Journey To Become A True God Chapter 447

447 Conjecture
After about 2 hours of doing morning exercise with Su Yuya, finally Ye Chen could also come out of Su Yuya's room.

For nearly two hours that Su Yuya was rendered helpless by Ye Chen, Ye Chen had completely conquered Su Yuya.

Beautiful Milf Su Yuya was now obedient to Ye Chen, the current Su Yuya really couldn't afford to leave Ye Chen.

Previously, Ye Chen had invited Su Yuya to move to his villa, unfortunately Su Yuya refused Ye Chen's offer, Su Yuya currently wanted to live in this house, after all this house was the house she had lived in for quite a long time, so Su Yuya a little hard to leave this house.

In addition, if she left this house and moved to Ye Chen's house, then who would take care of Su Yuyu on weekends, there was no way Su Yuya would trouble Ye Chen with Su Yuyu's presence.

Su Yuya knew very well how the temperament her younger sister had, if she moved to Ye Chen's house then it was certain that Su Yuyu would cause trouble for Ye Chen.

It was for this reason that Su Yuya wanted to remain in this house.

Ye Chen understood Su Yuya's circumstances, so Ye Chen didn't force the will he had.

Ye Chen gave his villa address to Su Yuya, this was just in case Su Yuya wanted to find him.

After giving Su Yuya his villa address, Ye Chen said goodbye to Su Yuya, Ye Chen had to return to the villa.

surely now the women are looking for his whereabouts because he disappeared without telling a clear news.

Su Yuya also understood Ye Chen's situation, she obediently let Ye Chen go.

Ye Chen left Su Yuya's room.

After Ye Chen's departure, finally Su Yuya was able to rest too, Su Yuya was currently too tired because of the pleasure that Ye Chen gave, she needed rest to recover the strength she had.

One of the reasons Su Yuya let Ye Chen go was because she wanted to rest. If Ye Chen was here all the time, then Su Yuya would not be able to stand it and go back to doing it together with Ye Chen.

Su Yuya at least could not stand the temptation of a little man like Ye Chen, if Ye Chen continued to be here then, Su Yuya would definitely do it again together with Ye Chen.

So it was better to let Ye Chen go so that he could rest for a while.

Su Yuya started to close her eyes, she started to rest.





After leaving Su Yuya's room, Ye Chen was currently flying towards his villa in the Golde Eagle district.

After several minutes of flying, Ye Chen finally arrived at the entrance to his villa.

Ye Chen opened the villa entrance, after which Ye Chen went straight into the villa.

When Ye Chen entered the villa, it just so happened that at this time several of Ye Chen's women were in the living room.

All of Ye Chen's women currently circled Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin.

Seeing this oddity, Ye Chen immediately saw what they were all doing.

As Ye Chen walked closer to his wives, he finally saw what was happening right now.

Ye Chen saw that currently Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin were injured.

Ye Chen saw that Zhao Yanyan's two hands were currently bandaged.

As for Su Mengxin she was bandaged around the neck area which was injured because of the mysterious person's grip.

"What happened to you two?" Ye Chen immediately rushed towards Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin who were injured, Ye Chen checked the situation of the two of them.

Hearing Ye Chen's voice, finally the women realized that Ye Chen was already in this place.

Ye Chen had finished checking the conditions of Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin, fortunately the two of them were not too badly injured and could still be treated easily.

"What exactly happened when I wasn't around?" asked Ye Chen back to the women who were here.

"Husband, you finally came home, last night Zhao Yanyan, Su Mengxin and Xiao Lulu were attacked by mysterious people." Liu Yue was the first woman to explain what happened to Ye Chen.

Hearing Liu Yue's explanation, Ye Chen now knew what had happened to Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin.

"Yanyan, Mengxin, who would have dared to attack the two of you, hurry up and tell me? "Ye Chen was a little angry when he found out that Zhao Yanyan, Su Mengxin and Xiao Lulu were attacked by mysterious people.

"I don't know who that person is, that person is very mysterious." Zhao Yanyan answered Ye Chen's question.

Zhao Yanyan did not know who the person who had attacked her was, the person who had attacked Zhao Yanyan was very mysterious.

Ye Chen slightly raised his eyebrows, it seems this matter is more complicated than he thought.

"Don't you two really know who the person who attacked you is?" Ye Chen asked Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin again.

Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin both shook their heads.

The identities of the people who attacked Zhao Yanyan, Su Mengxin and Xiao Lulu were very closed, it was difficult to know who it was and where it came from.

Ye Chen started to think very hard, if he didn't know who the person who attacked Zhao Yanyan was, then how could he find the people who had attacked Zhao Yanyan, Su Mengxin and Xiao Lulu.

"Oh yeah, there's a hint of that person." Zhao Yanyan said to Ye Chen.

" What is that ? "Asked Ye Chen curiously.

"The person who attacked us, had bristly arms and long claws." Zhao Yanyan shared a few traits possessed by the mysterious person who had attacked them.

Ye Chen started to analyze the instructions Zhao Yanyan had given him.

"Yanyan, if I may know what color the fur of the person who attacked you? "Ye Chen wanted to know the color of the fur the people who had attacked Zhao Yanyan and the others had.

"If I'm not mistaken, it's silver," Zhao Yanyan said to Ye Chen.

"Silver! , could it be a silver werewolf? " Muttered Ye Chen.

Ye Chen began to suspect that this was done by the silver werewolf.

But why are there more silver werewolves in this city and why are they looking for a problem with him, even though at that time Ye Chen had killed all the werewolves.

So there shouldn't be any eyewitnesses who know that he was the one who killed Prince Joe.

This is so strange for Ye Chen.

"That's it." Su Mengxin finally remembered something.

"What is Mengxin? " Ye Chen asked Su Mengxin.

"Husband, do you still remember the werewolves we met at the amusement park? ", Said Su Mengxin to Ye Chen.

"Yes, of course, I still remember clearly." Ye Chen certainly still remembers that incident.

"That person has the same arm characteristics as the werewolves we have met before, I believe that the person who attacked us was one of the werewolves we met back then" Su Mengxin said to Ye Chen.

If what Su Mengxin said was true, then it can be confirmed that the mysterious person who attacked Zhao Yanyan and the others was a silver werewolf.

"You two don't need to worry, I will find out the truth about this, if it is the werewolves who have done this, then I will not let them go." Ye Chen promised Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin.

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