Journey To Become A True God Chapter 441

441 Spent Night With Su Yuya 2
Su Yuya started drinking the beer she had in hand, she looked like she really enjoyed this beer.

Su Yuya very quickly finished the few cans of beer beside her.

Ye Chen is currently alone in a room with a Sexy adult woman like Su Yuya, how could Ye Chen not be interested when he is with a beautiful and sexy woman like Su Yuya.

Ye Chen looked at Su Yuya who was drinking a can of beer, from this side Ye Chen could see Su Yuya's neck which was very tempting.

Ye Chen started to get a little excited when he saw Su Yuya who looked very sexy.

" hah. . . , this is really very delicious. "Su Yuya felt refreshed after drinking the beer in her hand, she felt the burden on her mind disappear when drinking this beer.

"Hey, Ye Chen, do you think I'm an old woman who is no longer worthy of seeing? ", Su Yuya started talking digressively.

From the start, Su Yuya was already a little drunk by the wine she had been drinking while in the restaurant, in addition to that currently drinking several more cans of beer, Su Yuya now looked completely drunk.

"Su Yuya, looks like you drank too much, you better rest right now" Ye Chen grabbed the beer can that was in Su Yuya's hand.

Ye Chen put the beer can on top of the drawer not far from him.

"I'm not drunk at the same time, right now I'm still aware" Su Yuya denied that she was currently not drunk.

"Don't deny it, you look really drunk right now." Ye Chen told Su Yuya that at this moment he looked really livid.

"Hey Ye Chen, hurry and tell me, do I look like an old woman who is worthy of another look? ". Su Yuya asked Ye Chen again.

"You don't look old at all, to me you still look very beautiful, I'm sure there are still many men who are attracted to you", said Ye Chen to Su Yuya.

" Is it true ? ", Asked Su Yuya again to Ye Chen.

"Yes, I didn't lie to you, right now you still look very beautiful," Ye Chen said back to Su Yuya.

Ye Chen told the truth that Su Yuya was a beautiful woman, even though Su Yuya was 34 years old, at this time she still looked very beautiful.

Su Yuya was very happy when she received praise from Ye Chen, she was very happy with the praise that Ye Chen gave her.

Every woman would like it when she heard men praise themselves as beautiful, including Su Yuya, who liked when she was praised as beautiful by Ye Chen.

Su Yuya suddenly embraced Ye Chen's neck who was beside her, Su Yuya pushed Ye Chen onto the bed.

Due to the influence of alcohol drink, Su Yuya had become very brave.

Su Yuya didn't think about anything anymore, right now she only wanted to be with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen really understood herself very well, Su Yuya currently needed a man like Ye Chen to complete her life.

Ye Chen was quite surprised when he saw Su Yuya pushing himself onto the bed.

"Su Yuya, what are you doing? " Ye Chen asked Su Yuya who was embracing his neck.

Su Yuya did not answer Ye Chen's question, Su Yuya was currently kissing Ye Chen's lips.

Ye Chen suddenly felt something soft and slightly moist pressed against his lips, Ye Chen really did not expect that Su Yuya would kiss him.

This was Ye Chen's first time seeing a woman take the initiative to kiss him.

Ye Chen is a normal man, when he is stimulated by a beautiful and sexy woman like Su Yuya, of course he is very excited.

Ye Chen happily welcomed Su Yuya's kiss, Ye Chen started to greedily enjoy Su Yuya's cherry lips.

Ye Chen started guiding Su Yuya to make Kiss even more pleasant.

Su Yuya started working with Ye Chen, she felt that kissing Ye Chen was really amazing.

Su Yuya started to get addicted when kissing Ye Chen, Su Yuya felt that she didn't want to separate hers from Ye Chen's.

Su Yuya wanted to continue kissing Ye Chen, she didn't want to be apart from Ye Chen.

The two of them continued kissing for 15 minutes, when Su Yuya seemed to have difficulty breathing, Ye Chen let go of herself.

Su Yuya looked breathless after kissing Ye Chen for a long time.

Su Yuya was currently looking directly at Ye Chen's eyes.

"Ye Chen, I like you, I want you" Su Yuya said what was in her heart.

These words came from Su Yuya's innermost heart.

Su Yuya seemed to have no restraint in her heart, after Ji Weng no longer wanted her, Su Yuya decided to open her heart to others.

Su Yuya wanted to try to open her heart to Ye Chen who was below her, right now she really liked the handsome young man below her.

Su Yuya really wanted to do that together with Ye Chen, she wanted to make Ye Chen her first man.

Su Yuya had already kept her virginity for 34 years, now she wanted to try to do that together with the man she liked.

"Su Yuya, right now you are under alcohol influence, you better wait until you calm down before you talk about this." Ye Chen told Su Yuya to calm down first, Ye Chen didn't want to take advantage of Su Yuya's sadness for his own benefit.

Su Yuya had just had a heartbreak because of Ji Weng's actions, of course this had affected Su Yuya's mind, which could not fully accept this sadness.

"Ye Chen, don't you like me ?, is it because I've become an old woman that you rejected me? " Su Yuya looked like she wanted to cry when Ye Chen rejected her.

"No-no I like you, it's just that you are still not able to think clearly, I don't want you to regret all of this in the future," said Ye Chen to Su Yuya.

"I won't regret the decision I made. 9 years is enough for me to realize that I need someone beside me." Su Yuya spoke with the determination she had.

Even though she was drunk, Su Yuya could still tell the determination she had.

Seeing the determination shown by Su Yuya, Ye Chen had a hard time rejecting Su Yuya.

"Master, why do you look doubtful like that, this woman said she wants to be with you, you can't make this woman sad anymore, I'm sure if you refuse it then she will be very sad, this woman will probably experience severe depression." Chu Yuechan spoke in Ye Chen's mind.

If Ye Chen currently rejects Su Yuya, then it can be ascertained that Su Yuya will be very sad, women who are heartbroken are very rare, they can do anything that is beyond reason.

Ye Chen didn't want that to happen to the beautiful, sexy and kind Su Yuya.

"You might be absolutely right, I can't let her down." Ye Chen won't disappoint Su Yuya.

A woman like Su Yuya deserved something even better.

"Very good." Chu Yuechan was happy with Ye Chen's decision.

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