Journey To Become A True God Chapter 449

449 Information Obtained By Ling Yin
"I want you to find out about the realm existence of the silver werewolf race." Ye Chen told Ling Yin what he wanted.

"Silver werewolf race territory ?, Ye Chen so why did you search for the territory of the Silver werewolf race? "Ling Yin wants to know why Ye Chen is looking for something so hard to find like this.

"It's because one of them kidnapped my woman." Ye Chen told Ling Yin the reason he was looking for the existence of the Silver werewolf race

"Huh? , how can that be, aren't you so strong? " Ling Yin was a little surprised when she heard that one of Ye Chen's women was kidnapped.

Even though Ye Chen possessed an unmistakably strong strength, it should only be a silver werewolf class that couldn't possibly be against Ye Chen.

"That's because at that time I was not around, they took the opportunity to kidnap one of my women." Ye Chen replied to Ling Yin.

Ye Chen told Ling Yin a little about what had happened.

"Oh so it's like that" after getting the explanation from Ye Chen, Ling Yin finally knew what was going on.

"So, can you find out where the silver werewolf territory is for me? ", Asked Ye Chen to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen hopes that Ling Yin can find this out for himself.

"Hmmm, this might be a little difficult, but since Ye Chen honey has asked me, then I will try to find out the information about the silver wolf race you said earlier." Ling Yin promised Ye Chen, Ling Yin will find out information about Silver werewolf.

"Thank you very much." Ye Chen thanked Ling Yin.

"Honey, you don't need to thank me as long as you keep me in your heart, that's enough for me" said Ling Yin in a sassy tone.

"You don't have to worry about that problem, I will definitely always remember you in my heart" Ye Chen promised to always remember Ling Yin.

Ling Yin fell more and more fall in love with Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, I need a little more time, I will find information about the silver werewolf race for you. After I find the information you want, I'll contact you right away. "Ling Yin asked for time to find out what information Ye Chen wanted.

The information that Ye Chen wanted was not easy to find, she needed time to find the information that Ye Chen wanted.

"Fine." Ye Chen understands, he will wait for Ling Yin's results, Ye Chen really hopes that Ling Yin can find the information he is looking for.

Ye Chen ended the video call with Ling Yin, he would patiently wait for the results Ling Yin got.

After about 20 minutes Ye Chen waited for the results of Ling Yin's work, finally Ling Yin contacted Ye Chen again.

" How is the result ? ", Ye Chen immediately asked Ling Yin.

Ling Yin's face looked a little gloomy "I'm sorry, I couldn't find the territory of the silver werewolf race, I couldn't find any details about it." Ling Yin apologized to Ye Chen.

Ling Yin was a little disappointed with herself for not being able to find the information Ye Chen wanted.

"You don't have to be disappointed like that, you did your best, so I will appreciate the effort you put in." Ye Chen did not blame Ling Yin's failure to find information about the territory of the silver werewolf race.

It was possible that the territory of the Silver werewolf racewas very secret, so Ling Yin was unable to find it with the network he currently had.

"I might not be able to find the existence information of the territory of the silver werewolf race you want, but I did find a little information about the silver werewolf race you are looking for," Ling Yin said to Ye Chen.

Ling Yin might not be able to find the existence of the highly secret silver werewolf race territory, but she could still find a bit of information about the werewolf race.

Maybe the little information that Ling Yin got, could be of use to Ye Chen.

"What information do you get, quickly tell me." Ye Chen wanted to know what information Ling Yin got.

Ling Yin started to tell Ye Chen the information she got.

The information that Ling Yin obtained was in the form of who the king of the silver werewolves was, and what kind of strength the silver wolf race had

The king of the silver werewolf race named Zura, Zura's strength was equivalent to that of a cultivator at the 7 ~ 8 Overlord Realm stage.

King Zura is known as one of the loyal followers of the wolf god named Sirius.

Sirius is a wolf god who is one of the higher ups of the Dark Legacy faction. Sirius ishave a very powerful destructive power and also an immortal body that cannot be destroyed or injured by anyone.

Under the protection of the wolf god Sirius, King Zura obtained a special territory within the Dark Legacy faction's territory.

This territorywas so secretive that Ling Yin couldn't even figure out where the special territory that wolf god Sirius had given King Zura was.

To be sure the territory of the silver werewolf race was in the territory of the Dark Legacy faction, among all factions in the western continent The Dark Legacy faction's most extensive territory.

If Ye Chen searched for him in the usual way, it was likely that it would take Ye Chen days to find the existence of the silver werewolf race.

"Ye Chen, if you are dealing with the silver werewolf race in the western continent, then I can confirm that you will deal with the wolf god Sirius, maybe this is also the wish of the person who kidnapped your woman". Ling Yin told Ye Chen that this was most likely a trap that the silver werewolf race had set for Ye Chen.

"If indeed I have to fight against the wolf god Sirius then I will fight, they have dared to take my woman away, I will definitely fight them" Ye Chen will not back down, no matter what happens he must get Xiao Lulu back.

"This Ye Chen is not as simple as you think, this wolf god Sirius is a very mysterious existence, not many people know what kind of power he has. Most likely the wolf god Sirius has a much stronger power than the Phantom Blade that I am currently tracking. "Ling Yin told Ye Chen that it was likely that the wolf god Sirius was stronger than the Phantom Blade that Ling Yin was looking for.

"Thanks for the warning, but you don't need to worry, I'll try to be careful if it comes to fighting the wolf god Sirius" said Ye Chen to Ling Yin.

"Ye Chen, I hope you quickly find the whereabouts of your woman." Ling Yin prayed that Ye Chen would quickly find Xiao Lulu's whereabouts.

"I hope like that too" said Ye Chen to Ling Yin.

"Okay, see you later, Muahh. . Ling Yin blew a farewell kiss at Ye Chen.

What Ling Yin was doing right now was very tempting to Ye Chen.

After giving the information to Ye Chen, Ling Yin hung up the video call.

After the video call with Ling Yin ended, Ye Chen immediately threw away the cell phone he had.

Ye Chen was lying on the bed, he was currently confused about how he could find Xiao Lulu's whereabouts.

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