Journey To Become A True God Chapter 470

470 Void Abyss
Ye Chen continued to observe the goddess Shen Niang statue, Ye Chen did not find anything special about the statue of the Goddess of Life and Mercy ,Sheng Niang.

"There is nothing special about this statue" Ye Chen felt that there was nothing special about the statue of the goddess Shen Niang.

This made Ye Chen a little disappointed, because there was nothing special about this statue. Ye Chen decided to move forward.

When Ye Chen stepped forward, he found a small pool that contained an extremely pure energy

Such pure energy had never been seen by Ye Chen.

Ye Che approached the pool, Ye Chen saw that this pool was very shallow, when he tried to touch the water in this pool.

When Ye Chen touched the water in this pool, he felt that an extremely pure energy had rushed into his body.

This pure energy was too much for Ye Chen to absorb right now, the result was a lot of pure energy leaking out of Ye Chen's body.

"Master stop, this water has too much energy for you, if you force it to absorb it, then the pure energy will be Wasted". Chu Yuechan warned Ye Chen that the pure energy contained in this water was too heavy for Ye Chen to absorb at this time.

"Then how do I absorb this pure energy? "Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan how to absorb the pure energy in this pool.

"Unfortunately there is no technique as powerful as that which can allow you to fully absorb the pure energy in this pool of water, unless you have a cultivation comparable to Dongfang Xiu, you will not be able to fully absorb the pure energy contained in this water." Chu Yuechan explained. if Ye Chen's cultivation was the reason he couldn't absorb the energy contained in this pool.

If Ye Chen insisted on absorbing this very pure energy, then a lot of very pure energy would be wasted.

"Damn, again because I'm weak." Again, the strength factor made Ye Chen unable to absorb the pure energy contained in this pool of water.

The level of a cultivator is one of the determinants of their capacity to absorb pure energy, the higher the level of cultivation they have, the more pure energy capacity they can absorb.

This is why Ye Chen can only absorb a little of the pure energy contained in this water, the rest is wasted because Ye Chen's capacity is lacking.

"So what are you going to do now, are you going to keep this thing to yourself in the future or are you going to give this thing to Dongfang Xiu? ", Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen.

"Why do I have to give something valuable like that to that woman, I better save this for future use." It would be better if Ye Chen kept this for himself in the future.

Ye Chen felt a little disappointed because he couldn't take advantage of a treasure in front of him.

"Don't be too disappointed like that, up ahead there is still a treasure more valuable than this pool." Chu Yuechan tried to comfort Ye Chen.

"You're right, let's just continue on our journey." Since Ye Chen couldn't take advantage of this pool of water for now, Ye Chen decided to continue the journey.

Ye Chen went to the inside of this cave, when Ye Chen continued to explore the inside of this cave, he felt a very familiar feeling calling out to him.

This feeling was the same as when Ye Chen was in the Frozen Ice Sect, he currently felt something like this when he discovered the existence of the Sage God'sWater Crystal.

"Could it be that there is a Sage God crystal in front?" Ye Chen muttered in his heart, Ye Chen became a little excited when he knew this.

Just a few tens of meters in front of him, Ye Chen saw an extremely dense darkness, this darkness seemed to have no end.

Seeing this strange thing in front of him, Ye Chen immediately stopped.

"What's that in front? ", Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan about the weirdness that was right in front of him.

"This, this, isn't this the Void Abyss." Chu Yuechan was shocked again when she saw a Void Abyss in front of Ye Chen.

"Void Abyss? , isn't that only in myth? "In the past Ye Chen studied the Void Abyss.

Void Abyss is a Null dimension where every object or anything that enters it will be immediately transformed into nothing.

"Master, you are absolutely right, I never thought that I could see the Void Abyss in a place like this." Chu Yuechan herself saw the Void Abyss for the first time in her life.

The Void Abyss was something that cultivators in this world could rarely see and find.

Void Abyss is created when a dimension collapses, every thing and life in this world occupies a dimension, when the dimension that is occupied by objects and life collapses, there is a Void Abyss.

"How can we get past this Void Abyss? "Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan, maybe Chu Yuechan knows how to get past the Void Abyss in front of them.

"The only way to get past the Void Abyss is to create a new dimension within the Void Abyss itself, but that is something that is absolutely impossible to do, the dimensional principle is something that is very difficult to learn, in the history of God Realm, The only person who can understand the principle of dimension is the Sage God. "Chu Yuechan explained the only way one could pass the Void Abyss.

"So the only way is to learn Dimensional principles." Ye Chen now understood that if he wanted to pass the Void Abyss, he had to be able to understand the dimensional principle.

"You are the heir of the Sage God, so in the future you should be able to use Dimensional principles" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen is the heir of the Sage God, so Ye Chen should be able to learn dimensional principles like Sage God.

"So if I want to pass through the Void Abyss then I have to inherit the Dimensional principles from Sage God." If Ye Chen wants to pass the Void Abyss then he has to get the inheritance of the dimensional principles left by the Sage God.

"Yes, that's very true, if you want to pass through the Void Abyss you have to get the inheritance of the dimensional principle from the Sage God, if you can get the dimensional principles, then you will be able to obtain the immense treasure that is behind this Void Abyss" Chu Yuechan tell Ye Chen what he will get behind this Void Abyss.

Ye Chen was quite tempted by the words of treasure that Chu Yuechan said, unfortunately at this time Ye Chen still had not obtained the inheritance of the Sage God Dimensional Principle, even Ye Chen did not know the existence of that inheritance.

After all, the legacy of the Sage God was scattered all over the world, so Ye Chen could only rely on the luck he had to find the legacy that the Sage God left behind.

"This trip was wasted, I didn't get anything from this place", Ye Chen felt that this trip was really a waste of time.

Ye Chen had traveled quite far, it was unexpected that Ye Chen didn't get anything from this place.

With a feeling of disappointment Ye Chen returned to the place where Dongfang Xiu was.

"Giggle." Chu Yuechan giggled at the sight of this kind of Ye Chen.

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