Journey To Become A True God Chapter 455

455 Ye Chen Vs King Zura
"Hempp, how about we find out who the person in charge is in this place, maybe he knows where Lulu was taken" Ye Chen wants to find the person who owns this palace, the person who owns this place must know what happened to Xiao Lulu.

"I feel quite a strong energy towards the front, maybe this person is the lord of this palace", Fu Lanling felt a strong force far ahead.

This strength was at least comparable to cultivators who were at the 7 ~ 8th stage of the Overlord Realm.

"Then let's go see that person, he must know what happened to Lulu." Ye Chen didn't want to waste the time he had.

Ye Chen will find out Information about Xiao Lulu from this person.

Ye Chen and Fu Lanling immediately went towards the palace hall where King Zura was.

Because the guard around this palace was very loose, Ye Chen and Fu Lanling could move very easily.

Ye Chen and Fu Lanling very quickly arrived at the main hall of the palace, when Ye Chen and Fu Lanling arrived at the main hall, they saw a man wearing a crown on him and sitting on a golden throne.

King Zura was currently waiting for news from his loyal soldiers, when he saw two strangers enter this room, King Zura was quite surprised.

"Who are you? , how did you guys get in my palace? ", King Zura immediately asked Ye Chen and Fu Lanling.

Ye Chen and Fu Lanling's appearance were currently wrapped in a robe, so King Zura didn't know that this was Ye Chen who was the man who had killed Prince Joe.

Ye Chen took off the hood of the robe he was wearing, he looked directly at King Zura who was in front of him.

King Zura was quite surprised when he saw that the person behind this robe was Ye Chen.

"You. . . , you. . . ., how did you get here? ", King Zura immediately asked Ye Chen who was standing in front of him.

"So what? Are you surprised to find out that I'm here" Ye Chen said to King Zura.

When Ye Chen saw King Zura, he immediately knew that this man in front of him was the king of the silver werewolf.

Ye Chen's guess was completely accurate, the person who had kidnapped Xiao Lulu was the Silver werewolf Race.

And if I'm not mistaken, this man in front of him is likely to be the King Zura that Ling Yin previously informed Ye Chen.

"Hahaha, it's great that you came here, it seems I don't have to bother anymore to lure you out of the Kunlun Faction's territory." King Zura burst out laughing.

King Zura was very happy when he found out that Ye Chen had volunteered to come to this place, King Zura didn't need to bother anymore to lure Ye Chen using bait, his goal of getting Ye Chen to come here was fulfilled.

Ye Chen felt dissatisfied when he saw King Zura laugh like that, Ye Chen immediately rushed to the throne that was occupied by King Zura.

Ye Chen stretched out his hand towards King Zura's neck, Ye Chen's hand immediately grabbed King Zura's neck, King Zura was immediately choked by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen raised King Zura's body up high.

"Bastard, hurry and tell me where you hid my Lulu, if you don't talk I'll kill you." Ye Chen threatened to kill King Zura if he didn't tell Xiao Lulu's whereabouts.

"What do you mean that useless little girl Maid earlier? It's a shame I killed her, hehehe" King Zura laughed at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was furious when he heard the words that came out of King Zura's mouth, this person really made Ye Chen's patience disappear.

"Crack. . . . " The sound of cracking bones could be heard very crisply, Ye Chen was currently gripping King Zura's neck very firmly.

If it continues like this, then it is certain that King Zura's neck will really break.

"I have a limit of patience, so quickly tell me where Lulu is right now." Ye Chen asked again where King Zura had hidden Xiao Lulu's whereabouts.

"You arrogant brat, do you think we Silver werewolves can you bully this easily? King Zura shouted at Ye Chen.

King Zura's body that was in Ye Chen's hand began to wriggle strangely, little by little King Zura's body grew to an unusual size, Ye Chen's hand even began to be unable to hold onto King Zura's neck which was enlarged.

"Baam. . .! "King Zura hit Ye Chen's head very hard.

Ye Chen, who was not ready, was taken back one step by the punch from King Zura.

"Hahaha, now let's see if you can still threaten me when I was in my true form," said King Zura to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at King Zura who was right in front of him, King Zura had now completely transformed into a silver werewolf who was very strong and muscular.

King Zura's real body was even bigger than Robet's, at least the current King Zura was more than 3 meters tall with arms and claws that were also bigger and longer than Robet's.

"Ying'er come out." Ye Chen immediately summoned the Divine Yin Yang Sword out.

Divine Yin Yang Sword immediately appeared in Ye Chen's hand.

"Hoamm. . ., master, why are you calling me forcefully. "Yin Ying'er said in Ye Chen's mind, Yin Ying'er complained that Ye Chen summoned herself forcefully, it was unusual for Ye Chen to do this to her.

Usually before summoning the Divine Yin Yang Sword, Ye Chen always woke up Yin Ying'er first, sometimes Ye Chen had to persuade Yin Ying'er to come out.

"Sorry, I'm in a hurry right now, I'm currently fighting an enemy who annoyed me." Ye Chen apologized for calling Yin Ying'er by force.

After getting an explanation from Ye Chen, finally Yin Ying'er calmed down.

"Hehehe a pretty cool sword, if I kill you it will be mine" said King Zura to Ye Chen.

"That won't happen, I will take your life first." Ye Chen pointed his Divine Yin Yang Sword towards King Zura.

"Let's see who will become the corpse first, whether you or me" King Zura said to Ye Chen.

King Zura's claws began to be enveloped in a bright Silver light.

"Feel this, God Silver Claw." King Zura immediately swung his claws towards Ye Chen who was standing right in front of him.

The distance between Ye Chen and King Zura was too close, King Zura took advantage of this too close to attack Ye Chen first.

Ye Chen slightly raised the Divine Yin Yang Sword in his hand, Ye Chen intended to deflect King Zura's God Silver Claw technique which was aimed at him.

"Clang", the Divine Yin Yang Sword collided with King Zura's huge claw.

In the impact just now, King Zura's enormous claw was cut very easily by the Divine Yin Yang Sword.

King Zura immediately took a step back when he found out that his claws were cut easily by the Divine Yin Yang Sword in Ye Chen's hand.

King Zura looked at his claw which had just been cut by the Divine Yin Yang Sword, the claw which was just cut by the Divine Yin Yang Sword could not regenerate.

this is very strange for King Zura

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