Journey To Become A True God Chapter 445

445 Xiao Lulu Was Taken Away
Su Mengxin understood, she was taking advantage of the opportunity Zhao Yanyan had created.

Su Mengxin started to use the Eternal Goddess Flower technique that she was good at, several flower petals began to appear around Su Mengxin's body.

Su Mengxin used her thoughts to move flower petals towards the mysterious person.

The red flower petals immediately charged towards the mysterious person.

The red flower petals began to chop up the mysterious person's coat.

The coat worn by the mysterious person began to be cut by Su Mengxin's flower petals.

The mysterious person was again shocked when he saw the techniques Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin used.

These two women's techniques were very mysterious and too powerful, if only he wasn't currently that much stronger than Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin, maybe now he would have been defeated by these two women.

"I told you what you are doing right now is useless, ggahhh" This mysterious person uses his power to blow away the Chain of Light and also the red flower petals.

"Ahhh. . . . " Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin simultaneously shouted, both of them being forced back by the power that the mysterious person had just used.

The mysterious person did not waste this opportunity, he immediately rushed towards the collar of Zhao Yanyan who had the most powerful cultivation among the three women.

"Sword of Light". Seeing a mysterious person aiming for her, Zhao Yanyan immediately used the sword of light technique.

Several quite dazzling flying swords began to appear around Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan began to control this flying sword to attack the mysterious person who was heading her way.

The flying sword of light aimed directly at the body that belonged to the mysterious person who was heading for Zhao Yanyan.

"Silver Claw Slahs", the claws that the mysterious person possessed began to give off a silver light.

The mysterious person used his claws to attack the flying sword that was heading towards him.

"Clang, clang, clang," the sword of light and the Silver Claw Slahs clashed.

Zhao Yanyan's sword of light was easily destroyed by a mysterious person.

"Feel this", this mysterious man was right in front of Zhao Yanyan, he used the monster arm he had to hit Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan didn't have time to use the Light Shield technique anymore, she could now only use both of her arms to deflect the attacks that were aimed at her.

"Bamm" Zhao Yanyan received a direct attack from a mysterious person, she was flown tens of meters to crash into a house in the distance.

"Yanyan, Sister Yanyan." Su Mengxin and Xiao Lulu called Zhao Yanyan, both of them were very worried about Zhao Yanyan's situation.

"You stupid woman, you should worry about yourself." A mysterious person suddenly appeared in front of Su Mengxin.

The mysterious person stretched out his hand to grip Su Mengxin's neck.

Su Mengxin was lifted off the floor by this mysterious man.

Su Mengxin tried to break free from this mysterious person, unfortunately Su Mengxin was unable to escape from the mysterious person in front of her.

Su Mengxin was having trouble breathing, the grip that the mysterious man was holding was too strong.

Due to the difficulty in breathing for a long time, Su Mengxin's Consciousness started to gradually become blurry.

When the consciousness that Su Mengxin had started to disappear, from below suddenly appeared a giant plant, this giant plant began to wrap around the body of a mysterious person.

"Hurry up and release Sister Mengxin, otherwise I will destroy you." Xiao Lulu who was doing nothing from the start is now starting to show the abilities she has.

she used the YGGDRASIL heart art to grow large plants .

"Again a very strange technique, I wonder how you guys have such a strange technique." Mysterious people said to Xiao Lulu and Su Mengxin.

The mysterious person still looked very relaxed when the huge plant that Xiao Lulu had grown wrapped around his body.

"Awooo" a mysterious person roared by Xiao Lulu's collar, this roar was not only very loud but also had a bit of destructive power.

"Ahhh. . "Xiao Lulu was blown away several tens of meters by a roar that came from a mysterious person.

Due to receiving a direct hit from a mysterious person, Xiao Lulu was suddenly knocked unconscious.

"Lulu's little sister." Su Mengxin called out to Xiao Lulu who was currently lying on the ground.

Su Mengxin's consciousness also started to dissipate, she could no longer endure the pain due to difficulty breathing.

Su Mengxin ended up completely unconscious.

Seeing that Su Mengxin who was in his hand had passed out, the mysterious person released his grip from Su Mengxin's neck.

Su Mengxin immediately fell to the ground, she was currently lying on the ground unconscious.

"This is too easy, I think it will be a little difficult." The mysterious person felt that it was very easy, he managed to complete this task very easily and quickly.

Now all he had to do was bring these three women back to where the king was.

When he wanted to take the bodies of Zhao Yanyan, Su Mengxin, and Xiao Lulu, suddenly from somewhere appeared a large fireball which was currently aiming at him.

Seeing the arrival of a large fireball, Suddenly the mysterious person immediately avoided the large fireball that was aiming at him.

"Booom. . . "An enormous explosion occurred, this explosion swept across the streets that were around here.

The fireball explosion just now destroyed everything around here, the road that was actually good had now turned to rubble.

"That was close, if I got hit earlier maybe I would be finished" the mysterious person said in his heart.

If he hadn't dodged the massive fireball attack earlier, he might have disappeared from this world by now.

From above the sky descends a very beautiful woman, this woman looks at a mysterious person with a very strong murderous gaze.

of course This woman was is Fu Lanling, she had come to save Zhao Yanyan, Su Mengxin and Xiao Lulu.

Previously Fu Lanling was sparring with Nangong Xiang, while she was sparring with Nangong Xiang, she felt Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin's profound energy flux.

When Fu Lanling sensed this, she immediately rushed over to see what was happening to Zhao Yanyan, Su Mengxin and Xiao Lulu.

Fu Lanling wanted to make sure nothing happened to Zhao Yanyan and the others, that's why she ended the spar with Nangong Xiang, Fu Lanling immediately flew towards where Zhao Yanyan, Su Mengxin and Xiao Lulu were.

When Fu Lanling got to where Zhao Yanyan, Su Mengxin and Xiao Lulu were, Fu Lanling saw that Zhao Yanyan, Su Mengxin and Xiao Lulu were injured and were currently unconscious.

Fu Lanling was immediately angry when she found out about this, she suspected that this mysterious person had injured Zhao Yanyan and the others.

Fu Lanling didn't think much, she immediately charged towards the mysterious person.

The mysterious person felt the threatening pressure exerted by Fu Lanling, his instincts telling him that Fu Lanling was a very dangerous woman.

"It seems like this time I failed, I did not expect there will be a strong woman who appears at a time like this, if I face him directly then my chance of winning is very small, I'd better withdraw first" The mysterious person decided to withdraw first.

He knew that he wasn't Fu Lanling's opponent, which was why he chose to retreat.

"Too bad, even though I'll be successful soon, I never thought I would be disturbed at a time like this" a mysterious person said to Fu Lanling.

"You are not a cultivator, what exactly are you? "Fu Lanling doesn't feel that this man in front of her is a cultivator, more precisely she feels that this person is a monster.

"You are indeed great, in just one glance you can find out who I am, you are indeed different from the three women earlier" The mysterious person praised the ability possessed by Fu Lanling.

"I might not be able to win if I force myself to fight you, I better just retreat" The mysterious person took a small stone from his shirt pocket.

He broke the stone that was in his hand, a bright light began to envelop the mysterious man's body.

Judging by what this fellow was trying to do, this person seemed intent on escaping using a teleportation stone.

It happens that this man's distance is close to Xiao Lulu, he takes Xiao Lulu who is near him, this person intends to take Xiao Lulu along with him.

"I won't let you escape that easily." Fu Lanling used her phoenix flames to attack a mysterious person

Fu Lanling's phoenix flames quickly headed towards a mysterious person, in less than a split second the phoenix flames would burn a mysterious person.

Unfortunately, the mysterious person had moved before Fu Lanling's fire could burn him.

"He managed to escape" Fu Lanling did not expect that this person had managed to escape before her fire burned him.

That mysterious person was too lucky, if he had been hit by Fu Lanling's phoenix flames, then it was certain that he would turn to ashes.

Fu Lanling did not expect that this person had a teleportation stone that was extremely rare in this world.

Teleportation stones were extremely rare on this earth, the existence of teleportation stones was extremely rare, even Fu Lanling did not have a teleportation stone in her body.

Fu Lanling didn't have that because the teleportation stone was very expensive.

apart from being used for teleportation, this stone is usually used to save someone's life.

If only the person just now didn't have a teleportation stone, then it can be ascertained that the mysterious person just now will experience defeat at the hands of Fu Lanling.

The current Fu Lanling couldn't immediately go after the mysterious person, she now had to focus on Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin who were currently injured.

Fu Lanling went towards the two of them, she wanted to see the situation of Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin.

Fu Lanling began to check on Zhao Yanyan, Su Mengxin.

Zhao Yanyan was currently experiencing fractures in both of his arms.

as for Su Mengxin, she suffered a wound on the neck due to the grip that was done by the mysterious person earlier.

"I have to immediately take the two of them back to the villa, it is not safe for them here at all." Fu Lanling decided to take Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin back to the villa.

There she could provide first aid to Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin, after which Fu Lanling would go after the mysterious person who took Xiao Lulu away.

Fu Lanling couldn't just let the person who took Xiao Lulu go away, no matter what happened she should be able to take Xiao Lulu back, otherwise Ye Chen might be disappointed in her.

Fu Lanling took Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin who were unconscious and flew towards the villa

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