Journey To Become A True God Chapter 45

45 Meet Liu Yue

After Ye Chen and Zhao yanyan left the Fairy Gate they went to class as usual.

Until the end of the school bell is heard, Ye Chen and also Zhao Yanyan left the school

. After returning home from school Ye Chen intended to sell the Heavenly Peaches, a total of 25 heavenly Peaches that Ye Chen had picked were put into a box container, Ye Chen did not leave for himself because he knew that the Heavenly Peaches were very fast to bear fruit, because that was Ye Chen. no need to be afraid of running out of stock of fruit.

While on the road, many women always glanced at Ye Chen and Occasionally pointed at him, there were even a few girls who dared to come and ask for his contact information.

Ye Chen had no idea that being popular was quite troublesome.

Luckily Ye Chen immediately stopped the taxi and left the ladies' trap.

After 10 minutes Ye Ye's journey finally arrived at the Liu company's branch building, Liu's company ranked first on the list of the Largest companies in the city.

Not surprisingly, the branch office has a very tall and also magnificent building.

Ye Chen wanted to enter the building, but Ye Chen was immediately stopped by the two middle-aged guards who were guarding the entrance.

These two people seem to be security guards in this office

"Hey, what do you need to come to this office?"

Asked one of the two guards.

"I came here Want to meet Miss Liu Yue to discuss Something with her"

Ye Chen insisted that he wanted to meet with Liu Yue to the two guards.

"Do you have an appointment to meet with president Liu Yue before?"

Ye Chen: "No, I don't have such an appointment with Miss Liu Yue."

"Sorry our young people can't let you in because you look quite suspicious"

The two guards were suspicious of Ye Chen, what else was the big box currently carried by Ye Chen, maybe it was something dangerous for security in this place.

"I want to meet with Miss Liu Yue right now so please get out of the way

Ye Chen tried to take good care of the two guards from before him

"You, we have tried not to use violence, if you insist then we are both not reluctant To use violence.

The guard threatened Ye Chen by using violence

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows this time because he wasn't satisfied with the attitude of the two guards, did he look like a bad person?

Seeing that Ye Chen had no intention of leaving this place, the two guards pulled out their clubs

"Smelly Boy Prepare to Be Beaten"

The two guards prepared to beat Ye Chen

Ye Chen put the box he had brought to the floor and prepared to fight too.

"All of you what are you doing, don't you know that you are now blocking the entrance?"

When Ye Chen and also the two guards would fight A female angry voice could be heard from behind them.

When the three people saw it, they all saw a beautiful woman in professional clothes.

This woman of course Y Ye Chen knew, This was Liu Yue, the person Ye Chen wanted to meet, Ye Chen had no idea that Liu Yue was outside at the moment.

If Ye Chen knew, Ye Chen would not have spent time arguing with these two bad guards.

"president Liu, we are giving lessons to this young man who claims to know you."

The two guards immediately said that Liu Yue did not scold them.

Liu Yue then looked at Ye Chen, especially that this young man was very handsome, even Liu Yue had never met a man as handsome as Ye Chen.

Even though this young man looked familiar but Liu Yue did not remember that he had met Ye Chen before, Liu Yue tried to recall through her memories.

Ye Chen immediately came to Liu Yue's side

"Miss Liu Yue do you still remember me? "

Ye Chen then spoke with Liu Yue

"Sorry I don't know you, may I know who you are?"

After searching in his memory Liu Yue never remembered meeting this handsome man before.

"Son, you heard president Liu's words just now, presidentLiu said that he doesn't know you so hurry and get out of this place right now".

The guard came forward, and tried to drive Ye Chen away.

Ye Chen was not angry because Liu Yue did not remind because at that time Ye Chen was disguised as his appearance Ye Chen was completely hidden from Liu Yue.

"This is Ms. Liu Yue, I'm Ye Chen, the person who sold you Zillao bracelets."

Ye Chen tried to make Liu Yue remember.

"Are you Ye Chen the person from the exhibition? "

Liu Yue Looking Ye Chen up and down, Liu Yue was always curious about the person who had sold the bracelet to her because it was so mysterious, but today Liu Yue did not expect that the person who sold Zillao's bracelet was in front of her, and a very handsome young man.

"I'm glad Ms. Liu Yue still remembers me"

Ye Chen laughed a little, then looked contemptuously towards the two guards.

The two guards began to sweat all over their bodies, these guards did not expect that this young man would know Chairman Liu, if this easy man complained to Liu Yue then their career in riding would be over.

"So, Mr. Ye Chen, what do you want with me?"

Liu Yue wondered why Ye Chen was looking for him.

"I want to try doing business with you, are you interested?"

Ye Che immediately spoke to the main points.
for visiting.

"Then let's just talk about it in Mr. Ye Chen"

Liu Yue invited Ye Chen to enter the building, Ye Chen took the box he was carrying and followed Liu Yue to walk to the entrance.

The two guards were finally relieved because Liu Yue didn't mind the two of them who made the burden on the hearts of the two guards disappear.

Liu Yue who was going to walk to the entrance suddenly stopped and looked back "you two from today you are officially fired, you may return your uniforms to the office now" then Liu Yue immediately went with Ye Chen who followed him behind him.

The two guards were initially happy because they were not scolded by Liu Yue, but after hearing these words came out of Liu Yue's mouth the two guards were struck by lightning.

The two guards can only regret their misfortune. As a security guard the basic salary in this place is very high 1500 dollars in one month, that is not a monthly bonus, whereas in other places the security guard's salary is only 500 dollars a third of what can be obtained here.

The two guards gloomily went to the security office to hand over their clothes