Journey To Become A True God Chapter 460

460 Against Sirius
Most likely the fog in this forest was created using the strength of the wolf monsters that Ye Chen fought.

After the death of the 12 wolf beasts, surely the power used to make this mist lessened, as a result the mist that was here began to decrease slightly.

"I see, if I can kill the wolf beast over here then the mist that covers this place will disappear." Ye Chen now knows how to deal with the mist that is in this place.

Ye Chen now only needed to hunt down all the Wolf monstersthat were in this forest.

"It's time to hunt." Ye Chen prepared to hunt the monsters in the Eternal Mist Forest.

Now that the prey has turned into a hunter, Ye Chen will hunt the monsters in the Eternal Mist Forest.

Ye Chen continued his journey towards the southwest to find the whereabouts of Fu Lanling.

whenever Ye Chen met a monster, Ye Chen would immediately kill the monster he encountered.

All of the wolf monsters in this forest howled with great despair, they tried to escape from Ye Chen.

After hunting down the many wolf monsters in this forest, the mist that covered the Eternal Mist Forest started to become thin, now Ye Chen could see again quite comfortably.

Ye Chen's Spirit Sense was also beginning to be used a little, Ye Chen used the connections he had to find Fu Lanling and Xiao Lulu's whereabouts.

After the mist became thin, Ye Chen could now very clearly feel the existence of Fu Lanling and Xiao Lulu.

"Good now that I've found the whereabouts of both of them." Ye Chen has locked the existence of Fu Lanling and Xiao Lulu.

Now Ye Chen just walked over to the two of them.

First Ye Chen approached Fu Lanling, Ye Chen immediately flew towards where Fu Lanling was currently.

In an instant Ye Chen reached where Fu Lanling was.

When Ye Chen arrived at Fu Lanling's place, he saw that Fu Lanling had just finished getting rid of some wolf monsters that had ambushed her.

"Linger, are you okay? "Ye Chen descended towards Fu Lanling, Ye Chen asked Fu Lanling's current state.

"Husband, I'm fine." Fu Lanling looked happy when she saw Ye Chen again. Finally, Fu Lanling was able to reunite with Ye Chen.

"I'm glad you are fine, let's go immediately to where Lulu is, we will save Lulu and then leave this place." Ye Chen held Fu Lanling's soft hand, she did this so as not to get separated from Fu Lanling again.

Ye Chen invited Fu Lanling to fly towards where Xiao Lulu was.

Fu Lanling could only surrender when Ye Chen held his hand, he was carried by Ye Chen to where Xiao Lulu was.

After flying for a while, Ye Chen and Fu Lanling arrived in front of an extremely tall and enormous altar.

Right above this altar, there was Xiao Lulu who was currently tied using a chain that had been strengthened, Xiao Lulu's current state was still unconscious.

"Lulu" Ye Chen and Fu Lanling immediately descended towards the altar, both of them immediately rushed towards Xiao Lulu who was currently tied up on the altar.

"Clang" when Ye Chen and Fu Lanling wanted to get closer and see Xiao Lulu's condition, suddenly a barrier appeared out of nowhere and blocked Ye Chen and Fu Lanling's path.

"How dare you two lowly humans come and create chaos in my territory, the two of you have also killed my people a lot, I won't let both of you leave this place. An extremely hoarse voice rang behind Ye Chen and Fu Lanling.

Ye Chen and Fu Lanling who heard this voice immediately turned around, the two of them wanted to see who had just spoken.

Right after the sound was heard, behind Ye Chen and Fu Lanling currently there was a thick mist that had reappeared.

Within this thick mist, Ye Chen and Fu Lanling felt an extremely powerful force.

At least the power of the Beings in this mist was on par with cultivators at the highest peak of the tenth level of the Overlord Realm or perhaps already comparable to cultivators who were half-step towards Divine Realm.

"Husband, the creature in the fog is very strong, we have to be careful when fighting it." Fu Lanling warned Ye Chen that the creature in the mist was extremely strong.

The strength of the being that resided in the mist This was definitely no weaker than Fu Lanling's own.

Ye Chen also understood that the creature in the mist were extremely powerful, obviously this was God Sirius who was the ruler of this place.

"Linger, you take Lulu away from here, let me handle this creature" Ye Chen wanted Fu Lanling to take Xiao Lulu away from this place.

It would be very dangerous if Xiao Lulu continued to exist in a place like this.

" are you sure ? "Fu Lanling is a little worried about Ye Chen wanting to fight God Sirius alone.

"You don't need to worry, trust me, I'm sure you can beat him" said Ye Chen to Fu Lanling.

Ye Chen wanted Fu Lanling to believe in him.

"Fine, I believe in you" after being convinced by Ye Chen, Fu Lanling finally believed in Ye Chen.

Fu Lanlingn turned around, she used her phoenix flames to break through the barrier in front of her.

"Clank. . . "The barrier God Sirius created was easily broken by Fu Lanling.

Fu Lanling immediately went to Xiao Lulu, she freed Xiao Lulu by destroying the chains on Xiao Lulu's body.

After freeing Xiao Lulu, Fu Lanling took Xiao Lulu away from the altar, Fu Lanling intended to take Xiao Lulu out of the Dark Legacy territory.

"I won't let you guys run away that easily." Sirius wouldn't let Fu Lanling and Xiao Lulu go this easy.

Sirius intended to attack Fu Lanling who was trying to take his offering away.

"I won't let you, Breaking Meteor Blow." Ye Chen attacked Sirius, Sirius who wanted to attack Fu Lanling immediately stopped, Sirius immediately turned his attention to the attacks that were directed at him.

"Bammm" Breaking Meteor Blow was completely blocked by Sirius, Ye Chen and Sirius both took a few steps back.

The strength that both of them has seems to be equal, both Ye Chen and Sirius have the same strength.

Fu Lanling took advantage of the opportunity given by Ye Chen, she immediately took Xiao Lulu away from the battlefield.

"Damn, my offering is running away." Sirius was furious when he found out that his offering was taken away by Fu Lanling.

Sirius looked at Ye Chen with a hostile gaze, "You lowly human, you have made this God angry, now feel my anger".

An extremely powerful force emanated from Sirius's body, this power could shake the heavens and the earth, lightning began to strike everywhere, the ground under Ye Chen began to crack wide enough when Sirius showed the strength he had.

The temperature in this place also started to get very cold, the whole place was covered by thick ice.

From Ye Chen's body also began to come out a strength that was no weaker than Sirius's.

This time, Ye Chen was really serious. When fighting Sirius in front of him, Ye Chen took all the strength he had to fight the creature in front of him.

The Heavenly Silver Flame began to melt the ice that covered this place, the Heavenly Silver Flame was too hot, the ice that Sirius had just created was unable to withstand the heat generated by the Heavenly Silver Flame.

Seeing the power that he had being suppressed by humans with great ease, Sirius began to use the full power he had, the power that Sirius released was now 3 times stronger than before.

When the immense power possessed by Ye Chen and Sirius met, a strange phenomenon began to envelop this battlefield, the battle scene was engulfed by countless lightning strikes.

"One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords" Ye Chen returned to using this technique.

A hundred silver colored fire flying swords appeared behind Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen immediately aimed this flying sword towards the mist currently enveloping Sirius's body.

Ye Chen's hundred fire swords immediately shot flying towards where Sirius was currently, Ye Chen's fire sword entered into the thick mist that enveloped Sirius.

"Clang. . ., Clang. . ., Clang. . ., Clang. . ., "An impact sound occurred, it seemed like Ye Chen's flying sword had hit something so hard that it made a sound like that.

"Awoooo" a roar sounded from within the mist, after the roar occurred, all of Ye Chen's flying swords were blown away from the thick mist.

"Tch doesn't work" Ye Chen saw that his flying fire sword was not working against Sirius.

"You want to fight this god with that kind of power? You really make me laugh." Sirius laughed at Ye Chen's flying fire sword who had previously tried to attack him.

"You always say God and God, with your current strength you still don't deserve a nickname like that." According to Ye Chen Sirius is still not worthy of being called God, Sirius is currently too weak to be called God.

"So you don't believe in this God 's power, then let me show you what kind of power I have." Sirius would show Ye Chen the strength he had.

The mist that covered Sirius's body began to dissipate, now that Sirius's mysterious appearance was seen by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw Sirius's true form, Sirius's truea ppearance was a white wolf just like the one Ye Chen had previously fought.

Sirius had a body that was about 8 meters long and about 4 meters high, Sirius's body was really enormous, it was several times bigger than the wolf beast that Ye Chen had previously fought.

There is one thing that Ye Chen thinks is quite strange in Sirius's appearance , Ye Chen saw that Sirius's ears were very similar to dogs.

Ye Chen started to wonder if Sirius was a wolf or a dog.

"Are you actually a wolf or a dog? "Ye Chen wants to know if Sirius is a wolf or a dog.

Sirius's form was too strange for Ye Chen, Sirius looked like a mix between a wolf and a dog.

Sirius looked angry when Ye Chen mentioned his abnormal appearance.

"Shut up lowly human, soon you will die in the hands of this God, no one will ever live after seeing my true appearance." Sirius told Ye Chen that no one has ever lived after seeing his true appearance.

"I see, now I understand why you used mist like before, it turns out you just want to hide your ugly appearance." Ye Chen now understands why Sirius was covered in thick mist earlier.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that Sirius used the mist earlier to hide the strange appearance he had.

"Gerrr." Sirius looked even more angry as Ye Chen continued and continued to tease his strange appearance.

Sirius hated it the most when anyone dared to insult the appearance he had.

"I'll kill you." Sirius advanced towards Ye Chen.

Sirius advanced towards Ye Chen, Sirius towards Ye Chen with an incredibly fast speed.

"God Breakers Claws." Sirius took out the claws he had, Sirius intended to use these claws to crush Ye Chen into pieces.

Ye Chen immediately summoned his fire sword to make a shield.

Ye Chen's flames immediately fused and formed a shield that could be used to deflect all attacks aimed at him.

"Booom", Sirius's claw strike hit the blade of the blade causing a fairly powerful explosion.

Ye Chen was forced back dozens of steps while holding back the attack made by Sirius.

"Strong enough." Ye Chen didn't expect Sirius's attack to be this strong.

Sirius didn't give Ye Chen a moment's pause, he returned to attacking Ye Chen.

Sirius returned to using God Breakers Clawsto attack Ye Chen.

The battle was inevitable, Ye Chen had to fight Sirius who was approaching him.

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