Journey To Become A True God Chapter 478

478 Tough Win
Ye Chen was really in a very bad state, every inch of Ye Chen's body really hurt so badly, every muscle he had ached when he exchanged attacks with Xui Jin.

Ye Chen's body really was no longer able to fight, but Ye Chen still forced his body to fight against Xui Jin.

"Hahahah, feel this." Xui Jin continued to attack Ye Chen, he didn't allow Ye Chen to breathe for a moment.

Ye Chen didn't want to give up, he kept trying to attack Xui Jin.

Even though Ye Chen knew that he was less powerful than Xui Jin, Ye Chen did not give up, he believed that he could beat Xui Jin.

Ye Chen's profound energy was running low because he had used up such an enormous amount.

Ye Chen had no choice but to open the Sage God Water Vein.

After Ye Chen used the Sage God Water Vein, an enormous amount of profound energy flowed through his body.

Ye Chen felt that the profound energy he had was limitless.

"One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords" Ye Chen summoned a thousand flaming flying swords to help himself against Xui Jin.

Whether Ye Chen's feelings or this was true, the One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords now looked much stronger than they had originally been.

With this Ye Chen firmly believed that this technique could help him against Xui Jin.

A thousand flaming swords started attacking Xui Jin, a thousand flames simultaneously aimed at Xui Jin's body.

"You idiot, what are you doing right now is useless, feel this." Xui Jin started swinging the two-handed sword in his hand.

Xui Jin's two-handed sword "slash" swept away all the flaming blades that were coming his way.

The thousand flying swords that Ye Chen just made disappeared instantly.

The power of Xui Jin's slashes was truly terrifying.

"Damn, it's useless." Ye Chen's attacks were completely pointless when dealing with Xui Jin.

Xui Jin was really too strong for Ye Chen to fight, even after Ye Chen used all the aces he had, Ye Chen was still unable to fight Xui Jin.

Ye Chen will not be able to win if this continues, he must immediately go to the direction the Void Abyss are in, this is Ye Chen's last hope, he hopes that this plan will work out very well.

"Gahhh" Xui Jin attacked Ye Chen with very strong power.

Ye Chen immediately avoided Xui Jin's attack which was very powerful.

Ye Chen ran towards the Void Abyss, he used the strength he had to run towards the Void Abyss.

"Where are you going to run, I will not let you run away after what you have done to me" Xui Jin chased after Ye Chen who was heading towards the Void Abyss.

Ye Chen continued to run towards the Void Abyss, only a few more steps Ye Chen arrived in front of the Void Abyss.

"Bammm" from behind someone hit Ye Chen's body, Ye Chen immediately fell to the ground when receiving this blow.

Ye Chen immediately turned around and saw that Xui Jin was right in front of him.

Xui Jin pointed the two-handed sword he had at Ye Chen's chest.

"Do you have any last words before dying? ",Xui Jin asked Ye Chen if he had one last word before he killed him.

"Hehehe, maybe I just said that to you." Ye Chen chuckled at Xui Jin.

"Huh? Are you too scared to become stupid and can't think clearly?" Xui Jin started to think Ye Chen was stupid when he heard Ye Chen's digressing words.

"I told you that you are the fool for underestimating your enemy." Ye Chen is currently behind Xui Jin.

Ye Chen used Nine Shadow Stepsto sneak behind Xui Jin, Xui Jin was completely unaware that what he was seeing was only Ye Chen's shadow.

"Azure Dragon Domain" Ye Chen didn't waste this opportunity, he immediately opened a domain, finally Ye Chen showed the Azure Dragon inheritance he got.

Around where Ye Chen had started to get dark, an Azure Dragon shadow projection appeared right behind Ye CHen.

"Roar. . . "This shadow projection began to roar towards Xui Jin.

An extremely strong ancient pressure began to envelop Xui Jin's body, Xui Jin was rendered immobile when the dragon shadow projection in front of Ye Chen roared.

"What's this?" Xui Jin didn't know what was going on, suddenly his body couldn't move at all. Xui Jin felt very depressed when he heard the roar of the dragon projection behind Ye Chen's body.

This is one of the greatness that Ye Chen got when he got the inheritance from the Azure Dragon, when this Domain is opened a very strong pressure will appear, everyone in this domain will not be able to move for a while.

The pressure within this domain was terrifying, no matter how strong Xui Jin was, he would definitely not be able to move for a while.

To open this Domain required immense amounts of profound Energy, if only Ye Chen didn't use the Sage God Water Vein then he wouldn't be able to maintain this Domain for a long time.

at most without the Sage God Water Vein, Ye Chen could only maintain this Domain for a few seconds.

Seeing that Xui Jin was no longer able to move for a while, it was time for Ye Chen to carry out the plan he had.

"I hope this is successful." Ye Chen just hopes that this plan can go very well.

From Ye Chen's chest appeared several specks of light, within each of these specks of light contained quite a strong force.

Light began to gather in front of Ye Chen, the light began to condense into a ball the size of an adult male fist.

Ye Chen pointed this ball of light at Xui Jin. "Get ready to accept your death." Ye Chen said to Xui Jin who was currently unable to move.

"Shoot" ball of light were fired at Xui Jin.

"boomm"The ball of light exploded right in front of Xui Jin, Xui Jin immediately took a few steps backwards upon receiving this powerful explosion.

After Ye Chen shot a ball of light at Xui Jin, he immediately fell to the floor of the cave, Ye Chen was at his limit, he was no longer able to defend the Domain and Sage God Water Vein that he opened.

After Ye Chen fell, the Azure Dragon Domain disappeared immediately, after the Azure Dragon Domain Disappeared, Xui Jin could naturally move back.

Xui Jin did not expect that his previous strength was strong enough to make him take a few steps back.

Xui Jin felt very strange, he suddenly lost his footing on the cave floor underneath.

When Xui Jin looked down he saw that the floor below him had turned completely dark, this was clearly different from the floor that was several meters ahead of him.

It was not only under his feet that darkened, the surroundings of Xui Jin also darkened.

Xui Jin tried to get out of the Void Abyss, when he tried to move the legs he had, Xui Jin felt that his legs couldn't be moved.

When Xui Jin looked down, he saw that his legs were starting to disappear in the darkness that was around him.

"Argggg. . . , what happened to me? "Xui Jin really doesn't know what happened to him, he feels that his body is being swallowed up by this darkness.

" Help me . . . "Xui Jin is trying to ask anyone who is here to save himself.

Unfortunately no one other than Ye Chen was in this place, even Ye Chen would not want to save Xui Jin who previously wanted to kill himself.

"Arggg. . . .! ! ! "Xui Jin kept screaming for help.

Xui Jin's voice gradually started to become very small, Xui Jin was completely swallowed up by the Void Abyss, Xui Jin's body completely disappeared from this world.

Ye Chen smiled very satisfied when he saw this, it was unexpected that his plan would succeed to defeat Xui Jin.

"Thank God it worked." Ye Chen held the Reideran Pendant necklace around his neck, thanks to the Reideran Pendant necklace, Ye Chen was able to win against Xui Jin.

The ball of light that Ye Chen previously released was the power accumulated in the Reideran Pendant necklace, this is one of the special abilities possessed by the Reideran Pendant necklace.

This ability is very useful for helping Ye Chen in this condition.

Ye Chen is currently very tired, both body and mentally, his eyes are too heavy to open, he has never felt tired like this.

Ye Chen was not strong anymore, he started to close his eyes and fell asleep, Ye Chen fainted right in front of the Void Abyss.

Suddenly, a light wrapped Ye Chen's body, Ye Chen disappeared from in front of the Void Abyss.

Ye Chen currently appeared again on a very extraordinary expanse of grass, right behind Ye Chen's head currently was the beautiful fairy Chu Yuechan.

Chu Yuechan lent her the lap of her thigh to rest on Ye Chen's head.

"Ye Chen, you really deserve to be my master, I never thought you managed to win against someone who has such a high cultivation base." Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen who was currently unconscious.

Chu Yuechan had seen how the fight between Ye Chen and Xui Jin was going.

Chu Yuechan saw Ye Chen's persistence when fighting against someone who was much stronger than himself.

The determination that Ye Chen had was extraordinary, even though Ye Chen knew that he was not Xui Jin's opponent, Ye Chen still did not want to give up fighting against Xui Jin.

Ye Chen used his intelligence to fight against Xui Jin who had a much stronger power than himself.

This is something that cannot be done by everyone in this world.

Chu Yuechan smiled at Ye Chen, she brought her face closer to Ye Chen who was below her.

"Good night." Chu Yuechan kissed Ye Chen's lips,she said good night to Ye Chen.

this was Chu Yuechan's first kiss.

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