Journey To Become A True God Chapter 47

47 Auction

Ye Chen left the building and headed to the car park, where the auction Ye Ye and Liu Yue were headed to was in another building not too far from here, so Ye Chen had to go there using the car to get there faster.

After arriving at the parking lot of Liu Yue Inviting Ye Chen to the place where Liu Yue Parked her car, Liu Yue's car is a Lamborghini Veneno which is one of the most expensive cars in the world today.

"Ye Chen, Come on in. Otherwise, we can be late to get there"

Liu Yue told Ye Chen to get into the car immediately.

After entering inside Chen Chen saw the interior of a very nice and cool Spot car, Ye Chen had never ridden in a luxury car before, even touching a car like this could only be Ye Chen's wishful thinking in the past.
for visiting.

Liu Yue immediately stepped on the Gas pedal and immediately drove to the Building where the auction would be held.

Fortunately, the auction venue was not too far from, Liu Yue's corporate headquarters.

In a few minutes the car driven by Ye Chen reached the parking lot of the auction site, after getting out of Liu Yue Ye Chen's car, he saw that there were many Luxury Cars neatly parked here. the cheapest prices of cars that are here are almost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It looks like these cars belong to people who attend this auction, people who attend this auction are all really very rich people

"Let's go in"

After getting out of the car Liu Yue immediately went with Ye Chen to enter the building.

At the entrance to the Ye Chen Building and also Liu Yue had been welcomed by female and male receptionists, the receptionist's attitude was very polite because they knew that they were the company's big president.

"Take us to Uncle Qin's place"

Liu Yue spoke to one of the receptionists.

"President Liu, sir, please follow me."

The receptionist immediately rushed to get Liu Yue satisfied with the service.

The servant looked at Ye Chen and Liu Yue in a special room, when he entered Ye Chen saw that there was a middle-aged man who was focused on researching something quite strange.

"Uncle Qin" Liu Yue called the middle-aged man.

Middle-aged man immediately turned around and put down his work and went towards Ye Chen and Liu Yue.

"President Liu what do you want to come here"

Qin Guan asked Liu Yue Very politely, Qin Guan very rarely saw Liu Yue coming to this inspection site.

Usually Liu Yue comes and goes directly to the Vip chair to see the auction course, that's why Qin Guan rarely sees Liu Yue coming to his workplace

"This uncle of my friend Qin wants to auction off something whether there is still a quota left for it".

Liu Yue while pointing at Ye Chen who was behind him.

"Of course we still have a lot of quota for that, so what did President Liu's friend want to sell?"

Qin Guan wondered what this young man wanted to sell, especially the large box Ye Chen was currently carrying.

"Ye Chen put your box on the table and let uncle Qin do the procedure first."

Qin Guan approached the table and was curious about the contents of this box, then Qin Guan opened it and inside it turned out to be a Fruit.

"President Qin, what does this mean? "

Qin Guan had usually found strange items during the Check Procedure, while working here for many years this was the first time that Qin Guan had checked the fruit.

"I want you to auction off this peach and the initial price is 20 thousand dollars"

Liu Yue explained to Qin Guan

"What President Liu is not kidding, this fruit would be like 20 thousand dollars for the initial price"

Qin Guan hardly believed that this fruit would sell even if it was sold for 10 dollars, because the people who attended the auction were rich people.

"You do not need to worry about quickly completing the procedure and do as I say"

Liu Yue discussed the Plan so that this fruit can be sold during the auction later, Qin Guan nodded at the Liu Yue Plan

After that Qin Guan immediately performed the Procedure, but Qin Guan did not know how to check this fruit because this was the first time he had done it.

Because this is President Liu Qin Guan's request to immediately pass this Heaven peach.

"Ye Chen, let's go to our seats."

When Liu Yue looked back Ye Chen was gone, it turned out that Ye Chen was on the bookshelf and was reading some special books that recorded some historical objects in the past.

Because Bored Waiting for Liu Yue and also Qin Guan to discuss the plan Ye Chen went to the bookshelf and read all the books on the shelf.

Ye Chen had memorized all the contents of the book on this shelf in just a few minutes.

When Liu Yue called, Ye Chen immediately placed the book and rushed back to Liu Yue.

"Yes, let's go"

Liu Yue and Ye Chen also finally went to the room where the items would be auctioned.

When Ye Chen entered the auction room, many people in fancy clothes Seling Chatting and drinking were waiting for the auction to begin.

Liu Yue pulled Ye Chen off to the second floor where the Vip Room was located, on the top floor everything could be seen clearly and there were several walls separating the rooms from one another.

While waiting for the auction to start, Liu Yue asked a few questions about the origin of Ye Chen.

What made Liu Yue not really believe was that Ye Chen was still a high school student, and was a few years younger than Liu Yue Himself.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please keep quiet, the auction will start soon"

The auction host is a woman who is very sexy with her snake and very sassy.

"Now, the attendees are the first item we will auction"

The woman opened the cover that covered Ye Chen's peaches, after opening the people began to ask what was the truth.

"This is a peach, the initial price is 20 thousand dollars, offers starting from now"

After the price was mentioned almost no one wanted to bid on Ye Chen's peaches, the people began to pout and insult, how could only a peach enter a large auction like this.

Many servants Immediately Entered and brought a plate containing peaches and distributed it to everyone.

Liu Yue had anticipated this would happen, so Liu Yue had prepared 3 pieces to be distributed to the entire audience so that they knew how great the taste of the peaches was.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen are the same peaches as we are auctioning now, please try"

People started to try small pieces of fruit on the plate, when they put in small pieces of peaches they felt the same thing as Liu Yue, the people present had never tasted such delicious food before, even the food of five star restaurants they usually eat can not be compared with the taste of this peach.

"I'm 25 thousand," one of the people began to bid on Ye Chen's peach.

"I'm not going to get it, I'm bidding 50 thousand for the fruit"

People present began to bid one by one, even those who had previously insulted also started to bid on this Heaven peach.

Until the price of Heavenly peaches reaches the price of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"Five hundred thousand dollars" Finally there is someone who dares to raise the price up to five thousand dollars.

Although the peach tastes extraordinary but 500 thousand dollars is too expensive especially since this is still the first item auction.

"Seven hundred thousand dollars" apparently there are still others who want to increase the price of this peach.

Ye Chen just smiled at seeing this competition because after all Ye Chen got the most benefit from the competition of these people.

"Seven hundred thousand dollars does anyone still want to bid again"

The female organizer asked the audience present at this place.

But these people were silent and no one dared to bid higher.

"If no one wants more then I will announce the winner, congratulations to Mr. Number 20 for bringing this peach."

The female auctioneer congratulates the person who won the peach.

Some people seemed quite disappointed because they could not bring the delicious peach home.

"So we proceed to the second item"

After that the auctioneer opened the cover of the second item and it was still a peach.

Some people who were previously disappointed were immediately excited and waiting for the initial price and preparing to start bidding again.