Journey To Become A True God Chapter 472

472 I Will Do Whatever You Wan
Ye Chen continued to use the fingers he had to make Dongfang Xiu feel even better.

"Stop it. . ., I beg you to stop. "Dongfang Xiu could no longer stand Ye Chen's fingers stimulating her.

Donfgang Xiu's body couldn't help but feel the pleasure emanating from Ye Chen's fingers.

Strangely, even though Dongfang Xiu tried to reject Ye Chen, she didn't even try to push Ye Chen away, her body seemed to be enjoying this.

Ye Chen smiled with satisfaction when he saw that Dongfang Xiu had started to sink into this pleasure.

'' Do you now believe that I am a man? ", Ye Chen said to Dongfang Xiu.

Yes. . yes, I believe, please let me go right now. "Dongfang Xiu immediately nodded to Ye Chen, Dongfang Xiu only hoped to get out of this situation, she didn't care if she had to lie in front of Ye Chen.

"I feel that your words are completely insincere, then I will let you know how good I am." Ye Chen started to get serious this time, he put all the power he had to make Dongfang Xiu feel a pleasure that is incomparable in the world.

In the past, Chu Yuechan once said that women from God Realn cannot be obtained by normal means, to be able to get women from God Realm, you must be able to dominate them so that they can be conquered.

"Goddess, you are so beautiful, it would be very dear to me if your beauty was not respected wholeheartedly." Ye Chen started whispering sweet words to Dongfang Xiu.

Dongfang Xiu's body trembled when she heard Ye Chen's words that were so sweet, DongfangXIu had never heard such sweet words from a man.

Ye Chen suddenly bit Donfgang Xiu's ear.

"Ahh. . , stop, don't bite me. "Dongfang Xiu groaned when Ye Chen bit her ear.

This stimulation made Dongfang Xiu's mind very confused, she felt that her mind would really be overpowered by the pleasure that Ye Chen gave.

"Goddess, don't fight anymore, be my woman, I will definitely make you the happiest woman in this world, okay." Ye Chen whispered sweet words to Dongfang Xiu.

Every whisper from Ye Chen was like a demonic whisper that was drowning herself in lust.

Dongfang Xiu had to admit that this was the most joyful thing she had ever experienced in this life.

Dongfang Xiu's body and mind began to completely sink into Ye Chen's technique

Seeing Dongfang Xiu not answering himself, Ye Chen decided to pull back his hand, he pushed Dongfang Xiu away.

"Eh. . . "Dongfang Xiu was surprised when she saw Ye Chen stop, even though she was just about to reach the peak of happiness.

Ye Chen went away from Dongfang Xiu, Ye Chen returned to the side of the bed he previously occupied, Ye Chen acted like nothing had happened.

Dongfang Xiu felt an extremely uncomfortable feeling in her body, this uncomfortable feeling was very disturbing to Dongfang Xiu.

"Why did he stop, even though I was just about to reach the top" in her heart Dongfang Xiu complained to Ye Chen who suddenly stopped at such an important moment.

Dongfang Xiu rubbed her body uncomfortably, now Dongfang Xiu felt that there were hundreds of thousands of ants crawling on her body.

This feeling was very uncomfortable, Dongfang Xiu needed Ye Chen to get rid of this discomfort.

Ye Chen was deliberately making Dongfang Xiu uncomfortable, it would not be called revenge if Ye Chen couldn't make Dongfang Xiu feel such discomfort.

Now that Ye Chen only needed to wait for Dongfang Xiu to beg himself, it would be an extraordinary thing when a beautiful goddess like Dongfang Xiu begged him to do that.

Just imagining this made Ye Chen both very happy and proud.




Time passed, neither Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu wanted to say a word.

Ye Chen's current situation was very good, he was currently sitting lazily with his back to Dongfang Xiu.

Dongfang Xiu herself was in quite a bad state, she was currently heaving her breath as she tried to endure the uncomfortable feeling in her body.

"This woman is strong enough to endure it." It was unexpected that Dongfang Xiu was strong enough to endure such feelings for such a long time.

When Ye Chen thought about this, he suddenly felt a soft hand hugging him from behind.

When Ye Chen looked back, he saw that Dongfang Xiu was the one hugging him.

"Why are you hugging me, didn't you say to stay away from you?" Ye Chen tried to push Dongfang Xiu away from him.

Dongfang Xiu didn't want to leave Ye Chen's side, she hugged Ye Chen's neck very tightly.

"I'm sorry for that, I beg you to please get rid of this uncomfortable feeling." Dongfang Xiu was really begging and asked Ye Chen to continue what the two of them had previously done.

Dongfang Xiu had already reached her limit, right now she really needed Ye Chen to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling in her body.

Ye Chen's plan finally worked, Dongfang Xiu finally asked himself to do what they had previously done.

If this was discovered by the people of the God Realm, it would definitely be an extraordinary commotion, one of the four beautiful goddesses of the western region actually asked a man to do that.

"No, I don't want to." Ye Chen immediately rejected Dongfang Xiu's request.

If there were people who saw what Ye Chen was doing right now then it was certain that they would yell at Ye Chen stupidly, how could a man refuse the invitation of a beautiful goddess like Dongfang Xiu.

Ye Chen would not be that easy to do what Dongfang Xiu wanted, he had to make Dongfang Xiu pay for what she had done to himself.

Goddess Cold Dongfang Xiu really couldn't take it anymore, right now she really needed Ye Chen to overcome the discomfort in her body.

"I beg of you, I will do whatever you want" Dongfang Xiu spat out the words that Ye Chen wanted.

Ye Chen smiled wickedly when he heard this, finally what he had been waiting for came out of Dongfang Xiu's mouth.

Dongfang Xiu really promised to do whatever Ye Chen wanted.

"are you serious ? ", Asked Ye Chen to Dongfang Xiu.

Dongfang Xiu immediately nodded to Ye Chen, as long as Ye Chen could get rid of this extremely uncomfortable feeling, Dongfang Xiu would do whatever Ye Chen wanted.

"To prove your words I want you to call me a good husband, quickly say" To prove that Dongfang Xiu really has sincere intentions, Ye Chen wanted to test it with very simple things.

"Good husband." Dongfang Xiu called Ye Chen in a very soft voice.

Dongfang Xiu really did what Ye Chen wanted.

Ye Chen was very excited when he heard this, it was unexpected that the goddess Dongfang Xiu would call him a good husband.

This is what every man in God Realm wants, a cold goddess actually calls himself a good husband.

"Very good." Ye Chen was very satisfied, now that he knows how to make the best use of the king's heart technique, even a Cold Goddess like Dongfang Xiu turned into like under the king's heart technique he had.

"This morning, do you still remember what you did to me before? ", Ye Chen asked Dongfang Xiu about the incident that happened this morning.

Dongfang Xiu certainly still remembers the incident that happened this morning when she injured Ye Chen's younger brother who was below.

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