Journey To Become A True God Chapter 480

480 I Really Believe That I Can Get Dongfang Xius Heart
"Hmm, your attitude changes very quickly, but if you're not like that then it's not the master I know." Chu Yuechan giggled at Ye Chen.

"But is it okay to give that woman a huge increase in strength like that? ", Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen.

"Hehehe, you don't have to worry about that, sooner or later she will definitely be on our side." Ye Chen chuckled at Chu Yuechan.

"You are very confident, are you sure you can make that beautiful woman's heart belong to you, I have said before that women from God Realm are difficult to move their hearts, they prefer the secretion of the relationship between men and women" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

"I really believe that I can get Dongfang Xiu's heart, you will see." Now Ye Chen is very confident.

He believed that Dongfang Xiu had a little feeling for himself, the problem was that this beautiful goddess could not be honest with her own feelings, it was Ye Chen's job as a man to make Dongfang Xiu aware of her own feelings.

Dongfang Xiu continued to make breakthroughs, in an instant Dongfang Xiu had already reached the fourth stage of Divine Overlord Realm.

It seemed that this was the limit that Dongfang Xiu could reach, Dongfang Xiu could no longer rise to the next level.

After the breakthrough ended Dongfang Xiu started to stabilize the strength that was in her body.

The pure energy in the pool had also been used up without being absorbed by Dongfang Xiu.

Now that this pool was just an ordinary pool filled with water, after stabilizing the breakthrough she made, Dongfang Xiu started to open her eyes.

Dongfang Xiu smiled gently when she saw the strength she possessed greatly increased.

Ye Chen was quite excited when he saw Dongfang Xiu smile, as this woman smiled, the world around Ye Chen was filled with blooming flowers.

Dongfang Xiu looked as if she had just been reborn into this world.

"Congratulations." Ye Chen went towards Dongfang Xiu, he congratulated Dongfang Xiu for breaking through several levels at once.

"Thank you very much." For the first time, the Cold Goddess Dongfang Xiu gave Ye Chen a thank you, before Dongfang Xiu never thanked Ye Chen.

Dongfang Xiu rose from the water pool, when Dongfang Xiu rose from the water pool, the wet dress that Dongfang Xiu was wearing became transparent.

Ye Chen could see all parts of Dongfang Xiu's body under the white Dress she was wearing.

Ye Chen almost drooled when he saw this, Dongfang Xiu's beauty was indeed worthy of being called a goddess, a beauty like this could make every man in this world become enchanted

Dongfang Xiu looked okay when Ye Chen saw her body like this, Ye Chen had seen this several times after all, so Dongfang Xiu was somewhat used to this.

" Where is that person? ", The thing that Dongfang Xiu asked was the existence of Xui Jin, Dongfang Xiu wanted to take revenge on Xui Jin.

Now that Dongfang Xiu's strength had greatly increased, he was no longer afraid of going against Xui Jin.

"That man is dead? "Ye Chen told Dongfang Xiu that Xui Jin had died.

"Dead? Who killed him?" ", Dongfang Xiu asked Ye Chen who was the person who had killed Xui Jin.

"Of course I am." Ye Chen pointed at himself very proudly.

"Huh? "Dongfang Xiu doesn't believe that Ye Chen can kill Xui Jin who is much stronger than Ye Chen.

"How do you beat him? ", Dongfang Xiu asked the method used by Ye Chen to win against Xui Jin.

"I beat him using the intelligence I have" Ye Chen said to Dongfang Xiu.

"Don't act mysterious, tell me quickly? ", Dongfang Xiu forced Ye Chen to say what happened when she passed out.

"Alright." Ye Chen began to tell how he defeated Xui Jin, in this story Ye Chen did not expose the power of the Sage God he had.

"So it's like that." Now Dongfang Xiu knows how Ye Chen can beat Xui Jin.

Dongfang Xiu did not expect that Ye Chen could think of a way like that to defeat Xui Jin, the method used by Ye Chen to defeat Xui Jin could be said to be quite unique.

Dongfang Xiu saw the new potential that Ye Chen had.

"Can you turn around for a moment? , I want to change clothes. "Dongfang Xiu told Ye Chen to turn around for a bit, she wanted to change into a better dress.

The dress that Dongfang Xiu was wearing was currently covered with several bloodstains that had dried up and were difficult to remove, inevitably Dongfang Xiu had to change to one that was even better.

"No, I want to see it." Ye Chen refused to turn around, he wanted to see Dongfang Xiu change clothes.

"You big pervert." Dongfang Xiu immediately called Ye Chen a big pervert.

Dongfang Xiu looked like she couldn't be angry with Ye Chen anymore, after the previous life and death situation, now Dongfang Xiu felt that the relationship she had with Ye Chen had become very close.

Dongfang Xiu created an ice barrier around herself, she started to take off her dress and change into a new one.

Ye Chen couldn't see anything because the ice barrier made by Dongfang Xiu was very thick, Ye Chen was very disappointed, even though he wanted to see the goddess Dongfang Xiu change clothes directly in front of him.

10 minutes later Dongfang Xiu released the barrier she had created.

After the Ice barrier disappeared, Ye Chen could see Dongfang Xiu who had finished changing into a nice dress.

The current Dongfang Xiu was no longer wearing plain white clothes, the clothes that Dongfang Xiu was wearing now had some very pretty butterfly motifs.

Behind her hair, Dongfang Xiu is currently wearing a white butterfly-shaped hairpin that is very compatible with the color of her hair.

Dongfang Xiu looked so beautiful when she dressed up like this.

Ye Chen barely blinked when he saw the beauty radiating from Dongfang Xiu.

Dongfang Xiu now looked very beautiful.

"Look, your eyes are almost out of place." Dongfang Xiu saw that Ye Chen didn't blink when he looked at herself.

This was Dongfang Xiu's first time dressing up for a man, she had never done this for a man before.

"Goddess, you are so beautiful." Ye Chen walked closer to Dongfang Xiu, he began to praise the beauty that Dongfang Xiu had.

"Hempp, how many times have I heard this from you, aren't you tired of saying things like that to me?" Dongfang Xiu had heard this from Ye Chen many times, this man really kept praising herself as a beauty which made Dongfang Xiu can't stand it.

Ye Chen could only chuckle when he heard Dongfang Xiu's words.

"Let's get out of this place." Dongfang Xiu invited Ye Chen to get out of this place.

Ye Chen nodded at Dongfang Xiu.

Before leaving this place, Dongfang Xiu took out a veil and put it on her face.

Before they left this place, it happened that Dongfang Xiu and Ye Chen passed Shen Niang's statue.

Dongfang Xiu was quite surprised when she saw the beauty engraved on this statue, even though it was only a statue, the beauty engraved on this statue was very beautiful.

Dongfang Xiu felt a little inferior when compared to the figure engraved on this statue.

"This statue is truly beautiful. " Dongfang Xiu admits that the figure of beauty engraved in this statue is very beautiful.

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