Journey To Become A True God Chapter 443

443 Spent Night With Su Yuya 4
Ye Chen very deftly began to take off all the clothes on Su Yuya's body.

In an instant Ye Chen had removed all the clothes on Su Yuya's body,

The Su Yuya who was in front of Ye Chen was completely naked.

Su Yuya felt a little embarrassed when Ye Chen took off all her clothes, she used her hands to cover her private parts.

Ye Chen stretched out his hand to move Su Yuya's hand.

"Dear Yuya, let me see it." Ye Chen said to Su Yuya, Ye Chen wanted to see Su Yuya's well-developed body.

Hearing Ye Chen's request, Su Yuya began to move her hands.

Now that Ye Chen could see the beauty of Su Yuya's body, Ye Chen was very excited when he saw Su Yuya's well-developed body.

Even though Su Yuya is currently 34 years old, her body still looks very toned and beautiful, not the slightest part looks loose.

Every Sunday, Su Yuya always took care to maintain her beauty, that's why Su Yuya's body was still very well preserved.

Su Yuya started to feel embarrassed when Ye Chen looked at herself with a desire.

"Ye Chen hurry up, don't make me embarrassed" Su Yuya told Ye Chen to do it herself as soon as possible.

Su Yuya currently wanted to try to do that together with Ye Chen, she wanted to experience what it was like to be a real woman.

"Don't be in a hurry, let's take it slow" Ye Chen said to Su Yuya.

Ye Chen didn't want to be too hasty, he still wanted to see Su Yuya's beauty.

Ye Chen started to descend, Ye Chen's face was right in front of Su Yuya's place.

Ye Chen looked at Su Yuya's secret garden, it was unexpected that the grass in Su Yuya's secret part had just been shaved.

Now that the entrance to Su Yuya's honey cave looked so clean, it looked really good.

Ye Chen was very aroused when he saw this, Ye Chen felt that at this time he wanted to immediately explore the contents in Su Yuya's honey cave.

Ye Chen started to bring his hand closer to the entrance of Su Yuya's honey cave, he began to explore Su Yuya's honey cave using his finger.

"Ahhh. . . " Su Yuya immediately groaned when she felt Ye Chen's finger drilling into her honey cave.

Su Yuya felt her body strange when Ye Chen's finger entered her honey cave.

"Ye Chen, stop it, it's dirty." Su Yuya stretched out her hand, she tried to push Ye Chen's hand away from her.

Unfortunately, Ye Chen did not want to let Su Yuya go, he was currently enjoying the pinch made by Su Yuya's honey cave wall.

As Ye Chen's fingers explored deeper, Su Yuya's body writhed like a snake in the heat, she felt an extremely intense feeling in her body.

"Ahh. . . , Ye Chen, stop it, my body feels weird, I feel like something will come out. "Su Yuya tried to stop Ye Chen, she felt that something would come out of her body.

"Don't hold it out, just take it out, you will definitely feel very comfortable" Ye Chen whispered in Su Yuya's ear.

Ye Chen wanted Su Yuya to enjoy the technique he had.

"Ahhh. . . . . . . "Su Yuya reached the top very quickly, so much Yinqi that Su Yuya released.

This Yinqi soaked Ye Chen's hand, Ye Chen saw the thick liquid in his hand, he did not expect that Su Yuya could produce this much.

Ye Chen looked at Su Yuya's collar, at this moment Su Yuya looked like she was gasping for breath because she had just reached the top.

Seeing that Su Yuya was ready, it was time for Ye Chen to do the main event, he would do Dual Cultivation with Su Yuya.

Ye Chen lifted one of Su Yuya's leg, Ye Chen put Su Yuya's one on his shoulder, Ye Chen started to hold his thing, he aimed at Su Yuya's honey cave.

With one shot, Ye Chen's large object immediately pierced Su Yuya's defense.

"Ahhh. . . it hurt. "Su Yuya groaned in pain, Su Yuya's body curved when Ye Chen's younger brother walked in, Su Yuya was not ready for the arrival of Ye Chen's immense younger brother, Su Yuya grit his teeth to endure this pain.

Ye Chen felt that Su Yuya was very warm and very soft, his things were being crushed by the softest thing in this world.

This sensation is very comfortable for Ye Chen,

"Ye Chen is very sick." Su Yuya complained to Ye Chen, this pain was too great for Su Yuya.

Su Yuya even cried while enduring the pain caused by Ye Chen's large object.

"Yuya calm down, the pain will definitely disappear soon, you have to be strong" Ye Chen tried to persuade Su Yuya, Ye Chen currently looked like he was persuading a crying little girl.

After a few minutes, the pain began to disappear, the pain began to be replaced with a comfortable feeling.

Seeing that Su Yuya was able to familiarize herself with Ye Chen's objects, Ye Chen started pumping in Su Yuya's honey cave.

The wall inside Su Yuya's honey cave clamped down on Ye Chen's large object very gently.

When Ye Chen was pumping he felt an unharmed feeling, Ye Chen felt that his younger brother was melting because of the tenderness that Su Yuya gave him.

Ye Chen started to use the king's heart technique to manage Dual Cultivation with Su Yuya.

"Dear Yuya, your thing is really very soft, I feel like melting because of this" Ye Chen praised Su Yuya.

"Erm. . , ahhh. . , ahhh. . , "Su Yuya groaned in a very seductive voice.

Su Yuya was currently unable to answer Ye Chen's words, at this time she felt peerless pleasure from Ye Chen's large object.

Ye Chen's large object made her mind chaotic, what Su Yuya was currently thinking about was only the pleasure she got from doing Dual Cultivation with Ye Chen.

Su Yuya had never felt this kind of feeling in her life, she felt that she was being carried to the seventh Heaven by Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen is even faster, make me even more comfortable, ahh. . ., "Su Yuya started asking for more from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen understood what Su Yuya wanted, Ye Chen pumped even faster, he used all of his abilities to make Su Yuya reach the blanche of happiness,

When Ye Chen was really serious, Su Yuya felt immense pleasure, her body and mind really enjoyed this.

In less than 3 minutes Su Yuya had reached her limit, she was no longer able to hold back this feeling.

"Ahhh, I'm out." Su Yuya finally reached the peak of happiness.

Su Yuya returned to spraying a large amount of Yinqi.

Ye Chen didn't waste the Yinqi of Su Yuya, she started to absorb the Yinqi released by Su Yuya.

After reaching the peak of happiness, Su Yuya felt that her current body was very weak, there was not the slightest energy left in Su Yuya's body.

"Yuya, unfortunately the night is still long, let's continue this." Ye Chen wants to continue the Dual Cultivation session with Su Yuya, Ye Chen is still not satisfied, so this is very uncomfortable for Ye Chen.

"Eh, wait a minute, let me rest for a bit." Su Yuya wanted a ceasefire for a while, she wanted to rest for a while.

Unfortunately Ye Chen couldn't wait anymore, he could no longer hold back his younger brother who was currently very excited.

Ye Chen started pumping again in Su Yuya's honey cave.

"Ahhhh" Su Yuya groaned again in a very seductive voice.

The two of them continued to fight for the whole night, Ye Chen and Su Yuya tried tons of new styles, they both left traces of their love all over this room.

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