately brought Su Yuya into the house.

When Ye Chen entered Su Yuya's house, he saw that in Su Yuya's house it looked very luxurious, there were many luxury items in this house, there were also several trophies and photos that were neatly arranged on a glass shelf.

The appearance inside Su Yuya's house was inversely proportional to the outward appearance

"Su Yuya where is Su Yuyu, is he not home right now?" Ye Chen asked Su Yuya.

"It's not a holiday, so Su Yuyu is currently living in the school dormitory." Su Yuya told Ye Chen that Su Yuyu was currently living in the school dormitory.

Su Yuyu will only come home on weekends or national holidays.

"Oh" Ye Chen understands now.

"Ye Chen, my room is at the very end of this house, you can take me there" Su Yuya told Ye Chen where her room was.

Ye Chen understood, he led Su Yuya towards the room at the very end of this house.

Ye Chen took Su Yuya to the room at the very end, he opened the door to the room and immediately took Su Yuya inside.

When Ye Chen entered Su Yuya's room, it happened that the lights in Su Yuya's room were off, so Ye Chen had to find a light switch so that this place would look bright.

"Clik" Ye Chen turned on the light switch in Su Yuya's room.

After Ye Chen turned on the room lights, Ye Chen saw what was in Su Yuya's private room.

The private room that belonged to Su Yuya looked very beautiful, all the architecture was thought of by Su Yuya very nicely.

it looked like a five-star hotel room Ye Chen had visited.

"Ye Chen put me down" Su Yuya asked Ye Chen to lower herself.

Ye Chen lowered Su Yuya who was on his back, after Su Yuya got off Ye Chen's back, she went towards the refrigerator that was specially provided in this room.

Ye Chen was a little surprised when he saw Su Yuya able to walk normally as usual, even though previously Su Yuya told Ye Chen that her feet still felt soft, but now it seemed like Su Yuya looked fine.

Su Yuya deliberately made excuses like that so that Ye Chen wanted to visit her house, Su Yuya still wanted to spend a lot of time with Ye Chen.

Su Yuya took out a few cans of beer that was in the refrigerator, she brought this can of beer to Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen is for you, you must be thirsty after carrying me home" Su Yuya gave a cold beer can to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen accepted the beer can in Su Yuya's hand. "Thank you very much." Ye Chen thanked Su Yuya.

"Let's sit on my bed, I still want to discuss some things with you" Su Yuya invited Ye Chen to sit on her bed.

Ye Chen followed Su Yuya, he sat on top of Su Yuya's soft bed.

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