Journey To Become A True God Chapter 459

459 Ambushed By The Wolf Monster
"Linger, where are you? ", Ye Chen shouted again for Fu Lanling's name.

Until now Ye Chen had not found the answer he wanted from Fu Lanling.

"Damn, the Mist here is just getting thicker." Ye Chen cursed the Mist which was getting thicker and thicker over time.

"Awuuuuuu" the wolf's howl began to echo around the Eternal Mist Forest.

After hearing the sound of howling just now, Ye Chen began to hear that there were several sounds of monster footsteps heading his way.

Judging from the sound of these footsteps, the number was estimated to be around 10 ~ 12 monsters on their way here.

Ye Chen was immediately surrounded by several wolf monsters with white fur mixed with a black.

"Look, who is this? , I didn't expect that a human would dare to break into God Sirius's territory. "The Wolf monster spoke to Ye Chen.

This wolf monster turned out to be able to speak like a human, the possibility of this wolf monster's intelligence level was so high that it could speak human language.

Ye Chen just doesn't know that all the monsters in the Dark Legacy can speak like humans.

Ye Chen couldn't see the wolf monsters around him, Ye Chen could only rely on the sounds emitted by the wolf monsters to find out where their location was.

"So you are God Sirius's messenger beasts?, That's great, I want you to tell your master to release the girl he just brought, otherwise don't blame me for causing trouble in this place." Ye Chen told the wolf monsters that were here to tell his words to God Sirius.

"What a presumptuous human you are, don't you know who you are talking to right now." The wolf monsters started to be unfriendly to Ye Chen.

"I really don't know, right now I can't clearly see where you are." Ye Chen did not know who he was talking to right now.

"You're really really annoying, feel my attack." One of the 12 wolf beasts went to attack Ye Chen.

Because of this annoying Mist, the current Ye Chen couldn't see where the Wolf Monster attack had come from.

Ye Chen could only rely on the voice he heard to know the direction of the attack from the enemy he was about to face.

"Breaking Meteor Blow" Ye Chen immediately used the Breaking Meteor Blowto attack the wolf Monster that was currently heading toward himself.

Ye Chen added the Heavenly Silver Flame to this attack.

"Bammm. . . "The wolf beast was hit very hard by Ye Chen.

Breaking Meteor Blow must have killed the wolf Monster.

"Bastard, how dare you kill one of our comrades, come on, let's attack him simultaneously." All the remaining wolf monsters immediately rushed towards Ye Chen.

As the Wolf Monsters released their strength, the temperature around here started to turn cold.

It can be seen that the wolf Monster currently attacking Ye Chen is an ice-type monster.

"One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords" Ye Chen used the One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords technique to face the wolf horde that was currently charging towards him.

A hundred silver colored fire swords appeared behind Ye Chen.

"Forward" Ye Chen moved this flying sword towards the wolf Monster near him.

The flying swords started to fly away from Ye Chen's side, all of the swords flew towards the wolf beasts that were not far around Ye Chen.

Currently Ye Chen's 100 flaming swords were attacking blindly, currently Ye Chen couldn't see the wolf Monster near him, that's why Ye Chen attacked everyone around him in this blind manner.

"Awuuuu" The wolf Monster started screaming when Ye Chen's 100 flying swords rushed towards them, the One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords technique was too fast for the wolf monsters to dodge.

as a result, some of the wolf monsters were hit by Ye Chen's fire sword.

"Everyone retreat." One of the Wolf Monstertold all his comrades to pull themselves back.

The wolf Monsters thought Ye Chen too weak, as a result they ate quite a bitter defeat like this.

More than 4 wolf Monsters had been killed by Ye Chen's fire sword.

The wolf monsters were not given the opportunity to regenerate their bodies.

Ye Chen's flying silver flame sword instantly burned the Wolf Monster's entire body without leaving anything behind.

All of the Wolf Monster felt even more furious when their comrade was killed by Ye Chen's flying fire sword.

"Human bastard, you've made all of us angry, feel this, Super Ice Blast" from inside the wolf Monster's mouth started out a dazzling blue light.

The wolf monsters started shooting blue balls towards Ye Chen.

"Booom. . ., Booom. . ., Booom. . ., Booom. . ., Booom. . , "Apart from hitting Ye Chen, several ice balls hit the ground and trees around Ye Chen.

The explosion generated by the ice balls was too terrifying, everything was turned into ice after being hit by the ice ball explosion.

Ye Chen was currently also turned into an ice statue after being hit by the explosion just now.

"Stupid human, feel that, Awuuuu." The wolf Monsters howled with joy when they saw Ye Chen who was currently turned into an ice statue.

"Clank. . . . " ,while the wolf Monsters were celebrating victory, suddenly the ice that was enveloping Ye Chen broke into pieces.

Ye Chen's body currently looked fine, the current Ye Chen looked fine after receiving an attack like just now.

All of the Wolf Monsters were shocked when they saw Ye Chen was fine after being hit by the attack they had previously launched.

"You. . . ., you. . ., how are you still alive after receiving attacks from us. "One of the wolf Monsters did not believe when he saw Ye Chen was still alive after receiving their attacks.

"It's probably because your strength alone is too weak, so it's not able to injure me" said Ye Chen to the wolf monster in front of him.

After obtaining the Sage God's inheritance, now the power of Ice and water didn't work against Ye Chen.

"Bastard, you still dare to underestimate us, I'll make sure that you will taste the worst death of your life." The wolf monsters didn't like the way Ye Chen treated them like this.

The wolf monsters intend to use Super Ice Blast to attack Ye Chen again, this time they will all combine their strengths into one so that the resulting Super Ice Blas will become even stronger.

A large ice ball began to form above the heads of the 7 remaining wolf beasts, the large ice ball emitted a dazzling light, Ye Chen, who previously had difficulty seeing the wolf beast's whereabouts, could now see where the wolf monster was looking for trouble with him.

"Sorry I don't have time to play with you all, so let's end this." Ye Chen stretched out his hand forward.

"Frost Nova", Ye Chen's hand started to give off a pale blue light, Ye Chen's light shot towards the wolves who were currently gathering their strength.

"Clinkk", all the wolf monsters were now turned into huge chunks of ice, all the wolf beasts were sealed within the huge chunks of ice.

All the wolf monsters that were inside the chunk of ice were now turned into statues, they could no longer move like before.

After Ye Chen defeated the 12 Wolf Beasts, the mist that enveloped this place started to become a little less than before.

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