Journey To Become A True God Chapter 479

479 Dongfang Xius Breakthrough
Several days had passed, Ye Chen was currently sleeping on Chu Yuechan's lap very peacefully.

Chu Yuechan's lap was very comfortable, this made Ye Chen very comfortable when he fell asleep.

Ye Chen's lashes started to tremble slightly, it seemed like Ye Chen was about to come to his senses.

Sure enough, Ye Chen opened his eyes, what Ye Chen saw first was Chu Yuechan's double peak towering before his eyes.

Ye Chen himself still doesn't know whose double peak this is, it is certain that this double peak is so perfect.

"Master, you are awake." From behind this double peak, Chu Yuechan peeked down at Ye Chen.

"Yuechan, where am I? "Ye Chen immediately asked Chu Yuechan where this was.

"Where else, of course you are inside the fairy gate." Chu Yeuchan told Ye Chen where they were right now.

Ye Chen started to get up from Chu Yuechan's lap, when Ye Chen got up he felt that his head was still very dizzy.

Ye Chen immediately grabbed his head which was still very dizzy.

"Master, are you okay, you better rest a little longer." Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to rest a little longer to recover.

"It's okay, I'm fine." Ye Chen is fine, he just feels a little dizzy.

"Hey Yuechan, how long have I been unconscious? "Ye Chen wants to know how long he has been unconscious.

"Hemmm. . . , maybe around 3 days. "Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that he had been unconscious for approximately 72 hours.

" What ? ", Ye Chen didn't expect that he would pass out for 72 hours.

"How is Goddess Dongfang Xiu's situation, is she all right?" The first thing Ye Chen asked Ye Chen was the state of Dongfang Xiu.

"I don't know, after bringing you in here, I don't know what's going on out there." Chu Yuechan didn't know the current state of Dongfang Xiu.

"I'll go out and take a look." Ye Chen decided to go out and see how Dongfang Xiu was doing.

If he had been unconscious for 3 days inside the fairy gate, it meant that it was almost a little over 14 hours outside.

Chu Yuechan didn't stop Ye Chen, she let Ye Chen do what he wanted.

Ye Chen immediately came out of the fairy gate, Ye Chen appeared again in front of the Void Abyss.

Ye Chen saw the Void Abyss in front of him, the Void Abyss were very frightening, even the very powerful Xui Jin could die if he entered there.

Ye Chen really wanted to know what was hidden in this Void Abyss hall, whether what Chu Yuechan said had any merit if behind this Void Abyss was stored an invaluable treasure.

Unfortunately for the time being Ye Chen couldn't do anything about this, if he really wanted to pass the Void Abyss, then Ye Chen would have to find the inheritance of the Dimensional principle from the Sage God.

Ye Chen himself didn't know when he would find the Inheritance, until he found the inheritance, no one in this world would be able to know about it.

Ye Chen turned his attention away from the Void Abyss, Ye Chen turned around and went towards the place where Dongfang Xiu was.

When Ye Chen arrived at where Dongfang Xiu was, he saw that Dongfang Xiu was currently still in a state of unconsciousness.

Ye Chen immediately went towards Dongfang Xiu to see how Dongfang Xiu's current condition was.

Ye Chen arrived in front of Dongfang Xiu, he immediately checked Dongfang Xiu's current condition.

When Ye Chen checked Dongfang Xiu's condition, he found that Dongfang Xiu's current condition was very bad, Dongfang Xiu's current condition was even worse than before.

This time, not only was Dongfang Xiu's internal organs injured, Dongfang Xiu's meridian pathway was also seriously injured as well.

"This is bad, her condition is really bad, even if I can save her, she probably won't be able to become a strong cultivator anymore." Ye Chen might have a way to help Dongfang Xiu.

The biggest problem, Dongfang Xiu might not be able to become a great cultivator again in the future.

Dongfang Xiu will definitely not be able to accept that, if Dongfang Xiu loses the strength she has, then the position she has in Sacred Heaven Star Realm will decrease drastically.

In God Realm strength and talent are everything, as long as you have both, then everyone can get the high position they want.

"Master, if I can give you a suggestion, you can take care of this woman in the pool of water in this place, the pure energy there might help Dongfang Xiu become even better." Chu Yuechan gave a suggestion to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen started thinking about the suggestion that Chu Yuechan said, the way Chu Yuechan said might be used.

"Let's just try it." Ye Chen carried Dongfang Xiu's body,He brought Dongfang Xiu to a pool of water not far from this place.

After arriving in front of the water pool, Ye Chen put Dongfang Xiu's body into the water pool, because this pool of water was very shallow, Ye Chen could easily put Dongfang Xiu into the water pool.

When Ye Chen put Dongfang Xiu into the pool of water, something strange started to happen.

The pure energy in the pool immediately rushed into Dongfang Xiu's body, this pure energy immediately repaired Dongfang Xiu's internal organs and meridian pathways.

Dongfang Xiu recovered at an unbelievably fast speed.

" What happened ? "Ye Chen really doesn't understand this, how can this pool heal Dongfang Xiu's body so quickly, this is completely absurd.

"Master seems like besides having very pure energy, the water in this pool also has a healing effect." Chu Yuechan began to suspect what was happening right now.

"So that's how it was, I didn't expect that this water besides having pure energy also has a healing effect." Ye Chen really didn't expect this pool to have other functions.

"Well, something like this shouldn't be something strange, considering that there is a statue of Goddess Shen Niang who is the goddess of life and mercy here." Chu Yuechan was no longer surprised after finding something like this.

After her internal organs and meridian pathways were healed, Dongfang Xiu could now open her eyes, Dongfang Xiu found herself in a pool filled with very pure energy, the feeling of soaking in this water was very comfortable.

Dongfang Xiu didn't waste the pure energy that entered her body, she immediately managed the pure energy that entered her body.

"Boom. . ., Boom. . ., Boom. . ., Boom. . ., "Dongfang Xiu started to make power breakthroughs continuously.

"Master, that woman stole the pure energy in the pool of water, won't you stop her? "Seeing Dongfang Xiu absorb the pure energy in the water pool, Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen.

"No need, let her do whatever she wants." Ye Chen would not stop Dongfang Xiu.

"Didn't you say before that you would never give this precious resource to that woman, but now why are you volunteering to give that woman something valuable like this? ", Chu Yuechan started to question Ye Chen.

"It was before, but now it's different, this beautiful goddess is willing to sacrifice herself for me, I won't be stingy with people who are nice to me," Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen was not a cheapskate when it came to people who were kind to him

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