Journey To Become A True God Chapter 450

450 Another Ability Of The Kings Heart Technique
For the first time Ye Chen thought very hard, he was thinking of a way to find the whereabouts of the person who had kidnapped Xiao Lulu.

"Knock, knock, knock," suddenly from outside someone knocked on Ye Chen's door.

Hearing the sound of knocking on the door, Ye Chen immediately got up from his bed.

"Come in, the door is not locked." Ye Chen ordered the people outside to enter his room.

"Click" the door to this room was opened by a beautiful woman, the beautiful woman who opened the door was Fu Lanling.

Fu Lanling immediately entered Ye Chen's room, after Fu Lanling entered, she closed the door to Ye Chen's room again.

"Ling'er, how did it go, did you find the person who took Lulu away? ". What Ye Chen first asked Fu Lanling was about the news of Xiao Lulu's whereabouts.

Fu Lanling shook her head at Ye Chen. "Little husband, I'm sorry, I tried my best to find the whereabouts of Lulu's little sister, it's a shame I didn't find a trace of her at all." Until now, Fu Lanling has still not found Xiao Lulu's whereabouts.

"Didn't you really find the slightest trace of that person? ", Asked Ye Chen to Fu Lanling.

"The person who brought Lulu Little Sister is very good at removing traces, I was unable to find the slightest hint of that person's whereabouts." Fu Lanling told Ye Chen that the person who brought Xiao Lulu was very good at covering traces.

Fu Lanling herself had many methods of finding someone,But This time Fu Lanling having a hard time dealing with the person who had kidnapped Xiao Lulu.

The person who kidnapped Xiao Lulu is really too good at hiding themselves.

If only the person who kidnapped Xiao Lulu wasn't that good at removing traces, Fu Lanling could use her bird puppet to find out the person's whereabouts.

Since that person was very good at removing traces, Fu Lanling couldn't use this method to find the whereabouts of the person who had kidnapped Xiao Lulu.

"Maybe the only way is for me to go to the western continent, if it continues like this then the possibility of finding Xiao Lulu will be very small." Ye Chen had thought about this from earlier, maybe the only way he found Xiao Lulu was to go directly to the world. west.

"Little husband, don't be too reckless in making a decision, the western continent is an unfamiliar territory to all of us, I'm afraid you will get into trouble if you go there without careful preparation," said Fu Lanling to Ye Chen.

Fu Lanling was afraid that something bad would happen to Ye Chen if he went to the western world in this reckless manner.

It wasn't that Fu Lanling doubted Ye Chen's strength, but she was afraid that Ye Chen would fall into the trap of an enemy whose clarity was still unknown until now.

Until now, both Ye Chen and the women still suspected that the silver werewolf race had kidnapped Xiao Lulu, that means there is no definite clarity about who the party kidnapped Xiao Lulu.

If Ye Chen mistook the party who kidnapped Xiao Lulu, you can be sure that Ye Chen will turn into a public enemy in the western continent.

Fu Lanling didn't want that to happen to Ye Chen.

This problem becomes even more complicated, it was unexpected that finding the identity of a mysterious enemy would be this difficult, according to Ye Chen, it was much easier to fight with enemies that were visible in plain sight.

"Hey master, why do you look confused like that? "While Ye Chen was confused about finding ways to find Xiao Lulu, Chu Yuechan spoke in Ye Chen's mind.

"You are still asking me why I look confused like this? Haven't you seen it that right now I'm confused looking for Lulu's whereabouts," Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen was not too happy when Chu Yuechan asked him about this. .

Chu Yuechan herself should have known what was going on at this moment, considering that Ye Chen and Chu Yuechan were connected all the time.

"I already know what is happening to Lulu's little sister, what I'm asking you is why are you so confused like that when you search for Lulu's little sister? "Chu Yuechan was not at all angry with Ye Chen's treatment of her.

Chu Yuechan understood how Ye Chen felt when he found out that one of his women was kidnapped by a stranger whose origins are unknown.

"Yuechan, what do you mean by these words? "Ye Chen wanted to know the meaning of the words Chu Yuechan said to himself.

"Giggling, I mean finding the existence of little sister Lulu is very easy, why should you confuse like that just to find the whereabouts of little sister Lulu" Chu Yuechan giggled at Ye Chen.

"Yuechan do you have any way to find Lulu's whereabouts? ", Ye Chen quickly asked Chu Yuechan back.

"Of course I know how, it's very easy" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

"Yuechan , quickly tell me how." Ye Chen was a excited when he heard that Chu Yuechan had a way to find Xiao Lulu's whereabouts.

"Giggle, master, it's very easy, all you need to do is use the king's heart technique to sense the presence of little sister Lulu." Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to use the King's heart technique he had.

"Huh? , using the king's heart technique to find Lulu's whereabouts? "Ye Chen was a little confused when Chu Yuechan told himself to use the king's heart technique to find the existence of Xiao Lulu.

"Master, didn't I tell you to study the king's heart technique more deeply, why are you so lazy to learn more about the King's heart technique." Chu Yuechan said helplessly.

Apart from being used for Dual Cultivation and seducing a woman, the King's Heart technique still had many other extraordinary uses, one of which was in this kind of situation.

"Sorry about that." Ye Chen was ashamed of Chu Yuechan's words, it was true that Ye Chen was very lazy to learn more about the king's heart technique.

The reason Ye Chen didn't study the king's heart technique more deeply was because he didn't want to be more obscene than this time, the contents in the king's heart technique were too obscene to learn, Ye Chen was afraid he would turn into a very perverted man if he studied deeper into the king's heart technique.

Even now, Ye Chen felt a significant difference when he had not learning the king's heart technique and after learning the king's heart technique.

One of the factors that he became what he is today was probably because of this technique, because of this Ye Chen did not study the king's heart technique any more.

Chu Yuechan only sighed when he heard Ye Chen's defense.

"Ye Chen, you and Xiao Lulu should have connected with each other after perfect Dual Cultivation, you can use this connection to search for Lulu's little sister." Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen how to find Xiao Lulu's whereabouts very easily.

"So it turns out like that." Ye Chen nodded at Chu Yuechan, after getting an explanation from Chu Yuechan , he started trying to do what Chu Yuechan told himself.

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