Journey To Become A True God Chapter 456

456 Forcing King Zura To Speak
"You have a sword that is quite strange, it's no wonder Robet said that you have a very strange sword, so asking what Robet said becomes the truth" King Zura said to Ye Chen.

"No wonder the silver werewolves came back to find a problem with me, it turns out I unknowingly let go of one of them." Ye Chen now began to understand why the silver werewolf could find out that he was the one who killed Prince Joe.

Ye Chen just remembered that in the past, Robet was killed by his own attack, that means Robet can still regenerate.

It turned out that without Ye Chen knowing he had released one of them so they reported back to King Zura.

Ye Chen would make this mistake for future lessons so as not to become complacent on the enemy who had lost.

"Do you think the silver werewolves are a stupid race, you underestimate us too much, hahaha" King Zura laughed at Ye Chen.

"Maybe I was too caught off guard in the past to let go of one of the werewolves, but this time I will no longer let my guard down like I used to." This time Ye Chen won't let his guard down.

Ye Chen raised his Divine Yin Yang Sword, Ye Chen used the Step nine shadows to sneak off towards King Zura.

"Slash", Ye Chen slashed through King Zura's huge body.

King Zura anticipated Ye Chen's arrival, he immediately ran and avoided Ye Chen's attack.

King Zura did not want to take the risk of fighting the Divine Yin Yang Sword which could take away his regeneration ability.

The silver werewolves relied the most on their regeneration abilities, without this kind of ability they would be very vulnerable to being killed by the enemy.

Ye Chen only cut a few parts of King Zura's body, King Zura fled too fast.

"I asked once, where did you take Lulu away" Ye Chen asked again where King Zura took Xiao Lulu away.

"You will never meet that little woman again, that little woman has become an offering to God Sirius, hahahaha" King Zura told Ye Chen that Xiao Lulu had been made an offering for God Sirius.

Ye Chen looked very dissatisfied when he heard that Xiao Lulu was an offering for God Sirius.

"How dare you make my Lulu into an offering, I will definitely kill you." An ice mist began to appear and enveloped Ye Chen's body.

When the ice mist appeared, the air around this palace began to fall drastically, under Ye Chen's feet Ice began to form an ice that began to envelop the entire palace, in an instant, King Zura's palace was made into an ice palace.

King Zura started to shiver when the area around him turned into Ice.

" What ! ! !, aren't you a cultivator who cultivates fire attribute, how can you use an ice attribute? ", King Zura was very surprised when Ye Chen was able to use Ice techniques like this.

According to the information King Zura got from Robet, he knew that Ye Chen was a fire attribute cultivator, so there was no way that Ye Chen could use the power of Ice Like this.

Not only was King Zura surprised when he saw that Ye Chen could use the power of ice, Fu Lanling was also quite surprised when he saw that Ye Chen could use the power of ice.

It should be noted that Ice and Fire are attributes that contradict each other, so they cannot coexist with each other.

according to Fu Lanling this was something that was impossible to do because it was too dangerous, if these two attributes rubbed against each other in the body, it would cause a very dangerous reaction.

Fu Lanling became worried about what Ye Chen was doing right now.

Ye Chen stretched his hand forward, he aimed at King Zura.

"Frost Nova" Ye Chen's palm emitted a pale blue light, this light shot towards King Zura very quickly.

King Zura didn't have time to avoid the Forst Nova attack that Ye Chen had released.

"Whuss", King Zura's body was immediately sealed in a large and sturdy chunk of ice, only his head was not sealed by chunks of ice.

"Gahhhhhh" King Zura tried to break free from the huge chunk of ice that was sealing his body.

"What you are doing is useless, you will not be able to get out of that iceberg" Ye Chen told King Zura that what he is currently doing is a useless thing to do.

"You despicable human, quickly let me go, otherwise I will kill you" King Zura shouted in a very loud voice.

"Slash", Divine Yin Yang Sword cut up off King Zura's face a little.

"Argggg" King Zura endured the pain caused by the Divine Yin Yang Sword's slash.

"You are getting more and more annoyed at me, don't you realize that your life is currently in my hands." Ye Chen climbed onto the chunks of ice that sealed King Zura's body, Ye Chen pointed his Divine Yin Yang Sword towards King Zura's neck.

Currently Ye Chen was standing right in front of King Zura's head.

King Zura looked up at Ye Chen who was in front of him. "Grrrrrr" King Zura started growling at Ye Chen.

"Don't look at me like that, if you look at me like that, then maybe my sword will move a little and cut off your head." Ye Chen said to King Zura under him.

King Zura became afraid of Ye Chen's sword that was around his neck, if this sword moved even a little, maybe King Zura's head would be cut off.

King Zura did not expect that Ye Chen would become this strong, this person's strength was beyond his expectations.

" What do you want? , hurry and tell me. "King Zura immediately asked what Ye Chen wanted.

King Zura must yield to Ye Chen, if he still wants to live.

"Hehehe that's good, that's the answer I wanted from earlier" Ye Chen finally got a positive answer from King Zura.

"I asked once, where is the little girl that one of your people brought? "Ye Chen asked where Xiao Lulu is right now.

"I told you that if that little girl is in the hands of God Sirius, you won't be able to get her back." King Zura didn't lie about Xiao Lulu who was currently in God Sirius's hands.

"How could that be? ", Ye Chen wants to know how Xiao Lulu got into God's Sirius hand.

"Before you came here, God Sirius had come first, he came and took the little girl." King Zura told Ye Chen what had happened earlier.

Divine Yin Yang Sword clung to King Zura's neck more and more tightly. "Quickly tell me where God Sirius lives that you said earlier? "Ye Chen asked where God Sirius is currently.

"God Sirius lives in the north, he lives in a forest called Eternal mist forest, whoever enters there will not be able to come out again." King Zura told Ye Chen where God Sirius lived.

God Sirius's residence was called the Eternal Mist Forest, it was the most feared forest in the Dark Legacy, neither monsters nor Demi humans dared to go there.

Whoever enters there will not be able to return, which is why no one dared to go too close to the Eternal Mist Forest.

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