Journey To Become A True God Chapter 462

462 Meet With Again Dongfang Xiu
The woman who arrived in front of Ye Chen wore a veil and had snow-white hair.

even though this woman's face was covered by a veil, it still was

can't cover up the beauty that this woman has.

This beautiful woman can dazzle any man who sees her.

Ye Chen looked at the beautiful woman who had just descended right in front of him, Ye Chen saw that this woman had long, snow-white hair, just from looking at the hair that belonged to a beautiful woman, Ye Chen could tell who this beautiful woman was.

"Dongfang Xiu? "If this is true, then the beautiful woman in front of Ye Chen right now must be Goddess Dongfang Xiu.

Ye Chen didn't understand how Goddess Dongfang Xiu would come and save himself.

After Ye Chen's treatment at that time, Goddess Dongfang Xiu must have had a grudge with Ye Chen.

"Wow. . ., wow. . , look who this came, we didn't expect that a cold goddess would voluntarily show herself. "The two people who came from God Realm looked happy when they found out that Dongfang Xiu had shown herself.

So far they have been searching for Dongfang Xiu's whereabouts for a very long time, Dongfang Xiu is very skilled at hiding herself, the people who belong to Xui Jin are having a hard time finding the whereabouts of Dongfang Xiu.

It was unexpected that this time Dongfang Xiu would instead show herself voluntarily like this in front of them.

"You should go right now, the life that belongs to this person is mine, so don't you dare to touch him" Dongfang Xiu spoke in a very cold voice.

Ye Chen felt goosebumps when he heard Dongfang Xiu's voice, Goddess Dongfang Xiu's cold voice was completely similar to the woman Ye Chen had previously hit while lost in the mist.

So the soft thing that Ye Chen had previously touched was Dongfang Xiu's double peak.

no wonder Ye Chen felt familiar with the sensation of the soft object he had previously touched.

Ye Chen immediately remembered the words that Dongfang Xiu just said, this made Ye Chen start to break out in cold sweat.

"It's over, this beautiful goddess will definitely want to kill me too." It was clear from the words that previously came out of Dongfang Xiu, Dongfang Xiu wanted Ye Chen's life.

This is a very difficult situation for Ye Chen, both parties are currently eyeing Ye Chen's life, Ye Chen really looks like an item that both parties are fighting for.

"Hahahaha, it's so funny, we came here on purpose to target you, how could we possibly go after finding you." People who come from God Realm don't want to leave this place.

Their initial objective was to capture Dongfang Xiu and take the Heavenly Silver Flame that Dongfang Xiu had.

Now it is different, the Heavenly Silver Flame has now merged with Ye Chen, so the two of them now only need to take Dongfang Xiu and Ye Chen to the place where Xui Jin is.

Dongfang Xiu emitted an extremely powerful killing aura towards the two people from the God Realm.

Apart from giving off an extremely powerful killing aura, Dongfang Xiu also started to show her power.

When Dongfang Xiu showed her power all the things and living things around here turned into Ice.

Even the current Sirius had been turned into ice by the power that Dongfang Xiu exuded.

The two people from the God Realm felt the killing aura emanating from Dongfang Xiu.

"Don't waste any more time, let's immediately catch this woman and bring her to the boss." The two men who came from God Relam went to Dongfang Xiu's collar.

They took out the weapons they had, both of them charged towards Dongfang Xiu.

All the snow butterflies around here started to head towards the two people from God Realm.

Snow butterflies began to envelop the two people from God Realm.

The two people from the God Realm used their profound fire power to repel the snow butterflies that were around them.

"Feel this" they both attacked the snow butterfly that was around them both.

"Clink" before the two of them were able to attack the snow butterflies that enveloped their bodies.

The two people who came from God Realm were instantly frozen into Ice sculptures by the Snow Butterflies.

The two of them didn't have time to put up a fight, they were instantly turned into a chunk of ice by Dongfang Xiu.

"Crack", the two people who came from God Realm broke, they both became shards of ice that flew in all directions.

What Dongfang Xiu did was both beautiful and terrifying, Ye Chen did not expect that Dongfang Xiu would become this strong.

Even the two people from God Realm were defeated by Dongfang Xiu in a matter of seconds.

From the start Dongfang Xiu was indeed stronger than the two people from God Realm.

The two people just now were overconfident because they both thought that currently Dongfang Xiu was still injured.

So they had the extra courage to fight Dongfang Xiu who they thought was injured, it was unexpected that Dongfang Xiu had fully recovered and was currently at the peak of the strength she had.

Dongfang Xiu didn't say anything more after that, she turned around and looked at where Ye Chen was.

Dongfang Xiu looked at Ye Chen with the crystal clear eyes she had.

Ye Chen felt goosebumps when he felt the gaze emanating from Dongfang Xiu.

Dongfang Xiu started walking towards where Ye Chen was at the moment.

Seeing Dongfang Xiu walking towards this direction, Ye Chen started walking backwards.

Too bad that behind Ye Chen there was an ice barrier created by Dongfang Xiu, so Ye Chen couldn't retreat any further than.

Dongfang Xiu kept getting closer to Ye Chen, every step taken by Dongfang Xiu made Ye Chen's heart beat very fast.

Dongfang Xiu stood right in front of Ye Chen, she began to stretch out her hand towards Ye Chen's face.

The current Ye Chen couldn't move, Dongfang Xiu's hands made Ye Chen unable to move the body he had.

"It's over, this woman definitely intends to kill me." Ye Chen closed his eyes and prepared to accept the worst that he would get.

Suddenly Ye Chen felt a very cold hand pulling his ear very strongly.

"Ouch it hurts." Ye Chen felt pain when his ear was pulled very hard.

When Ye Chen opened his eyes, he saw that Dongfang Xiu was the one who had pulled his ear very hard.

"Thief boy, do you still remember me? "Dongfang Xiu called Ye Chen in a very soft voice.

Ye Chen felt like his bones were going to melt when he heard this extremely gentle goddess Dongfang Xiu voice.

Dongfang Xiu had now turned back into the young woman Ye Chen had first met.

All the chills that Dongfang Xiu had previously had instantly vanished.

"Beautiful goddess Dongfang Xiu please let go of my ear, it hurts so much" Ye Chen asked Dongfang Xiu to remove her hand from his ear.

Dongfang Xiu didn't want to let go of Ye Chen's ear, she tugged on Ye Chen's ear even more forcefully.

"Ouh. . ouh. . . Ye Chen felt even more pain when Dongfang Xiu tugged on his ear even more.

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