Journey To Become A True God Chapter 453

453 Go To The Western Continen
"Yes, God Sirius, I understand." King Zura immediately nodded at God Sirius.

"Good, then I'll take this girl away." God Sirius took Xiao Lulu away with him.

Xiao Lulu's body began to be covered by thick fog, Xiao Lulu's body began to disappear from the floor, Xiao Lulu was taken away by God Sirius.

After God Sirius left this place, the thick fog that enveloped this place immediately disappeared,

King Zura immediately got up and looked around, he felt relieved when God Sirius left this place.

"Luckily there is a woman who was brought by Albert, otherwise I might be eaten by God Sirius" King Zura felt grateful that there was a woman who was brought by Albert here.

King Zura did not expect that the little girl who was brought by Albert had pure natural energy, so God Sirius thought that this girl was one of the offerings he had prepared for her.

King Zura had been so focused on the person who had killed Prince Joe, he forgot that he still had a promise with God Sirius.

if he did not keep the promise he made with God Sirius, then it was certain that the silver werewolf Race would gain a Calamity.

Right now King Zura only needs to find 2 more people who have pure natural energy, he still has time until tomorrow, so he must immediately find the remaining 2 people.

"Awuuuu" King Zura started to howl, he called out all the loyal soldiers he had.

A few minutes later several dozen human trio arrived in front of King Zura.

"My king." They all knelt and saluted King Zura.

"All of you quickly go to the human domain and find humans with pure natural energy, if you don't find it until tomorrow night, then you won't be able to see the full moon forever" King Zura told a message from God Sirius to his loyal soldiers.

All of King Zura's warriors listened carefully to what King Zura had to say

"Hurry and go right now" King Zura ordered everyone to immediately carry out the orders he just gave.

"Well we understand." All the silver werewolves in front of King Zura obeyed the orders they were given, they immediately went to the human territory to find the person King Zura wanted.

King Zura saw the departure of his loyal soldiers, he hoped that his loyal warriors could find people with pure natural energy.

Because of the departure of all the soldiers from King Zura, now this place has lost a very significant fighting strength, if someone attacks, then it can be ascertained that King Zura will be troubled against the attacking enemy.








Meanwhile Ye Chen and Fu Lanling were currently flying at a fairly fast speed towards the western continent.

"Hey Linger, what did Xiang say to you? ", Ye Chen wants to know what Fu Lanling and Nangong Xiang talked about before.

"Little husband, master told me not to tell you these things, so I can't tell you." Fu Lanling couldn't say what she had previously talked to Nangong Xiang.

Hearing this, Ye Chen became even more curious about what Fu Lanling and Nangong Xiang had previously talked about.

"Come on, Ling'er, don't be stingy with your husband." Ye Chen complained to Fu Lanling who was acting mysterious to him.

"Giggle." Fu Lanling giggled when she saw Ye Chen complaining like this.

"Little husband, I made a promise to my master, so I hope you can understand this," said Fu Lanling to Ye Chen.

Fu Lanling's words didn't help much, Ye Chen became even more curious about what Fu Lanling was talking about with Nangong Xiang.

The feeling of curiositywas very disturbing for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen used the nine shadow steps to go behind Fu Lanling, without being aware of it by Fu Lanling Ye Chen grabbed the two great mountain peaks that were perfectly owned by Fu Lanling.

"Ahhh" Fu Lanling groaned in a seductive voice as Ye Chen reached to the top of her mountain.

"Little husband, what are you doing? " While letting out a slight groan that was very tempting, Fu Lanling asked Ye Chen.

"Of course force Linger to say what you talked to Xiang before." Ye Chen smiled wickedly at Fu Lanling, Ye Chen really wanted to know what Fu Lanling had previously talked about with Nangong Xiang.

Ye Chen had not touched Fu Lanling's two mountain peaks in a long time, not expecting the two peaks of Fu Lanling Mountain to become a little bigger.

if it continued like this then Fu Lanling might be able to compete with Su Mengxin or Qing Cheng :).

Ye Chen began to squeeze the two peaks of the perfect mountain that was owned by Fu Lanling.

"Erm. . , ahhh. . . "Fu Lanling's moan leaked out, she really couldn't stand the stimulation Ye Chen was giving her.

"Good husband. . . . please stop teasing me, if you keep doing this then I really won't be able to stand it. "Fu Lanling asked Ye Chen to stop teasing her.

"Then quickly say what you talked about with Xiang" Ye Chen will stop if Fu Lanling tells himself the conversation that Fu Lanlin has with Nangong Xiang.

Fu Lanling shook her head. "Good husband, please, I already promised my master, I hope you can respect this decision." Fu Lanling still insisted on not telling this to Ye Chen.

Fu Lanling had already promised Nangong Xiang not to tell Ye Chen what they had previously talked about, so Fu Lanling would keep the promise she made with Nangong Xiang.

Ye Chen was a little disappointed, it seemed impossible to get the secret from Fu Lanling.

"Okay, okay, I won't ask again about that matter." Ye Chen finally relented and let go of Fu Lanling, it seemed like Ye Chen really couldn't make Fu Lanling talk about what Fu Lanling had just discussed privately with Nangong Xiang.

Fu Lanling finally felt relieved when she escaped the temptation of Ye Chen's evil hand.

Fu Lanling tried to recover her appearance,

"Good husband, by the way what plan are you going to use to sneak into the Dark Legacy territory, I heard from my master that the Dark Legacy area is filled with monsters and half-Human monsters". Fu Lanling told Ye Chen that the Dark Territory Legacy is dominated by Moster and half-human monsters.

So it will be hard to sneak into the Dark Legacy faction if you don't have a plan.

"Hehehe it's very easy" Ye Chen already has a way to sneak into the Dark Legacy territory.

" what is your plan ? "Fu Lanling wants to know what plan Ye Chen has.

"You will find out when we arrive at the western continent." Ye Chen would tell Fu Lanling when he arrived near the territory of the Dark Legacy faction.

Now it was Fu Lanling's turn to make reconciliation with Ye Chen's plan.

"Let's fly faster, I want to get there as soon as possible." Ye Chen invited Fu Lanling to fly even faster.

The two of them had to get to the western continent as soon as possible.

Fu Lanling nodded at Ye Chen, the two of them flew at a very fast speed towards the west.

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