Journey To Become A True God Chapter 476

476 Ye Chen Regained Courage
"You bitch, you really want to die." Xui Jin threw Dongfang Xiu against the wall.

Dongfang Xiu hit the wall again, she spat out a mouthful of blood, Dongfang Xiu's condition became even worse than before.

Dongfang Xiu's gaze started to become blurry, it seemed like Dongfang Xiu would not be able to endure any longer.

"Tap. ., tap. . , tap. . ", Xui Jin walked closer to Dongfang Xiu.

"I asked you once where you hid the Heavenly Silver Flame, otherwise I will start tormenting you even more." Xui Jin asked Dongfang Xiu one last time.

if the answer given by Dongfang Xiu was still the same as before, then Xui Jin would start torturing Dongfang Xiu even more.

"Even if I die, I will never tell the Heavenly Silver Flame to someone like you." Dongfang Xiu would rather die than tell Xui Jin about the existence of the Heavenly Silver Flame that had fused with Ye Chen's body.

"You bitch, get ready." Xui Jin raised one of his hands, preparing to torture Dongfang Xiu.

Dongfang Xiu closed her eyes, she was already prepared to accept the consequences of this.

"Stop, the Heavenly Silver Flame you are looking for is on me." When Xui Jin was preparing to torture Dongfang Xiu, Ye Chen came and stopped Xui Jin.

Xui Jin and Dongfang Xiu immediately looked at Ye Chen, both of them did not believe that Ye Chen would come back to this place again.

"You Stupid." Dongfang Xiu didn't believe that Ye Chen would come back to this place again, even though she had been bothering to buy time to hold Xui Jin in this place, not expecting Ye Chen to come back to this dangerous place again.

Dongfang Xiu had already reached her limit, Dongfang Xiu's consciousness disappeared, the current Dongfang Xiu was completely unconscious.

Earlier when Ye Chen had fled from this place, he had felt in his heart a feeling of guilt and discomfort.

The feeling of fear made him forget who he really was, a cultivator should not be afraid of death, if indeed a cultivator was afraid of death, then it was useless to set foot in the cultivator world full of battles and risks.

After getting his identity back, Ye Chen decided to return to the place where Dongfang Xiu was, he couldn't let Dongfang Xiu die because of him.

Chu Yuechan was really angry with Ye Chen's reckless decision, if Ye Chen returned to that place, then it was certain that he would die at the hands of Xui Jin.

No matter how many aces Ye Chen brought out, he definitely wouldn't be able to win against Xui Jin.

The strength of the two of them was already in a completely different world, like an ant challenging a giant dragon.

Ye Chen paid no heed to Chu Yuechan's opinion, Ye Chen had his own plans to fight Xui Jin.

Ye Chen knew that he couldn't possibly win against Xui Jin using strength, therefore Ye Chen would rely on his brain to fight against Xui Jin.

Xui Jin turned his attention to Ye Chen "so the Heavenly Silver Flame is in your hands, that's great, quickly give the Heavenly Silver Flame to me, if you give the Heavenly Silver Flame to me then I will let you go alive" Xui Jin promised to let Ye Chen go if Ye Chen wanted to give himself the Heavenly Silver Flame.

"If I give you the Heavenly Silver Flame, will you let that woman go too? ", Asked Ye Chen to Xui Jin.

"Of course, as long as you give me the Heavenly Silver Flame, then I'll let you two go." Xui Jin smiled at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not believe in this person at all, it was clear that this person would not let go of himself even if he had obtained the Heavenly Silver Flame.

Currently the Heavenly Silver Flame has fused into Ye Chen's body, so Xui Jin could not possibly get the Heavenly Silver Flame he wanted.

Ye Chen used Nine Shadow Steps to sneak up behind Xui Jin.

"If you really want the Heavenly Silver Flame then chase after me" Ye Chen said to Xui Jin.

Ye Chen returned to using Nine Shadow Steps to go to the interior of this cave.

"You weak ant don't know yourself, how dare you challenge me, you will definitely feel the consequences" Xui Jin muttered in his heart.

Xui Jin did not immediately use the full speed he had to catch up with Ye Chen, he only used normal speed to catch up with Ye Chen.

A few moments later Ye Chen arrived in front of the Void Abyss, Ye Chen was already trapped, he had no way to go forward.

"Hahaha, why did you stop, don't you have the strength to run away from me? "Xui Jin has caught up with Ye Chen.

Even though he was only using his normal speed, Xui Jin could easily catch up with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen turned around, he looked at Xui Jin who was in front of him.

Ye Chen immediately summoned the Divine Yin Yang Sword, he prepared to fight against Xui Jin.

"Oi. Oi. Oi, do you seriously want to fight with me with your kindness? "Xui Jin laughed at Ye Chen who wanted to fight himself with very weak strength.

This was a joke that was very funny for Xui Jin, Xui Jin did not expect that someone who had not even reached the Divine Realm stage would dare to challenge himself like this.

But no problem, Xui Jin would play with this man for a while, he felt that it was quite fun to play with weak people like Ye Chen.

"You are so strong, if I don't dare to fight you, then I won't be able to protect what is precious I have." Ye Chen said to Xui Jin..

If Ye Chen was afraid of something like this, how could he protect the precious thing he had, in order to protect the precious thing he had, Ye Chen had to dare to do everything, even though he had to challenge a god once.

"How interesting, let's see if the words you have are comparable to the strength you have." Xui Jin immediately rushed towards Ye Chen.

From Ye Chen's body immediately came out of the Heavenly Silver Flame and Profound Ice, the two elements of fire and ice began to coalesce around Ye Chen's body.

Ice and Fire truly merged into one terrifying unity.

Xui Jin who saw this was quite shocked, he had never seen anyone who could combine Ice and Fire into one like that.

The thing that made Xui Jin the most shocked was the Heavenly Silver Flame that was brought out by Ye Chen.

"Damn, so you've successfully combined the Heavenly Silver Flame with yourself." Xui Jin looked very angry when he found out about this.

No wonder Dongfang Xiu said that he would never find the Heavenly Silver Flame he was looking for, it turned out that the Heavenly Silver Flame had fused with Ye Chen's body which he considered very weak.

Xui Jin now also knows why Dongfang Xiu insists on protecting Ye Chen, it turns out that Ye Chen is the person who holds the Heavenly Silver Flame.

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