Journey To Become A True God Chapter 451

451 Discover The Whereabouts Of Xiao Lulu
Ye Chen started to close his eyes, he was trying to find out Xiao Lulu's whereabouts by using the connection that came from the king's heart technique.

With just one try what Chu Yuechan said, Ye Chen could feel the connection he had with the women in this villa.

Ye Chen could now sense the presence of Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi, Mu Lanyin, and Mu Zhue who were nearby.

Even at this time, Ye Chen could feel Qing Cheng's existence, which was far away from where he was right now.

Qing Cheng's current location was undoubtedly in the Cerry Blossom Sect which was quite far from where Ye Chen lived.

According to Ye Chen, this is very extraordinary, he can really know the existence of every woman who has successfully Dual Cultivation perfectly with him.

Ye Chen felt that his soul and the souls of his women were connected to each other, this felt very cool for Ye Chen.

With this Ye Chen was very sure that he could find Xiao Lulu's whereabouts.

Now that Ye Chen is trying to sense Xiao Lulu's existence, it will take Ye Chen a little longer to sense Xiao Lulu's existence.

After some time, Ye Chen finally discovered Xiao Lulu's whereabouts, the current existence of Xiao Lulu was in the west.

Xiao Lulu is very far away from where Ye Chen is currently, if you look at it from her current distance, it can be confirmed that Xiao Lulu is in the western continent.

Now that Ye Chen is becoming more and more convinced that Xiao Lulu is in the western continent, Ye Chen's suspicion has come true, the silver werewolf must be behind all of this.

After discovering Xiao Lulu's existence, now Ye Chen had no doubts about going to the western continent where Xiao Lulu was currently.

Ye Chen vowed to bring Xiao Lulu back home .

After his goal of finding Xiao Lulu's whereabouts was fulfilled, Ye Chen opened his eyes.

When Ye Chen opened his eyes, he still saw Fu Lanling still standing in front of him.

From earlier Fu Lanling stood in front of Ye Chen, Fu Lanling was patiently waiting for Ye Chen to open his eyes.

"Linger, I already know where Lulu's whereabouts." Ye Chen told Fu Lanling that he had found Xiao Lulu's whereabouts.

"Where is Lulu's younger sister located? , "Fu Lanling immediately asked Ye Chen where Xiao Lulu is currently.

"Just like I thought, Lulu really is in the western continent." Ye Chen told Xiao Lulu where he was.

"So Lulu's younger sister is currently in the western continent? " Fu Lanling nodded at Ye Chen.

If it is true that Xiao Lulu is currently in the western continent, then inevitably they have to go to the west continent to save Xiao Lulu from the hands of the person who kidnapped her.

"I've decided, I'm going to the western continent to bring Lulu back home." Ye Chen already made up his mind that he had.

Ye Chen didn't care if he had to become the enemy of the faction in the western continent, as long as he could save Xiao Lulu, then Ye Chen would take this very dangerous risk.

"Little husband, let me come with you, I will help you save little sister Lulu from the bad guy who kidnapped her." Fu Lanling wants to come together with Ye Chen to the western continent.

Fu Lanling wanted to go to accompany Ye Chen, Fu Lanling felt guilty for not being able to protect her young sisters.

If only at that time from the start, he would eliminate mysterious people faster, then Xiao Lulu would not have been taken to the western continent.

"OK, it doesn't matter." Ye Chen was fine when Fu Lanling decided to come with him to the western continent.

The strength that Fu Lanling currently possesses will be of great help to Ye Chen.

If Ye Chen and Fu Lanling worked together, then the factions in the western continent would find it very difficult to fight the collaboration between Ye Chen and Fu Lanling.

"Thank you very much, then let's go right now." Fu Lanling immediately invited Ye Chen to go to the western continent.

"Linger. Wait a minute, we better tell Zhao Yanyan and the others so they don't go out when both of us aren't here, I don't want the assault incident to happen again. "Ye Chen wanted to tell Zhao Yanyan and his other women.

Ye Chen didn't want himself to be missed like before, for this reason for the time being Ye Chen wanted the women to stay in this villa.

"That's a great thing, then let's go tell them all" Fu Lanling invited Ye Chen to go downstairs.

Ye Chen and Fu Lanling immediately went downstairs, both of them met all of Ye Chen's women who were currently still in the living room.

"Husband what were you doing upstairs? "Zhao Yanyan immediately asked Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan and all the women who were here were curious about what Ye Chen was doing upstairs.

"I was just looking for Lulu's whereabouts, and now I've found Lulu's whereabouts." Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan and the others that he had just found Xiao Lulu's whereabouts.

" Is that true ? " . Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen again.

Ye Chen nodded at Zhao Yanyan, Ye Chen started explaining everything to all the women who were here.

After getting an explanation from Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan and the woman who were here now knew where Xiao Lulu was right now.

They didn't expect that Xiao Lulu was now far away in the western continent.

All the women became increasingly anxious about Xiao Lulu's current state.

"Me and Linger will go to bring Lulu back, when I go to the western continent, I want all of you not to leave this place and stay with Xiang" Ye Chen told all the women who were here not to come out from around this villa area. .

All of Ye Chen's women immediately nodded, they would follow Ye Chen's wishes, this was also for the good of them all.

actually Zhao Yanyan and all of Ye Chen's women wanted to help Ye Chen save Xiao Lulu, unfortunately right now the strength they had was very weak, if they forced them to come with Ye Chen, then they would even burden Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan and all the women who were here became motivated to train even harder so that they could become even stronger, they all had the desire to help by Ye Chen's side.

"Xiang, can I hand over their protection to you for a while?" "Ye Chen asked Nangong Xiang to protect Zhao Yanyan and the others when he wasn't here.

"You don't have to worry about that matter, I will protect them all." Nangong Xiang promised Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang will definitely protect the safety of all Ye Chen women when Ye Chen is not here.

"Good." Ye Chen was satisfied to hear the answer from Nangong Xiang.

"Ling'er, then let's go now." Ye Chen invited Fu Lanling to go to the west continent.

Fu Lanling nodded at Ye Chen, she was ready to go whenever Ye Chen wanted.

"Lanling, wait a moment, I have something to discuss privately with you before you go to the western continent." Nangong Xiang stopped Fu Lanling, Nangong Xiang wanted to speak privately with Fu Lanling.

"Master, what kind of problem do you want to talk to me about." Fu Lanling immediately asked about the matter that Nangong Xiang wanted to discuss with herself.

"Come with me" Nangong Xiang told Fu Lanling to follow her.

"Little husband, wait a moment, let me talk to my master." Fu Lanling asked Ye Chen to wait for her.

"Alright." Ye Chen nodded at Fu Lanling.

Fu Lanling followed Nangong Xiang to a closed room, here no one knew what Nangong Xiang and Dongfang Xiu were talking about, even Ye Chen didn't know what Nangong Xiang wanted to talk about with Fu Lanling.

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