Journey To Become A True God Chapter 452

452 Offerings For Rituals
Meanwhile in the western continent, somewhere to be precise in a very secretive region that is unknown to modern humans today, there is a magnificent palace that stands on the top of a mountain.

This palace is very grand and very beautiful, the whole building is made of very hard and very strong stone that can be found in the bowels of the earth.

The place where this magnificent palace was located was a secret territory that was the power of the Dark Legacy faction, only strong people could go to a place like this.

Inside the majestic palace at this time there was a man wearing a king's crown sitting on his golden throne.

This man was Zura, he was the king of the silver werewolf race that Ling Yin had previously mentioned to Ye Chen.

The current kingZura looked at the mysterious person who had attacked Zhao Yanyan, Su Mengxin and Xiao Lulu last night.

"My respect to the king" a mysterious person knelt and saluted the king Zura who was currently sitting on the throne.

"Albert, who is that little girl you brought? "The king Zura asked Albert.

King Zura wanted to know who the little woman Albert brought here.

"My king, this is one of the women belonging to the man who killed Prince Joe" Albert told King Zura who the woman he had brought here.

Xiao Lulu is currently lying on the floor unconscious, Xiao Lulu is currently still unconscious from being hit by an attack from Albert.

"Aren't you wrong to bring a woman like this here,? From the clothes this woman is wearing, this woman must be just a maid" King Zura said to Albert, King Zura began to question the qualities that Albert had.

Xiao Lulu is currently wearing a maid outfit.

Even though she is a Ye Chen woman, Xiao Lulu currently still likes to wear the maid clothes she has, Xiao Lulu likes maid clothes because it is more comfortable to use to do housework.

Albert just realized that Xiao Lulu is currently wearing a maid outfit.

Seeing that Albert did not answer his question, King Zura again said to Albert.

"What is it?, Did you just realize it? "Said the king of Zura to Albert.

"Sorry my king, maybe I kidnapped someone wrong, before I took her in a hurry" Albert apologized to the king Zura.

At that time Albert was very in a hurry when he brought Xiao Lulu with him, so Albert did not have time to see who the woman he was taking, Albert took the woman who was closest to him.

A terrifying aura emanated from the body of king Zura.

Albert immediately shrank when King Zura showed the strength he had.

"Albert, besides Robet you are the person I trust the most, I didn't expect you to fail to complete aeasy mission like this." King Zura scolded Albert for failing to take the hostage he wanted.

The task that King Zura gave to Albert was very easy, he just wanted Albert to kidnap one of the women belonging to a man who had dared to kill his beloved son.

King Zura intends to use a hostage to lure Ye Chen into the territory of the Dark Legacy Faction. Here the king Zura would find it easier to deal with Ye Chen.

If the kingZura still insisted on fighting Ye Chen in the territory of the Kunlun Holy Land, then it was certain that the kingZura would have unwanted trouble.

The Kunlun Holy Land is a power that the Dark legacy faction really takes into account, the Dark Legacy Faction definitely won't want to look into trouble because of the private matters that King Zura has.

So when the kingZura made trouble with the Kunlun faction, it was certain that he wouldn't get help from the Dark Legacy Faction.

On the other side, if the kingZura can make Ye Chen come here and cause trouble in the Dark Legacy's territory, then it is certain that he will get help from the Dark Legacy Faction.

King Zura's plan had been calculated very well, King Zura really didn't want to look for a risk to fight in the territory of another faction.

The chances of him losing would be greater if he fought outside of the Dark Legacy faction's territory.

"My king, please forgive me, give me a second chance." Albert asked the king Zura for a second chance.

Albert looked scared with the intimidating aura released by King Zura.

"Alright, this is your last chance, I hope you won't disappoint me again, if you fail for the second time, then I will make sure that you will experience the same thing as Robet." King Zura gave a stern warning to Albert.

"Yes, my king, I understand." Albert understood, he immediately rushed out of the king's hall, he had to return to the city as soon as possible to kidnap the woman who belonged to Ye Chen.

Albert is afraid that he will become like Robet who is currently being punished and tortured in the lowest prison in this palace.

Albert did not want that to happen to him, because that is what happened he must immediately complete the task given to him by the king Zura.

"Sigh" after leaving Albert, the kingZura sighed, the kingZura did not expect that he would get a very troublesome enemy like Ye Chen.

If only Ye Chen wasn't strong, King Zura would have sent his best hunter to kill Ye Chen and bring his head here.

Unfortunately that was impossible to do, according to the information he got from Robet, Ye Chen was a formidable and strong enemy, even the regeneration ability that the Silver Werewolf Race prided on could easily be defeated by Ye Chen.

When King Zura was thinking about this, suddenly his hall turned dark and eerie.

The mist began to fill the king's hall which the kingZura and Xiao Lulu currently resided.

Seeing the strange phenomenon that was happening here, King Zura immediately stood up from the throne he had, King Zura immediately bowed to the floor.

"Gerrrr, Zuraaaaaaa. . . . ., where are all the offerings you promised me? "From behind the thick fog, a very hoarse voice said to King Zura.

King Zura immediately trembled when he heard this voice, he looked terrified by the owner of this hoarse voice.

"God Sirius. I. . .,I. . ., "King Zura looked confused to answer the words of the wolf god Sirius.

"Baam" a very strong pressure that immediately pressed the body of the king of Zura to the floor, the floor under the king Zura was immediately sunken.

"Gerrrrr. . ., Zuraaaaa you promised to give me three people with pure natural energy to make as offerings when the night of the total lunar eclipse occurs, why do I only see one here? ".

"If I don't get what I want then I'll make sure that your race won't be able to see the full moon again in the future." Wolf god Sirius threatens to wipe out all the silver werewolf races if King Zura doesn't get what he wants.

"God Sirius, you don't need to worry, I have told my people to find what you want." King Zura tried to calm the anger of the god Sirius.

All the arrogance that King Zura possessed was instantly gone, when he came face to face with the great wolf god Sirius.

"I hope you don't lie to me, if you dare to lie to me, then you will accept the consequences" said Sirius to the king Zura.

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