Journey To Become A True God Chapter 473

473 Cold Goddess Couldnt Be Honest With Her Feelings
"I want you to take responsibility and heal it for me, if you can do it well then I will give you a gift." Ye Chen immediately said what he wanted.

At this moment Ye Chen's large thing below had raised the spear very high.

"OK" Dongfang Xiu nodded obediently,s he started to go in front of Ye Chen, Dongfang Xiu started to take off the pants that Ye Chen was wearing.

Dongfang Xiu clumsily enough tried to take off Ye Chen's pants.

After a little more effort, Dongfang Xiu finally took off Ye Chen's pants.

An immense object appeared right before Dongfang Xiu's eyes, Dongfang Xiu's eyes were filled with love when she saw Ye Chen's large object for the second time.

Dongfang Xiu still clearly remembered the taste of tasting this large object, it was truly extraordinary to taste this large object.

Dongfang Xiu stretched her hand towards the large object in front of her, when Dongfang Xiu touched this thing, she felt that it was very hot and very hard.

"Glup. . . " Dongfang Xiu started to gulp her saliva when she touched this large object.

"Er. . , what should I do now ? ", Dongfang Xiu asked Ye Chen what she should do at this time.

"Just do it like that time, let your little mouth heal it for me" Ye Chen told Dongfang Xiu to serve the younger brother who was downstairs.

Dongfang Xiu was a little scared when Ye Chen told herself to put this big thing into her mouth. This thing was much bigger than what Dongfang Xiu remembered.

Dongfang Xiu started to open her cherry lips to wrap Ye Chen's big thing, Ye Chen's big thing was wrapped in something moist, soft and very comfortable, this feeling was very pleasant for Ye Chen.

one of the western region's four beautiful goddesses was actually volunteering to give Ye Chen a service like this.

Ye Chen certainly enjoyed this very much, this was something he could not imagine in this life.

"Slurppp. . . , Slurppp. . . , Slurppp. . . "Dongfang Xiu started to suck on Ye Chen's big thing like eating a huge Loli candy.

"Don't use your teeth." Ye Chen told Dongfang Xiu not to use the teeth she had so as not to scratch him.

Dongfang Xiu immediately understood, she no longer used her teeth so as not to injure Ye Chen's.

Ye Chen started guiding Dongfang Xiu even further to satisfy himself.

"Well, this is amazing." Ye Chen stroked Dongfang Xiu's snow-white hair which was extremely soft.

Ye Chen felt that this was extraordinary, Dongfang Xiu was very genius in just a very short time Dongfang Xiu could learn what Ye Chen said.

Dongfang Xiu is really addicted to eating this big thing, it's really very delicious for Dongfang Xiu.

Ye Chen didn't want to stay still, now it was his turn to make Dongfang Xiu feel comfortable.

"Rotate your body 180 degrees, let me make you feel comfortable", Ye Chen told Dongfang Xiu to rotate her body 180 degrees.

"Buh." Dongfang Xiu vomited the large object in her mouth.

She started to rotate her body position 180 degrees, right now Dongfang Xiu's secret area was in front of Ye Chen's face.

After turning her body, Dongfang Xiu continued serving Ye Chen's large object.

Ye Chen also started to serve Dongfang Xiu.

"Erm. . ., ahhh. . . "Dongfang Xiu's body suddenly shook as Ye Chen's tongue played in his forbidden place.

Dongfang Xiu finally regained the feeling she had lost before, she was very happy with this feeling.

The two of them continued to serve each other, Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu were immersed in the pleasure of this love.

All the dissatisfaction in Ye Chen's heart began to dissipate, he now quite liked this kind of Dongfang Xiu.

According to Ye Chen this was better than cold Dongfang Xiu.

After 10 minutes, Ye Chen felt that he was going to come out, Dongfang Xiu's technique was very good, Ye Chen felt that he would take out all the burdens he had.

Dongfang Xiu also felt the same way, he felt that from within her something would come out that he could no longer endure.

"Emmmm, my goddess will come out" Ye Chen shouted to warn Dongfang Xiu.

"I also something will come out" Dongfang Xiu also shouted at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen shot a lot of his Yanqi essence into Dongfang Xiu's mouth.

Dongfang Xiu's mouth immediately bulged when she received the hot Yangqi essence from Ye Chen.

"Glupp. . ., Glupp. . ., Glupp. . Dongfang Xiu started to swallow up all of Ye Chen's Essence.

Dongfang Xiu did not feel disgusted by this, she simply enjoyed the taste of Ye Chen's Essence which was very delicious, this was the most extraordinary taste that Dongfang Xiu had ever tasted.

Dongfang Xiu also put a lot of Yinqi on Ye Chen's face, Ye Chen did not waste time and absorbed the Yinqi that Dongfang Xiu just put out.

"Chu. . "Dongfang Xiu cleaned Ye Chen's thing, she didn't let a single drop of Ye Chen's Essence go to waste.

Ye Chen was currently enjoying the services provided by Dongfang Xiu, when Ye Chen was enjoying the services of Dongfang Xiu, suddenly Dongfang Xiu bit his big object.

"Ouch." Ye Chen groaned a little when Dongfang Xiu bit into his large object.

As Ye Chen looked down, he saw Dongfang Xiu's angry gaze.

Ye Chen broke out in a cold sweat when he saw Dongfang Xiu's angry gaze.

After receiving the Essence from Ye Chen, Dongfang Xiu started to become aware, she was no longer under the influence of Ye Chen's king heart technique.

After Dongfang Xiu realized, the first thing Dongfang Xiu did was bite Ye Chen's younger brother.

Luckily, Dongfang Xiu's bite wasn't too heavy, if Dongfang Xiu meant it, then the current Ye Chen's younger brother could break up.

From the start Dongfang Xiu didn't want to hurt Ye Chen, she just wanted to teach the big pervert Ye Chen a little lesson for daring to tease herself like that.

To be honest Dongfang Xiu had difficulty leaving Ye Chen after experiencing things like before, she really really liked what she had just done together with Ye Chen.

"Beautiful goddess, please release your bite." Ye Chen tried to persuade Dongfang Xiu to want to let go of his younger brother who was below.

If Dongfang Xiu bites him, then Ye Chen will no longer be a man.

Dongfang Xiu still didn't want to let go of Ye Chen's things, she kept looking at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen really needed to find a way for Dongfang Xiu to release her bite.

"Good wife, we can talk about this carefully." Ye Chen tried to seduce the beautiful goddess Dongfang Xiu.

After being seduced by Ye Chen, finally Dongfang Xiu wanted to release her bite at Ye Chen's large object.

"Who wants to be your wife, you pervert." Dongfang Xiu turned her face to the side.

Dongfang Xiu really couldn't be honest with her own feelings for Ye Chen.

After being released by Dongfang Xiu, Ye Chen immediately saw his younger brother, fortunately nothing happened to his belongings, he felt very relieved.

It seemed that from the start Dongfang Xiu didn't want to hurt Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was quite happy when he saw Dongfang Xiu not injure him, it seemed that this woman was not as bad as she thought.

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