Journey To Become A True God Chapter 474

474 Hiding Location Was Found By Xui Jin
Seeing that Dongfang Xiu was not that angry with him, Ye Chen stepped towards Dongfang Xiu, he started to hug Dongfang Xiu's beautiful body.

"Ummm. . . . " Dongfang Xiu was quite surprised by Ye Chen's courage.

This pervert still dared to play with herself, Dongfang Xiu started to fight back, she started pushing Ye Chen away.

"Goddess, you are so beautiful." Ye Chen whispered sweet words in Dongfang Xiu's ear.

Dongfang Xiu stopped fighting when she heard Ye Chen's sweet words, Dongfang Xiu couldn't stand Ye Chen's very sweet words.

Somehow every time Ye Chen praised herself as being beautiful, Dongfang Xiu felt that her heart was very sweet.

in her life, today Dongfang Xiu felt a sweet feeling in her heart, Dongfang Xiu had never felt this sweet feeling in her life.

After all, in God Realm, it was almost impossible for anyone to move Dongfang Xiu's heart.

Apart from her very high status, Dongfang Xiu was known to be extremely cold, so no one dared to cause trouble for Dongfang Xiu.

"Stop seducing me, it won't work on me" Dongfang Xiu told Ye Chen to stop saying such sweet words to herself.

"Really?, Then why is your face slightly flushed? "Ye Chen smiled when he saw Dongfang Xiu's face, which turned slightly red.

Wherever Ye Chen's sweet words worked on Dongfang Xiu.

"It's because it's a bit hot in here." Dongfang Xiu still had some way of making excuses.

"It's hot? It's cold in here, how can you feel hot? "This is a Snow Polar star whose entire surface is covered with Snow and Ice, so the temperature in this place is never high.

The reasoning made by Dongfang Xiu was easily broken by Ye Chen.

Dongfang Xiu became embarrassed when the excuse she made made herself sink deeper into the hole she had made.

Dongfang Xiu was completely cornered by Ye Chen, now she doesn't know how to reply to Ye Chen's words.

Ye Chen felt attracted when he saw Goddess Dongfang Xiu become embarrassed like this, maybe this was a scene that people who came from God Realm had never seen.

Ye Chen immediately pounced Dongfang Xiu onto the bed, Dongfang Xiu, who was not ready, was shocked by what Ye Chen was doing.

"Big pervert, what do you want to do? ", Dongfang Xiu immediately rebelled, she tried to get away from Ye Chen.

"What's more, of course I want you." Ye Chen really wanted Dongfang Xiu, he wanted to do this together with Dongfang Xiu.

Dongfang Xiu blushed when she heard this, this man in front of her was really very brave to say something like that.

Ye Chen was completely different from every man Dongfang Xiu met.

Usually every man that Dongfang Xiu meets will be very respectful and always try to please herself so that he can be close to her.

Whereas Ye Chen didn't respect or please Dongfang Xiu at all, all this man wanted was her.

Ye Chen started caressing Dongfang Xiu's beautiful body, Ye Chen was already ready to do that with Dongfang Xiu.

"Emmm" Dongfang Xiu started to groan when her body was being caressed by Ye Chen.

Dongfang Xiu felt strange about herself, even though she knew that at this time she was being harassed by Ye Chen, Dongfang Xiu had no intention of expelling Ye Chen who was on top of her body.

Dongfang Xiu seemed to accept what Ye Chen was going to do to her

"Beautiful goddess, are you ready to become my woman?" Ye Chen whispered in Dongfang Xiu's ear.

Dongfang Xiu's face immediately turned red, she immediately turned her face to the side, Dongfang Xiu did not dare to look Ye Chen's eyes.

Ye Chen thought that Dongfang Xiu agreed, if Dongfang Xiu rejected him, Dongfang Xiu would have thrown Ye Chen away a long time ago.

"Hahaha, I finally found you, you will no longer be able to escape from me." When Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu were about to do this, suddenly heard Xui Jin's voice outside.

Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu were immediately shocked when they heard Xui Jin's voice outside this cave.

Dongfang Xiu immediately pushed Ye Chen away, she immediately took the ancient dress that was beside her , Dongfang Xiu quickly put on the ancient dress she just took.

Ye Chen also did the same, he immediately put his pants back on.

Ye Chen was very annoyed when Xui Jin came and interfered, even though the previous situation was very good to get Goddess Dongfang Xiu, unexpectedly at such an important moment Xui Jin would come and disturb him and Dongfang Xiu.

"How can this man find out where we are? ", Ye Chen started to wonder how Xui Jin could find their hidden existence.

"Maybe he used a special method to find our whereabouts", Dongfang Xiu started to suspect that Xui Jin used a special method to find existence.

"What are you going to do, can you fight? ", Ye Chen asked Dongfang Xiu.

"The strength that I have still hasn't recovered, at best the strength I have is still around 60%", Dongfang Xiu told Ye Chen that currently the strength she has is still not fully recovered.

Moreover, at this time their escape route was blocked by Xui Jin, so they couldn't run from Xui Jin.

Now that Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu were completely cornered, the two of them could no longer run from Xui Jin's palms.

Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu could hear that Xui Jin started to enter this place.

Xui Jin quickly went towards Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu.

"There is no time let's go to this part of the cave." Ye Chen pulled Dongfang Xiu's hand, he invited Dongfang Xiu to fly towards the deeper part of this cave.

Dongfang Xiu didn't fight Ye Chen at all, she followed Ye Chen to the deeper part of this cave.

Xui Jin didn't let Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu escape that easily, he went after Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu who were currently heading towards the inside of this cave.

During these two days Xui Jin had almost gone crazy looking for the whereabouts of Dongfang Xiu and Ye Chen, Xui Jin used various methods and resources at his disposal to search for the whereabouts of Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu.

After consuming a lot of resources and time, Xui Jin finally discovered the whereabouts of Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu.

Whatever happens, Xui Jin will not let go of these two people who have made him use up all the resources he has.

Ye Chen brought Dongfang Xiu to the inside of this cave, because Ye Chen had already explored this place, he could easily find a way to the inside of this cave.

10 minutes later, Ye Chen arrived in front of the Ice gate with a strange carving.

When she saw this strange carving, Dongfang Xiu felt curious, she had never seen the language engraved on this Ice gate.

"Let's go inside." Ye Chen immediately ordered Dongfang Xiu to come inside.

Dongfang Xiu followed Ye Chen into the Ice Gate.

After the two of them entered, Ye Chen tried to close the ice gate.

After trying for a while Ye Chen was unable to close the Ice gate.

"Let me help" seeing Ye Chen struggling to close the ice gate, Dongfang Xiu took the initiative to help Ye Chen.

Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu teamed up to close the Ice Gate.

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