Journey To Become A True God Chapter 442

442 Spent Night With Su Yuya 3
"Are you sure you don't mind a guy like me who has lots of women? ", Asked Ye Chen to Su Yuya.

"It is precisely I who should ask like that, don't you mind being with an old woman like me", said Su Yuya to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen turned around Su Yuya's body, at this time Ye Chen's position was changing over Su Yuya's body.

"Don't say like, you currently still look very beautiful." Ye Chen told Su Yuya to believe in herself.

Su Yuya felt very happy, dhe felt that today was the most beautiful day dhe had ever experienced in her life.

Su Yuya started reaching out her hands towards Ye Chen's neck, she wrapped her hands towards Ye Chen's neck.

Su Yuya started to pull Ye Chen's head towards herself, Ye Chen's lips and Su Yuya's lips reunited, they both started making a passionate kiss.

Su Yuya really liked kissing Ye Chen, she felt that this was very fun.

Ye Chen and Su Yuya were currently filled with happiness, both of them started rolling on Su Yuya's bed which was quite wide and large.

Due to the extremely passionate stimulation that Ye Chen received from Su Yuya, Ye Chen's younger brother who was below started to raise the spear high.

Su Yuya, who happened to be clinging tightly to Ye Chen's body, felt that a large, hard and sturdy object stabbed her stomach.

Su Yuya was not a young woman who was unfamiliar with these kinds of things, Su Yuya naturally knew what large object was piercing her stomach.

Su Yuya began to stretch her hand under Ye Chen's body, she began to touch Ye Chen's large object which was still trapped inside Ye Chen's pants.

This was Su Yuya's first time touching something like this, usually Su Yuya could only see things like this on the internet.

This is the modern era, of course everything can be found on the internet, including the large object that Su Yuya was currently holding.

"Oh my, this is so big, I didn't expect that young Ye Chen would have this big thing." Su Yuya said in her heart.

Su Yuya didn't expect that Ye Chen's thing would be so huge, it might be a little bigger than her arm.

"Hey Ye Chen, does this feel uncomfortable? , I heard that if this is not handled immediately it will be bad for a man. "While stroking Ye Chen's object, Su Yuya said to Ye Chen.

"Huh? , how do you know this? " Ye Chen asked Su Yuya.

"From the internet, I've read an article on a page I've visited," said Su Yuya to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen only smiled when he heard this from Su Yuya, Ye Chen did not expect that Su Yuya would learn such things.

When Ye Chen thought about this, suddenly in Ye Chen's mind an idea occurred to play flirting with Su Yuya.

"Yes, you are right, this is very uncomfortable, this is your fault that has made me like this, so I hope you will take responsibility" said Ye Chen to Su Yuya.

Su Yuya did not expect that the reason Ye Chen's object became hard was because of being seduced by her.

Su Yuya herself currently feels very proud, even though he is 34 years old, Su Yuya can still make a young man like Ye Chen excited like this.

"Then let me help you solve this." Su Yuya took the initiative to help Ye Chen's younger brother who was below.

Su Yuya started to go downstairs, she started to help take off the pants that Ye Chen was wearing.

Su Yuya had a little trouble removing the pants that Ye Chen was wearing.

After a very hard struggle, Su Yuya was finally able to take off the pants that Ye Chen was wearing.

When Ye Chen's pants were taken off, an extremely large and hard object immediately shot out and stood straight before Su Yuya's eyes.

"Glup" Su Yuya gulped her saliva, she was quite surprised when she saw Ye Chen's enormous object.

This was much bigger than Su Yuya had ever seen on the internet pictures.

To think that a young man like Ye Chen would have such a big thing, this big thing must be the natural enemy of every woman.

Su Yuya herself had never tried a male thing, but from what she read on the internet, the bigger the male thing, the more enjoyable it would be for woman.

Su Yuya herself began to be afraid to imagine that if this large object entered her body, wouldn't her body be destroyed by this big and hard object.

"Dear Yuya, what are you waiting for, come help me" Seeing that Su Yuya was currently dumbfounded when she saw his belongings, Ye Chen began to whisper in Su Yuya's ear.

Ye Chen started calling Su Yuya very intimately.

Su Yuya understood what Ye Chen wanted, she began extending her hand towards Ye Chen's large object.

When Su Yuya's hand touched Ye Chen's thing, she felt that it was as hard as iron and felt hot.

Su Yuya's one hand was unable to completely grip Ye Chen's large object.

Su Yuya drank her saliva again, she didn't expect that Ye Chen's thing would feel hot when she held it.

Su Yuya started to move her hands up and down, Su Yuya did this very gently so that Ye Chen wouldn't be in pain.

Ye Chen started to enjoy Su Yuya's hands, the way Su Yuya's hands went through himself was really very delicious.

When Su Yuya was serving Ye Chen, she felt that the thing in her hand was getting bigger, Su Yuya became a little surprised when this thing got bigger.

Su Yuya did not think that Ye Chen's things could still get bigger.

Su Yuya looked up at Ye Chen, when she looked at Ye Chen, she saw Ye Chen's face that was satisfied when he gave this kind of service.

Seeing Ye Chen really enjoying what she was doing right now, Su Yuya started to be even bolder, she wanted to make Ye Chen comfortable with herself.

Su Yuya's other hand began to hold Ye Chen's two ball sacks, Su Yuya began massaging the two ball sacks that were on top of her palms.

"Emmmm" Ye Chen started groaning when Su Yuya grabbed his most sensitive object.

It felt so extraordinary when Su Yuya gave a massage to his two ball sacks.

Su Yuya heard the groan that came out of Ye Chen, Su Yuya knew that Ye Chen must really enjoy this.

Su Yuya continued to do double service for Ye Chen, Su Yuya's hand never left Ye Chen's large object.

After 15 minutes of providing hand service to Ye Chen, Su Yuya felt that her hands were getting numb, so far Ye Chen has not shown any signs of erupting.

Ye Chen felt that Su Yuya's hand movements were getting slower over time.

Ye Chen could understand that by now Su Yuya must have been very tired, having served himself by using her hands for a long time.

Ye Chen got up from his sleeping position, he lifted Su Yuya's body and laid her on the bed.

Su Yuya could only surrender when Ye Chen lifted her body and laid her on the bed.

"You must be very tired right? , now let me help you feel pleasure. "Ye Chen whispered in Su Yuya's ear.

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