Journey To Become A True God Chapter 471

471 Dongfang Xiu Gentle Groaned
Ye Chen returned to the place where Dongfang Xiu was, when Ye Chen arrived at where Dongfang Xiu was, he saw that currently Dongfang Xiu was still in the process of recovering herself.

Ye Chen approached where Donfgang Xiu was, Ye Chen got on the bed

Ye Chen sat cross-legged beside Dongfang Xiu, he began to close his eyes and cultivate.

"What do you find? ", Dongfang Xiu asked what did Ye Chen find after exploring this cave.

"There is nothing interesting, you better recover quickly so we can get out of this problem as soon as possible" Ye Chen did not tell Dongfang Xiu about what he had just found in this cave.

Dongfang Xiu didn't ask any further, she closed her eyes and regained the strength she had.

Two more days have passed, Ye Chen feels very bored if he has to stay in this cave any longer.

Usually Ye Chen wouldn't be bored when he was with a beautiful goddess like Dongfang Xiu, but this time Ye Chen was really bored.

Dongfang Xiu was too quiet and cold, even after two days together she didn't speak a word to Ye Chen.

"Hey goddess Dongfang Xiu, don't you have a way so that we can get out of this kind of situation, I can't stand having to keep hiding like this." Ye Chen couldn't take it anymore, Ye Chen wanted Dongfang Xiu to find a solution so that the two of them could get out a situation.

"Why are you so fussy, it's only been two days, if you really don't like it you can leave here" Dongfang Xiu said to Ye Chen.

Dongfang Xiu's tone was no longer cold, she was currently turning into an absurd young woman

For Dongfang Xiu two days was a very short time, so she didn't feel that two days was a very long time.

"May I ask something about you? "Ye Chen wanted to ask something about Dongfang Xiu.

" What is that ? " Dongfang Xiu replied to Ye Chen.

"What's your ideal man like? "Ye Chen wants to know what kind of man a goddess Dongfang Xiu likes.

"Why do you ask things like this?" Dongfang Xiu started to question Ye Chen.

"Well I just want to know, who knows if I fall into the category of your ideal type." To overcome this boredom, Ye Chen decided to tease Dongfang Xiu a little.

Seeing that the current Dongfang Xiu didn't show a cold temper like before, Ye Chen now dared to tease Dongfang Xiu.

"Hempf, it's definitely not like you." Dongfang Xiu sniffed at Ye Chen.

"Come on, just tell me what type you like." Ye Chen became curious about the man who was Dongfang Xiu's favorite type.

"Well if you insist, I will say a man who is worthy of being my husband, first he must be smart, second he must be great than me, and third he must be the strongest person in God Realm" Dongfang Xiu told Ye Chen what kind of man is worthy of her. .

Ye Chen: "-_-".

The conditions that Dongfang Xiu said were too unreasonable, it was an extremely difficult thing for most people in the entire God Realm to do.

Even Ye Chen doubted that anyone could fulfill all of the conditions that Dongfang Xiu said at this time.

"How do you understand? , if you want to chase me then you have to fulfill all the conditions I said earlier "said Dongfang Xiu to Ye Chen.

"Well it seems I don't have a chance to pursue a beautiful goddess like you." Ye Chen felt that Dongfang Xiu's conditions were too much.

"You give up too quickly, do you dare to call yourself a man with your character like that" Dongfang Xiu sneered at Ye Chen.

"Who are you saying not Man? , I am a big man. "Ye Chen was dissatisfied when Dongfang Xiu doubted that he was not a man.

"Then show me that you really are Man" said Dongfang Xiu to face Ye Chen.

"Okay I will show you who I am" Ye Chen will show who he is to Dongfang Xiu.

This is the right time for Ye Chen to take revenge for what Dongfang Xiu did to his younger brother.

Ye Chen started extending his hand towards Dongfang Xiu, he used the king's heart technique to make Dongfang Xiu excited.

"What do you want to do. . ., Ah. . . " Dongfang Xiu started to feel hot and weak when Ye Chen's hand touched her.

"You pervert, what do you want to do to me? " Dongfang Xiu asked Ye Chen while enduring the discomfort in her body.

"Isn't it obvious, show you that I am a man." Ye Chen began to stretch out his hand towards the white ancient dress that was worn by Dongfang Xiu.

Ye Chen deftly took off the white ancient dress that was worn by Dongfang Xiu, because he was very familiar with it, now Ye Chen could easily take off the white ancient dress that Dongfang Xiu was wearing.

"You shameless perverted criminal, I will definitely kill you." Dongfang Xiu shouted at Ye Chen with the various nicknames of a pervert,Dongfang Xiu even threatened to kill Ye Chen.

If only Dongfang Xiu's strength was present, she would have killed Ye Chen with just one clap.

Ye Chen no longer cared about the threats that Dongfang Xiu said, his pride as a man was at stake here, so he couldn't back down anymore.

Ye Chen had finished removing all the ancient dresses that Dongfang Xiu wore, Dongfang Xiu's entire naked body was currently displayed right in front of Ye Chen's eyes.

Ye Chen could even see Dongfang Xiu's secret garden which was very, very beautiful, Dongfang Xiu's secret garden was very clean, not a single grass grew at the bottom of Dongfang Xiu's.

A woman with the nickname white tiger is indeed different, No matter how many times Ye Chen sees this, he never gets tired of seeing Dongfang Xiu's secret garden.

Ye Chen started stretching out his fingers to play with Dongfang Xiu's secret garden.

"Um, ah. . . ., stop. "Dongfang Xiu told Ye Chen to stop, she could not stand the stimulation by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was not satisfied just playing on Dongfang Xiu's courtyard, Ye Chen's fingers began to try to enter the honey cave that no one in the entire world had ever explored.

"Ahhh. . ., "Dongfang Xiu groaned in a very, very soft voice, her body moved extremely violently when Ye Chen's fingers entered a place that no one had ever visited in her life.

Ye Chen's bones melted just from hearing the soft moaning sound that Dongfang Xiu let out.

Unexpectedly when the beautiful Goddess Dongfang Xiu was stimulated, he would make a groaning sound that could make every man in this world melt because of a very soft voice.

"Wow, this is so scandalous." Ye Chen felt that his fingers were pinched very tightly by the very soft walls of Dongfang Xiu's honey cave, plus a very strong suction kept pulling Ye Chen's fingers deeper.

Ye Chen began to imagine what it would be like if his younger brother entered Dongfang Xiu's honey cave. Wouldn't it be amazing if you were in there.

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