Journey To Become A True God Chapter 484

484 Escort Ye Chen Back To Earth
Gu Xun would bring Ye Chen to earth, because previously Gu Xun had been told where the star where Ye Chen lived by Dongfang Xiu, Gu Xun could easily find it.

She no longer needed to bother to find the existence of the star where Ye Chen lived.

Gu Xun took Ye Chen's flight to the earth, Gu Xuan's flying speed was amazing, this was much faster than Dongfang Xiu's profound ark.

several hours later Gu Xun appeared above the earth's atmosphere.

"So this is the star where this man lives." Gu Xun looked at the little star that was where Ye Chen lived.

Gu Xun saw that this star was very small and didn't have too much pure energy, how could Ye Chen live in a place like this.

If Gu Xun became Ye Chen, she would go to a place that had pure energy that was richer than earth.

Gu Xun came down to earth, she took Ye Chen to the villa where Ye Chen lived.

In just a few seconds, Gu Xun arrived atop Ye Chen's villa.

"Looks like this is where this guy lives." Gu Xun descended towards the villa below her.

Gu Xun went to the entrance of Ye Chen's Villa.

"Knock, knock, knock," Gu Xun started knocking at the entrance of the Villa.

" wait a minute . . . "A few moments later a woman opened the door for Gu Xun.

The woman who opened the door was Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan was very unfamiliar with the beautiful woman standing at the door.

Zhao Yanyan had never met this woman, Zhao Yanyan began to think that this was the new beautiful woman Ye Chen had.

"Sorry, can I help you? ", Zhao Yanyan asked Gu Xun.

Gu Xun did not answer Zhao Yanyan, at this time Gu Xun looked curiously at Zhao Yanyan in front of him, Gu Xun was a little surprised when he saw a beauty like Zhao Yanyan in a remote place.

It was extremely difficult to find a beauty like Zhao Yanyan on a remote place like this.

Zhao Yanyan was very young, if a woman like this was given time to grow, she might become a beauty equal to that of Dongfang Xiu.

It was because of this that Gu Xun looked at Zhao Yanyan with great curiosity.

"I came to take someone here." Gu Xun pointed at Ye Chen who was currently hovering behind her.

"Husband", seeing that this person behind Gu Xun was Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan immediately went to Ye Chen's side to see the current Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan immediately saw how the state of Ye Chen was currently unconscious.

After examining every inch of Ye Chen's body, Zhao Yanyan did not find any negligence on Ye Chen's body.

Zhao Yanyan felt very relieved when she did not find an abnormality in Ye Chen's body.

"Tell me what happened to Ye Chen? " Zhao Yanyan asked Gu Xun what happened to Ye Chen.

"Nothing happened, he was only slightly injured and was unconscious." Gu Xun didn't tell Zhao Yanyan that Ye Chen had just been so badly injured and nearly died.

Gu Xun didn't want Zhao Yanyan to think badly of her.

Zhao Yanyan started to be wary of Gu Xun, Zhao Yanyan felt that this beautiful woman's strength was very strong.

"Who are you and what do you want to come here with Ye Chen? "Zhao Yanyan wants to know who this beautiful woman in front of her is ?.

"Little sister, you don't need to be vigilant like that, I'm here to only carry out the task my lady gave me, I'll be leaving here soon." Gu Xun told Zhao Yanyan not to be vigilant like that.

"Who is your lady? "Zhao Yanyan became more and more curious about the woman this beautiful woman was serving.

"You don't need to know who my lady is, for sure she doesn't have any bad intentions for you." Gu Xun refused to tell Zhao Yanyan who the woman she was serving was.

"So you are the maid of that cold goddess have." When Zhao Yanyan and Gu Xun were talking, suddenly a new woman appeared from the villa.

Gu Xun's eyes widened when she saw the new woman who had just emerged from the villa, she couldn't believe that this woman was in this villa either.

If previously Gu Xun was quite surprised when she saw Zhao Yanyan's newly bloomed beauty, this time Gu Xun was really shocked when she saw the woman who had just arrived.

"Empress Sun? "Gu Xun didn't expect that she would see a legendary figure in a remote place like this.

This was something Gu Xun had never imagined. Shouldn't this woman be in the Eternal Sun Star Realm.

There was a bit of killing aura released by Gu Xun when she saw Nangong Xing.

Zhao Yanyan looked at Dongfang Xiu and Gu Xun, it seemed that they both knew each other.

"Don't let out a killing aura like that, I'm not your enemy." Nangong Xing told Gu Xun to retract the killing aura she had.

Nangong Xiang had never had an enmity with Gu Xun, so she didn't want to fight against Gu Xun.

Nangong Xiang was not too surprised when Gu Xun emitted a killing aura on her, after all Eternal Sun Star Realmhad many enemies throughout God Realm, most likely this woman had a personal grudge with the Eternal Sun Star Realm.

"Empress Sun, what are you doing in a place like this? " Gu Xun tried to calm her emotions, wondering what Nangong Xiang was doing in a place like this.

"Don't call me Empress Sun, I am no longer an empress in that place, I am now only Nangong Xiang, I no longer have a relationship with Eternal Sun Star Realm." Nangong Xiang did not like it when she was associated with the Eternal Sun Star Realm.

Nangong wanted to bury the past she had with the Eternal Sun Star Realm and start a new life together with this family.

Gu Xun was quite surprised when she heard this from Nangong Xing, she couldn't believe Empress Nangong Xiang would say that.

Gu Xun became curious about what had happened to Nangong Xiang to the point that she said such things about the Eternal Sun Star Realm.

Since Nangong Xiang said that she had nothing to do with the Eternal Sun Star Realm, Gu Xun had no longer any enmity with Nangong Xiang.

"So where is that cold goddess now? " Nangong Xiang asked the whereabouts of Dongfang Xiu.

"My lady has returned to where she should be" Gu Xun told Nangong Xiang that Dongfang Xiu had returned to the Sacred Heaven Star Realm.

"So that woman has gone back to her comfortable place." Nangong Xiang nodded to Gu Xun.

"I have to go right now, my job to escort this man safely is over, if this man wakes up please give this letter to him." Gu Xun took out a letter that was previously given by Dongfang Xiu to ZHao Yanyan who was behind her.

After handing the letter to Zhao Yanyan, Gu Xun immediately disappeared from Nangong Xiang and Zhao Yanyan's sight.

Gu Xun disappeared very quickly, both Zhao Yanyan and Nangong Xiang did not see Gu Xun leaving.

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