Journey To Become A True God Chapter 454

454 Sneaked Into The Dark Legacys Territory
After several hours of flying at full speed, Ye Chen and Fu Lanling finally arrived at the western continent.

Ye Chen and Fu Lanling immediately flew towards where Xiao Lulu was.

"Finally we arrived." Ye Chen looked far ahead, in front of there Ye Chen saw a portal that was similar to the entrance to the Kunlun holy land.

The current Xiao Lulu must be in there, Ye Chen is very sure that Xiao Lulu is in there.

"Looks like the entrance is guarded by two strong monsters, how are we going to get through without the two monsters knowing" Fu Lanling saw that the entrance was guarded by two large monsters that looked strong.

"Hehehe, that's easy." Ye Chen took a robe and a powder from the fairy gate storage room.

"Put it on" Ye Chen gave the robe to Fu Lanling.

Fu Lanling received a robe from Ye Chen, she immediately put on the robe that Ye Chen gave her.

After the two of them put on the robes, Ye Chen sprinkled this powder on himself and Fu Lanling.

"Yagggh, little husband, what is this? , why does it smell bad. "Fu Lanling smelled unpleasant powdery smell.

"This is magical beast scent powder, this powder can make us smell like magical beasts." Ye Chen explained about the powder he had just sprinkled on himself and Fu Lanling.

"No wonder it smells a little bad, it turns out that this is the smell of magical beast" said Fu Lanling to Ye Chen.

"We will sneak in there, so I hope you can hold it for a while." Ye Chen asked Fu Lanling to hold back this unpleasant smell for a while.

"Okay, I understand." Fu Lanling nodded at Ye Chen.

"Very good, then let's go right now" Ye Chen invited Fu Lanling to go to the entrance portal to the Dark Legacy territory.

Fu Lanling followed Ye Chen, the two of them headed towards the entrance to the Dark Legacy Faction.

When Ye Chen and Fu Lanling arrived near the entrance portal, the two gatekeepers immediately looked at Ye Chen and Fu Lanling.

The two monsters immediately sniffed at Ye Chen and Fu Lanling, when these two monsters sniffed Ye Chen and Fu Lanling, they both smelled a very strong magical beast scent.

This made the two guard monsters shrink when Ye Chen Fu Lanling arrived in front of them, the two guardian beasts did not dare to question Ye Chen and Fu Lanling.

Ye Chen didn't miss this opportunity, he immediately pulled Fu Lanling into the portal.

Ye Chen and Fu Lanling easily entered the Dark Legacy Faction.

After successfully entering the Dark Legacy faction, Ye Chen and Fu Lanling immediately moved away from the portal, the two of them looking for a safe place to hide.

"This is easier than I thought" Ye Chen did not expect that this would be so easy, Ye Chen thought the two monsters would be suspicious and stop the two of them.

It was unexpected that the two monsters would shrink in fear when they smelled the powder he used on his body.

"Husband, what ingredients did you use to make this powder, why were the two Monsters so afraid of the two of us" While removing the powder in her body, Fu Lanling wanted to know what material Ye Chen used to make this powder.

"It is made of quite strong magical beast fur and several plants which are simultaneously refined." Ye Chen told Fu Lanling the process of making this powder.

"So it's like that." Fu Lanling got a new insight from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen also started to remove the powder that was in his body.

"Let's go to where Lulu is." After finishing removing the unpleasant smell in his body, Ye Chen took Fu Lanling to the palace where King Zura was.

The last place Ye Chen felt Xiao Lulu's existence was in the magnificent palace that was owned by King Zura.

so it must be that Xiao Lulu is still there right now.

Ye Chen and Fu Lanling flew towards King Zura's palace.

While on the way to King Zura's palace, Ye Chen and Fu Lanling met lots of Monsters and DemiHumans roaming around this place.

"This is indeed worthy of being the territory of the Dark Legacy Faction, everyone who lives in this place is a monster." After seeing the many monsters and Demihumans living here, Ye Chen now understood why this area was called the territory of monsters.

Everyone who lives in the Dark Legacy's territory are monsters, Ye Chen hasn't seen a single pure human living in this territory.

"You're absolutely right, if we find them we will definitely be hunted by these monsters" Fu Lanling said to Ye Chen.

If Ye Chen and Fu Lanling were caught sneaking into the Dark Legacy Faction's territory, then Ye Chen and Fu Lanling would be hunted by the inhabitants of this region.

"Stay alert, we shouldn't be found by them." Ye Chen told Fu Lanling to be even more vigilant.

Fu Lanling understood, she would be even more vigilant so as not to be found by the monsters and Demi Humans that were here.

Ye Chen and Fu Lanling continued their journey towards King Zura's palace

It took Ye Chen and Fu Lanling about 20 Minutes to arrive near the majestic palace that stood on top of a mountain.

"Little husband, is this the place? ", Asked Fu Lanling to Ye Chen.

"This should be where Lulu is, let's go in and look for Lulu's whereabouts" said Ye Chen to Fu Lanling.

Ye Chen and Fu Lanling immediately sneaked into King Zura's palace.

"The guard in this palace is very quiet. What happened? "Ye Chen saw that the guard in this palace was very quiet, Ye Chen felt strange about this, he was afraid that the enemy would already know that he would arrive and set up a trap for himself and Fu Lanling.

"Little husband, are you sure this is the place, I've used my spirit Sense to search for the whereabouts of little sister Lulu, but strangely I didn't find the existence of Xiao Lulu or any mysterious person around here." Fu Lanling told Ye Chen that she didn't find the existence of Xiao Lulu around here.

Ye Chen also felt the same way, he had already used his Spirit Sense to search for Xiao Lulu, but until now he had not found Xiao Lulu's whereabouts.

Ye Chen had no choice but to use the king's heart technique to sense Xiao Lulu's existence.

Ye Chen closed his eyes and started to use the king's heart technique to search for Xiao Lulu's existence.

When Ye Chen used the king's heart technique to sense Xiao Lulu's existence, Ye Chen found Xiao Lulu's existence to be vague.

It seems like something is blocking his connection with Xiao Lulu's.

Ye Chen opened his eyes.

"Little husband, how do you know the whereabouts of Lulu's little sister? ", Fu Lanling immediately asked Ye Chen about Xiao Lulu's whereabouts.

Ye Chen shook his head "I can only faintly feel Lulu's existence, Lulu is currently in the north," Ye Chen said to Fu Lanling.

"You mean Lulu's little sister isn't currently here? ", Asked Fu Lanling to Ye Chen.

"Yes" Ye Chen replied to Fu Lanling, Xiao Lulu is no longer in this palace.

"Then what are we going to do next? "Fu Lanling wants to know what Ye Chen will do next.

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