Journey To Become A True God Chapter 466

466 Mysterious Star
"Master, the man who previously started approaching us." When Ye Chen was observing Dongfang Xiu's beautiful face, suddenly Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that Xui Jin was currently catching up with this profound ark.

" What ! ! "Ye Chen didn't expect that Xui Jin could catch up with Dongfang Xiu's profound ark.

Even though Dongfang Xiu's Profound Ark looked quite splendid, so it should have had a very fast flying speed.

"I feel that this profound ark is getting slower and slower." Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that this profound ark was getting slower and slower.

If the Profound Ark continued to move at this rate, sooner or later Xui Jin could catch up with the Profound Ark that Dongfang Xiu had.

"Is it possible that this Ark ran out of energy?" Ye Chen began to suspect that this profound ark was ran out of energy..

To move a profound ark needed a source of pure energy, this pure energy source can be found in various profound crystals in this world.

So apart from being used to increase cultivation, Profound Crystals could also be used to operate a profound ark.

Apart from profound crystals, there are also several objects that can be used to replace them, as long as pure energy is stored inside it, it can be used to move a profound ark.

The faster and bigger the deep ark, the more energy consumption will be.

"That might happen, you better see it right now" Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to see if it was true that this profound ark ran out of energy.

Ye Chen understood, he immediately left this room, Ye Chen headed to the place where the room to control this profoundark was.

Ye Chen could easily find the room where to control this profound ark.

"Looks like this is the place." Ye Chen looked around to find where to fill the energy belonging to this profound ark.

Ye Chen found a place where there was a Purple Profound Crystal, this was definitely a Purple Profound Crystal.

Crytstal there are several kinds, each type has a different color and energy purity.

Here are the Profound Crystal levels: Green Profound Cryststal, Blue Profound Crystal, Yellow Profound Crystal, Purple Profound Crystal, Divine Red Cryststal, and finally the Divine Rainbow Crystal which is the rarest profound Crystal in the entire world.

The lowest was the Green Crystal, while the highest was the Divine Rainbow Crystal.

"Why doesn't a profound ark this good use the Purple Profound Crystal." Ye Chen saw that a profound ark this good was only moved by using the pure energy contained within the Purple Profound Crystal.

"Well, maybe this is just to cut operational costs, even though the goddess who owns this profound ark is very rich, they won't want to use the Divine Rainbow Crystal to operate a profound ark, they might prefer to use the Divine Rainbow Crystal on their own. "Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that the Divine Rainbow Crystal is an extremely rare item.

The people of God Realm could not possibly use something that good to operate a profound ark, unless the profound ark itself required a Divine Rainbow Crystal to operate.

Usually such a profound ark was about the size of a star, so it took a lot of energy to run.

"I never thought that people from God Realm who were rich would be stingy like this." Ye Chen did not expect that people from God Realm would be stingy like this.

Ye Chen took out several Divine Rainbow Crystals. from the fairy gate storage room, after which he replaced the Purple Profound Crystal with the few Divine Rainbow Crystals he had.

Ye Chen has a lot of Divine Rainbow Crystals in his body, the Divine Rainbow Crystals that he got from the ancient heritage place are still so numerous that Ye Chen and his women have a hard time to finish off the Divine Rainbow Crystals that Ye Chen has.

"-_-" Chu Yuechan didn't know what to say in a situation like this, she didn't believe that Ye Chen would use several precious Divine Rainbow Crystals for something like this.

even though one Divine Rainbow Crystal seed was enough to move this profound ark for 1 whole month.

Who in the world would use that many Divine Rainbow Crystals just to operate a profound ark like this.

Maybe in this world Ye Chen was the only one who could do something like that.

After being replaced by several Divine Rainbow Crystals, this profound ark began to shake slightly and let out a rumble.

The profound ark started to get faster and more faster, the speed that the profound ark showed was now hundreds of times faster than before.






"Hahahaha, where are you going to run away? You won't be able to escape from me." Xui Jin laughed when he saw Dongfang Xiu's profound ark getting closer to the profound ark he had.

Soon Xui Jin would be able to catch up with Dongfang Xiu's profound ark.

In order to catch up with Dongfang Xiu's Profound Ark, Xui Jin used all the Purple Profound Crystals he had to speed up this Profound Ark.

If Xui Jin didn't do this, then the profound ark he possessed wouldn't be able to catch up with Dongfang Xiu's profound ark this fast.

Xui Jin had paid an exorbitant price to catch up with Dongfang Xiu's profound ark.

If he was unable to catch up with Dongfang Xiu's profound ark, then Xui Jin would incur an enormous loss.

As Xui Jin's profound ark got closer to Dongfang Xiu's profound ark, suddenly Dongfang Xiu's profound ark that was in front of him rumbled very loudly.

Dongfang Xiu's Profound Ark started to get even faster and more faster.

In just an instant, Dongfang Xiu's Profound Ark drew further distance from the Profound Ark that belonged to Xui Jin.

Dongfang Xiu's Profoundark began to get very far away for Xui Jin, Dongfang Xiu's profound ark became smaller and smaller and disappeared from Xui Jin's sight.

Xui Jin could only dumbfounded when he saw this, Dongfang's Profound Ark had left him far behind.

"Damn, what just happened." Xui Jin didn't understand what just happened.






"Looks like we've left that person far behind." Ye Chen was relieved to have left the person who was chasing him far behind.

"Of course, it would be weird if you couldn't leave that person behind after using such a large number of Divine Rainbow Crystals," Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

"Where do you think is a suitable place to hide for a while? "Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan for advice.

Ye Chen is still a little unfamiliar with the places in outer space.

"Just keep going forward, far ahead you will find a star that you can use to hide there for a while." Chu Yuechan advised Ye Chen to hide in a star far in front of them.

"Okay." Ye Chen understood, he was trying to control this profound ark towards the star that Chu Yuechan said.

In order to cover the tracks from Xui Jin, Ye Chen twirled slightly at the few stars he passed

After traveling for about 10 hours, finally Ye Chen arrived at the mysterious star that Chu Yuechan mentioned.

"Is this the star you said earlier? " Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

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