Journey To Become A True God Chapter 463

463 Battle Between Cultivators Who Were At The Divine Realm Stage
After a while finally Dongfang Xiu wanted to let go of Ye Chen's Ears.

Dongfang Xiu turned around and turned her back on Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen's ears turned very red from being pulled by Dongfang Xiu for too long.

Ye Chen rubbed his ear which was currently burning, Dongfang Xiu actually tugged at his ear very hard.

"That, Goddess Dongfang Xiu, why did you save me" Ye Chen wanted to know why Dongfang Xiu suddenly saved himself.

Even though Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu should have their own enmity, so Ye Chen wanted to know why Dongfang Xiu took the initiative to help him.

"You misunderstood, I didn't save you, I saved the Heavenly Silver Flame from falling into the wrong hands." Dongfang Xiu didn't want to admit that he saved Ye Chen because of her own will.

"Oh so, it's like that." Ye Chen scratched his head a little confusedly.

"Oh yeah, Goddess,Dongfang Xiu, who were those people, are they your enemy?" Ye Chen wanted to know if the previous people were the enemies of Dongfang Xiu.

"Not enemies, to be precise they are bandits from God Realm, the name of the bandit group earlier is fire embers, they are a very dangerous group, they like to loot the belongings of weak cultivators." Dongfang Xiu explained who the people were. he just killed.

The people that Dongfang Xiu had just killed turned out to be bandits from the God Realm.

"Is the target they are looking for is you? "Ye Chen wanted to know if the target of the bandits earlier was Dongfang Xiu.

"They are not completely targeting me, what they are aiming for is the Heavenly Silver Flame that is in your body." Dongfang Xiu told Ye Chen that these bandits were aiming for the Heavenly Silver Flame in Ye Chen's body.

"Targeting the Heavenly Silver Flame in my body? Isn't the Heavenly Silver Flame completely fused with my body, so they should no longer be able to take it" said Ye Chen to Dongfang Xiu.

"You're too naive, even though they can't take the Heavenly Silver Flame out of your body, they still have a lot of means that can be used to control the Heavenly Silver Flame in your body".

"For example, you can be turned into a puppet so they can control you at will." Dongfang Xiu told Ye Chen what the bandits could do to him.

What Dongfang Xiu said was true, the bandits could make themselves into puppets that they could control at will.

In the past, Gu Xuan had also told Ye Chen to never expose the legacy of the Sage God because of things like this, Gu Xuan also didn't want Ye Chen to be made into a puppet by evil people in God Realm.

It seemed that from now on Ye Chen had to be careful not to expose too much of the inheritance he had.

"Rumble. . . , Rumble. . . , Rumble. . . , "While Ye Chen was talking privately with Dongfang Xiu, he suddenly heard a roar approaching them.

"Looks like that person came." Dongfang Xiu muttered, Dongfang Xiu knew that Xui Jin had found her whereabouts.

"Thief brat, you better stay inside that barrier, if you leave then you will die." Dongfang Xiu warned Ye Chen to stay within the barrier he created.

"I'm not a thief boy, my name is Ye Chen." Ye Chen didn't like to be called that way by Goddess Dongfang Xiu.

"I don't care, you are a kid thief to me." Dongfang Xiu's tone turned cold again.

"Did I just make a mistake, why is this goddess turning cold to me? " Ye Chen said in his heart.

Ye Chen got goosebumps again when he heard the cold voice that Dongfang Xiu had, to be honest Ye Chen preferred Dongfang Xiu's voice before, it was better than the cold voice that Dongfang Xiu used today.

The roar became louder and closer, suddenly a profound ark appeared from behind the clouds, the profound ark that appeared from behind the clouds was 1/3 the size of the ark that Nangong Xiang had.

The profound ark began to descend and land on the expanse of ice that Dongfang Xiu had made.

On top of the ark stood a man wearing ancient clothes, at this time the man who was on the profound ark was looking at Nangong Xiang.

"Hahaha, I finally found you are also a beautiful goddess, quickly give the Heavenly Silver Flame back to me, otherwise don't blame me for doing something bad to you." Xui Jin immediately asked his Heavenly Silver Flame back to Dongfang Xiu.

"I will not give the Heavenly Silver Flame to you, from the start it was not yours, and you also do not deserve to have the Heavenly Silver Flame." Dongfang Xiu did not want to hand over the Heavenly Silver Flame to Xui Jin.

Xui Jin became furious when Donfgang Xiu refused to hand over the Heavenly Silver Flame to him.

"Do you know? I always get whatever I want, even if it has to steal the Heavenly Silver Flame from you." Xui Jin intended to seize the Heavenly Silver Flame from Dongfang Xiu's hands.

Xui Jin currently doesn't know that the Heavenly Silver Flame has fused with Ye Chen's body, all he knows is that the Heavenly Silver Flame is still in Dongfang Xiu's hands.

Xui Jin began to exert a tremendous amount of pressure, an extremely violent earthquake and terrifying phenomena began to hit around this place.

Behind Xui Jin's back began to form a bird wing made of Profound Flames.

The width of these wings was approximately 1 km, when Xui Jin flew his wings of fire. The trees, mountains and rocks in the forest were immediately swept away by Xui Jin's flutter of affection.

Nearly 1/8 of what was inside the Eternal Mist Forest was swept away by Xui Jin's fluttering wings.

If only Ye Chen was not currently in this barrier, then he would definitely be swept away by Xui Jin's fluttering wings.

"Beautiful goddess, are you ready for a second defeat? "Xui Jin is very confident that he can win back from Dongfang Xiu.

The current Dongfang Xiu looked very calm, not a single ripple could be seen in him.

Only a killing aura that was strong enough was directed towards Xui Jin.

Dongfang Xiu took out a very thin sword from her storage ring.

The thin racer that Dongfang Xiu just took was called the snow butterfly sword.

Even though this sword looked very thin, its sharpness was beyond doubt, it could cut through several mountains with just one slash.

Xui Jin didn't want to lose, he took out a two-handed sword from the storage room ring he had.

Xui Jin pointed the two-handed sword in his hand towards Dongfang Xiu.

"Let's continue the battle at that time." After saying this Xui Jin flew towards Dongfang Xiu.

Dongfang Xiu did the same, she flew towards Xui Jin.

The two of them used the weapons in their hands to attack each other.

"Bang. . . " the snow butterfly sword clashed with the sword that Xui Jin had,

the impact that had just happened swept away everything around this forest, the forest that was here now became a vast expanse of empty land.

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