Journey To Become A True God Chapter 446

446 Convinced Su Yuya
Returned to Su Yuya's room.

Right now, both Ye Chen and Su Yuya are sleeping, both of them are currently looking tired after doing the intense exercise they did last night.

Last night was the toughest night Su Yuya has ever gone through, she was forced to do dual cultivation with Ye Chen all night.

This really made Su Yuya's body and mind exhausted, even though last night was quite tiring, Su Yuya looked very satisfied, last night Su Yuya felt the true pleasure of being a woman, it was the happiest thing in life.

Last night Su Yuya was quite aggressive when playing with Ye Chen, maybe this was influenced by the alcohol factor and also the desire that had been pent up for a long time.

When Su Yuya's passion was triggered, she actually showed the most aggressive side she had.

"Kyahhh! ! ! ! "Suddenly there was a loud scream in Su Yuya's room.

Ye Chen who was currently sleeping immediately woke up because of this loud scream.

"What's the matter? Why are you making such a fuss in the morning? Ye Chen said to Su Yuya who was beside him.

The scream just now came from Su Yuya who was beside Ye Chen.

Su Yuya suddenly screamed for no apparent reason.

Su Yuya herself initially woke up like usual morning, when she woke up and looked sideways, Su Yuya saw Ye Chen sleeping right beside her, seeing this Su Yuya was quite surprised, when she found herself naked together with Ye Chen, Su Yuya immediately screamed very very hard.

Su Yuya immediately grabbed the blanket that was nearby, she immediately used the blanket to cover her body so that it wouldn't be seen by Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, what did you do to me last night? "Su Yuya asked what did Ye Chen do to her last night.

"Why are you asking me instead? "Don't you remember what happened last night, didn't you ask me to go to bed last night?" Ye Chen said teasingly Su Yuya.

Su Yuya's face turned red when she heard Ye Chen's words.

Su Yuya started to remember what happened last night.

After remembering hard what happened last night, Su Yuya finally remembered that last night she teased Ye Chen so that he did something like that together with Ye Chen.

Moreover, last night Su Yuya was very excited when Ye Chen's large object entered her body.

Last night was an indescribable feeling for Su Yuya, it was impossible for Su Yuya to forget what happened last night, what happened last night was already imprinted on Su Yuya's body and mind.

Ye Chen smiled when he saw Su Yuya who became embarrassed like this, it was unexpected that this beautiful Milf could be embarrassed like this.

Ye Chen stretched out his hand towards Su Yuya's face,nowSu Yuya looked even more beautiful, after doing Dual Cultivation with Ye Chen, now Su Yuya was even more beautiful than before.

Su Yuya looked more and more like a woman who was only 20 years old with a well-developed body.

Su Yuya's mind was currently in chaos, she could not think clearly, when she remembered what happened last night, Su Yuya became very embarrassed.

Su Yuya really didn't expect that he would tease Ye Chen who was 1 decades younger than herself.

This was extremely embarrassing for Su Yuya.

When Ye Chen's hand touched Su Yuya, Su Yuya immediately regained her senses.

Su Yuya immediately brushed Ye Chen's hand "Ye Chen stop, don't touch me anymore".

"Why is that, now that you have become my woman, so it doesn't matter if I touch you a little." Ye Chen stretched out his hand again to touch Su Yuya's face.

Su Yuya moved back a little, she didn't let Ye Chen touch her.

"Ye Chen what we did last night was a mistake, so we can't repeat a mistake like that again" said Su Yuya to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled wryly, he moved behind Su Yuya's body.

Without realizing it by Su Yuya, Ye Chen was currently moving behind Su Yuya's body, Ye Chen hugged Su Yuya from behind.

"Do you think what we did last night was a mistake? , I clearly still remember that last night you said you really loved me, even you called me husband. "While hugging Su Yuya's body, Ye Chen whispered sweet words to Su Yuya.

Su Yuya felt warmth from the hug given by Ye Chen, this was very comfortable, Su Yuya felt that he had become very peaceful.

The feeling that Ye Chen gave was very comfortable for Su Yuya, Su Yuya felt that she didn't want to be apart from Ye Chen's embrace.

Unfortunately Su Yuya couldn't enjoy this all the time, at her current age she might find it difficult to be with Ye Chen.

what would an outsider say if she and Ye Chen were together.

Su Yuya felt that if she had become an old woman, in a few years Su Yuya might lose the beauty she had.

"Ye Chen, hurry up and let me go, we both can't go on like this" Su Yuya asked Ye Chen to let go of herself.

"So what if we're both like this? "Ye Chen asked Su Yuya.

"Ye Chen ,if people see you together with an old woman like me, then they will laugh at both of us" said Su Yuya to Ye Chen.

"Whoever dares to laugh at both of us, I will beat up people who dare to laugh at us both" Ye Chen replied to Su Yuya.

Ye Chen wouldn't allow anyone who dared to laugh at himself and Su Yuya.

"Dear Yuya, from now on you are my woman, I will not let you suffer injustice like before." For Ye Chen, now Su Yuya is the woman, he will not let Su Yuya feel an injustice.

Su Yuya felt touched by Ye Chen's words just now, it turned out that Ye Chen was a very responsible man.

"Geez, your words just now really make it difficult for me to get away from you." Su Yuya placed her head on Ye Chen's chest behind her.

Su Yuya began to be honest with the feelings she had.

Ye Chen had made it difficult for Su Yuya to get away from him.

"Ye Chen, don't you mind being with me? Maybe soon I'll be an old woman, I'm afraid you won't want me anymore when that happens" Su Yuya is still a little afraid if one day Ye Chen doesn't want her anymore.

Ye Chen immediately covered Su Yuya's lips with his fingers.

"Dear Yuya, please don't talk like that, it makes me feel sad, even if you turn into an ugly woman, I will never leave you" said Ye Chen to Su Yuya.

Su Yuya immediately turned around, she looked straight at Ye Chen's eyes, when Su Yuya looked at Ye Chen's eyes, she saw a sincerity in Ye Chen's eyes.

The stone floating in Su Yuya's heart finally sank, now that she has no more doubts about Ye Chen, Ye Chen looks sincere in loving herself.

"Ye Chen, thank you very much." Su Yuya hugged Ye Chen's neck, she looked very happy to have a man like Ye Chen.

Ye Chen is also quite happy to have a kind and beautiful woman like Su Yuya, Ye Chen will make Su Yuya happy forever.

the two looked at each other, unconsciously the two lips that belonged to both of them approached each other, Ye Chen and Su Yuya began to make an adult kiss.

The two of them started rolling on the bed, they started to continue what they had done last night.

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