Journey To Become A True God Chapter 477

477 Unbalanced Figh
"You stupid bitch, how can she give the Heavenly Silver Flame to a weak person like this person?" Xui Jin grumbled in his heart, he was constantly chiding Dongfang Xiu's stupidity who had given something very precious to a weak person like Ye Chen.

" good . . ., good . . ., because I can't get back the Heavenly Silver Flame that I have, then I will make you a loyal puppet that will obey every command I give ".

Because Xui Jin could no longer get the Heavenly Silver Flame he wanted, Xui Jin could only turn Ye Chen into a loyal puppet that would serve him for life.

Xui Jin headed straight for Ye Chen, he stretched out his hand to grab Ye Chen's neck.

Ye Chen immediately raised the Divine Yin Yang Sword, the Divine Yin Yang Sword began to be enveloped by the fusion of the Heavenly Silver Flame and Profound Ice.

"Slash. . . "Ye Chen immediately cut towards the arrival of Xui Jin who was currently heading here.

"Clang. . . "Xui Jin's and Divine Yin Yang Sword's hands clashed.

As he collided with the Divine Yin Yang Sword that had been enveloped by the fusion of the Heavenly Silver Flame and Profound Ice, Xui Jin felt a tingling sensation just from touching it.

Knowing this, Xui Jin immediately took a few meters back.

When Xui Jin looked at his hand, he saw that his hand was slightly scratched, this was the most absurd thing Xui Jin had ever seen.

"What are you using it for? "Xui Jin wants to know what technique Ye Chen is using.

"Don't you see it yourself, this is the power of the Heavenly Silver Flame." Ye Chen told Xui Jin what this was.

Ye Chen didn't tell Xui Jin about his Sage God ability, Ye Chen wasn't that stupid to tell this to his enemy.

"Bastard, I'm teasing me, do you think the Heavenly Silver Flame has such terrifying power in your hands? ",Xui Jin doesn't believe that this is the power of the Heavenly Silver Flame.

The Heavenly Silver Flame would be very frightening if it was in the right hands, but if it was in the hands of a weak person, the Heavenly Silver Flame would not be a terrifying weapon.

"Do you think I am weaker than you", Ye Chen immediately used the Reideran pendant necklace he had to hide the cultivation he had from Xui Jin.

Now Xui Jin couldn't tell what level of strength Ye Chen had.

Xui Jin was very shocked when suddenly Ye Chen's strength could not be found out.

There were two possibilities if he could not know the opposing party's strength, the first was that the person was much stronger than himself, and the second was that the opponent was hiding his strength using a special artifact.

In the case of Ye Chen using an artifact was impossible, because an artifact could not possibly cover the power that had been released.

Seeing Xui Jin starting to hesitate while fighting himself, Ye Chen immediately took this opportunity to sneak up on Xui Jin.

Ye Chen took the pill plug and started to swallow it, he also immediately opened the Sage God Flame Vein, the strength that Ye Chen had immediately increased hundreds of times.

"Nine Shadow Step" Ye Chen used Nine Shadow Step, Ye Chen went straight behind Xui Jin.

"Feel this" Ye Chen slashed at Xui Jin using all the full strength he had.

Xui Jin did not realize that Ye Chen was currently behind him, he did not have time to avoid Ye Chen's attack, because of that Xui Jin could only cross his arms to ward off Ye Chen's slash.

"Bang. . . "Xui Jin was forced to take two steps back when he received this attack.

"Damn it's still not strong." The attack that Ye Chen did was still not strong enough to take Xui Jin away.

What Ye Chen is currently doing is extremely extraordinary, he is actually able to make a person at the Divine Preceptor Realm stage take two steps back, this is an extraordinary thing for a cultivator at the stage to do it. Overlord Realm.

"Bastard, how dare you do this to me, I don't care anymore if you die, this time I'll be serious." Xui Jin looked very angry when Ye Chen made a sneak attack on him.

Xui Jin immediately used the full strength he had, an immense pressure directly pressed against Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen had a little trouble moving when Xui Jin brought out the strength he had

"Die, you bastard. . .! "The profound flames started to envelop this place, Ye Chen was also surrounded by the profound flames that Xui Jin released.

Xui Jin's Profound Flames charged towards Ye Chen, Profound flames wanted to burn Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen's body was immediately engulfed by the profound flames that were burning extremely hot.

" ha ha ha . . . Xui Jin laughed when he saw Ye Chen locked in the Profound Flame that he had, in a moment he would surely hear ascream of despair that would be very pleasant to hear.

30 seconds have passed, until now Xui Jin has not heard Ye Chen's scream of despair, this is very strange for Xui Jin.

What happened, why didn't he scream at all. "Xui Jin felt strange when he didn't hear Ye Chen's scream of despair.

"Whosss." Ye Chen used his finger to pinch the profound flames that enveloped him, the profound flames that enveloped him immediately dispersed when Ye Chen did this.

" What ? ? ? "Xui Jin couldn't believe that Ye Chen could destroy the profound flames he had so easily.

This is the power of the Sage God that can subdue all kinds of elements in this world, no matter how strong the fire is, he will not be able to injure Ye Chen, even if it is a type of Heavenly Flame.

Seeing this, Ye Chen became more and more confident, the more he was sure that he had a chance to beat this person.

" Get ready " Ye Chen attacked Xui Jin again using the Divine Yin Yang Sword that had been strengthened by using the Heavenly Silver Flame and Profound Ice.

"Damn, I won't let you win." Xui Jin took his two-handed sword, he used his two-handed sword to fight Ye Chen.

"Clang" Divine Yin Yang Sword collided with Xui Jin's two-handed sword,

In this exchange, Ye Chen was forced back several tens of steps, while Xui Jin still remained in his original position.

"Damn. very strong. "After feeling the exchange, Ye Chen understood how strong Xui Jin really was, Ye Chen's hand felt very numb when he exchanged attacks with Xui Jin.

Ye Chen's hand that was used to hold the Divine Yin Yang Sword trembled due to the effect from the previous exchange.

Ye Chen used his other hand to hold his trembling hand.

Now Ye Chen's hands were holding the Divine Yin Yang Sword using both of his hands.

Xui Jin moved back towards Ye Chen, he was told to attack Ye Chen.

"Clang. . ., Clang. . ., Clang. . ., "Ye Chen made another exchange with Xui Jin.

In every exchange, Ye Chen was forced to take several tens of steps back.

The battle this time was clearly unbalanced.

"Where the power you had before, quickly show it back to me" Seeing Ye Chen was cornered like this, Xui Jin became very happy.

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