Journey To Become A True God Chapter 485

485 Determination To Become Stronger
Now in this place only Zhao Yanyan and Nangong Xiang are there.

"sister Xiang, do you know that beautiful woman earlier? ", Zhao Yanyan immediately asked Nangong Xiang about the beautiful woman who just brought Ye Chen back to this villa.

"I don't know either, I only know a little about the lady who was served by that woman." Nangong Xiang really didn't know Gu Xun, this was the first time that Nangong Xiang had met Gu Xun.

"sister Xiang, who is the lady that the woman meant, quickly tell me." Zhao Yanyan was very curious about this.

Nangong Xiang smiled at Zhao Yanyan.

"Yanyan younger sister, hurry up and bring Ye Chen inside, outside here is not good for him, later I will explain to you inside." Nangong Xiang told Zhao Yanyan to take Ye Chen inside.

What Nangong Xiang said was right, it would not be good to leave Ye Chen outside in this state.

Zhao Yanyan immediately took Ye Chen to the upper floor where Ye Chen's room was.

Nangong Xiang followed behind Zhao Yanyan, she had already promised to tell Zhao Yanyan about Dongfang Xiu, so she would tell Zhao Yanyan everything.



Meanwhile above the earth's atmosphere, Gu Xun was currently watching over the star where Ye Chen was staying.

"How interesting, I didn't expect that in a remote place like this I would see something like that." Gu Xun did not expect that he would see such amazing things in a place like before.

Gu Xun's understanding of Ye Chen also began to change, she did not expect that Ye Chen would live with one of the four beautiful Goddesses Nangong Xiang.

This was something Gu Xun did not believe in. "Father, what kind of disciple did you actually adopt, why did two of the four goddesses know him like that" Gu Xun started talking to herself.

"I hope you can become strong like what father said", Gu Xun turned around, she opened a dimensional flow hole.

Gu Xun entered into the Dimensional Flow, she returned to the Sacred Heaven Star Realm to report the task she had completed to Dongfang Xiu.




Meanwhile inside Ye Chen's villa.

Zhao Yanyan together with Nangong Xiang took Ye Chen to the room upstairs, after they arrived at Ye Chen's room they immediately put Ye Chen on the bed.

"I'll take warm water first, please take care of Ye Chen." Zhao Yanyan intended to take warm water first to wipe Ye Chen's .

"Please, I'll take care of it for you." Nangong Xiang invited Zhao Yanyan to take warm water.

Zhao Yanyan nodded, she immediately went downstairs to get warm water for Ye Chen.

Now in this room only Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang remained.

Nangong Xiang walked towards Ye Chen, Nangong Xiang sat right on the edge of Ye Chen's bed.

"Little man, what have you been through these few days with that cold goddess, I am becoming more and more curious about this matter." Nangong Xiang started to caress Ye Chen's face using the very soft handss he had.

Nangong Xiang wanted to know what had happened between Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu during these few days, there was no way that nothing would have happened when these two people were left alone.

Nangong Xiang really believed Ye Chen's behavior, something must have happened between Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu.

"Click" the door opened again, Zhao Yanyan came back with a basin of warm water.

Zhao Yanyan walked towards the bed where Ye Chen was.

Zhao Yanyan started to wipe Ye Chen's head and body, she looked like a wife who was very devoted to her husband.

After finishing wiping Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan sat down beside Nangong Xiang.

There were many things Zhao Yanyan wanted to ask Nangong Xiang.

"Big sister Xiang, can you tell me what you said before" Zhao Yanyan immediately asked Nangong Xiang to tell who exactly the lady that Nangong Xiang had previously said.

Nangong Xiang nodded at Zhao Yanyan, she started explaining everything to Zhao Yanyan.

Nangong Xiang made it easier to explain what she said so that Zhao Yanyan could immediately understand what she was saying.

Zhao Yanyan was still too unfamiliar with God Realm, so Nangong Xiang had to slowly explain this to Zhao Yanyan.

"So the lady who was served by that woman is called Dongfang Xiu, that woman named Dongfang Xiu has a strong cultivation too? "Zhao Yanyan didn't expect that the lady who was referring to earlier had such a strong background and strength.

"Yes, you can say that." Nangong Xiang nodded at Zhao Yanyan.

" sister Xiang, earlier that woman said that you were a former empress, is that true? ",Asked Zhao Yanyan to Nangong Xiang.

Zhao Yanyan did not think that Nangong Xiang was a former empress.

"Yes, it is true that I was an empress." Nangong Xiang did not dodge Zhao Yanyan's question.

"Does Ye Chen know that you were a former empress? ", Asked Zhao Yanyan again to Nanong Xiang.

Nangong Xiang nodded at Zhao Yanyan, "Ye Chen already knows, he doesn't mind this." Nangong Xiang had told Ye Chen the past she had.

Ye Chen didn't seem to mind Nangong Xiang's past.

This was one of the things that made Nangong Xiang like Ye Chen, Ye Chen did not care about the past she had.

"Emmm" when Nangong Xiang and Zhao Yanyan were chatting, they suddenly heard Ye Chen's voice.

Nangong Xiang and Zhao Yanyan immediately turned their attention to Ye Chen.

It just so happened that when Ye Chen opened his eyes, he saw the ceiling in his room.

Ye Chen started to get up from the bed, he started to look around, when Ye Chen looked around, Ye Chen found that Zhao Yanyan and Nangong Xiang were in this room.

"Husband . . . , do you feel an uncomfortable feeling in your body?" After Ye Chen woke up, the first thing Zhao Yanyan asked was Ye Chen's condition.

Zhao Yanyan was worried that Ye Chen might experience something uncomfortable in his body

"I'm fine." Ye Chen currently feels that his body is very fresh, plus a lot of power flows in Ye Chen's body.

"Yanyan, why am I here? "Ye Chen is quite confused about why he can be here, even though he previously remembered that he was still with Dongfang Xiu.

The last thing Ye Chen remembered was that he was attacked very heavily by Hai Ming, after that Ye Chen did not remember what happened to him.

Zhao Yanyan began to explain what happened to Ye Chen in great detail.

Zhao Yanyan began to explain that Ye Chen was brought here by a beautiful woman, Zhao Yanyan also mentioned the characteristics of that woman to Ye Chen.

After getting an explanation from Zhao Yanyan, Ye Chen now understood what happened.

Ye Chen was quite unfamiliar with the traits of the woman Zhao Yanyan mentioned, Ye Chen did not remember meeting that woman before.

"Then where is that woman? ", Asked Ye Chen to Zhao Yanyan.

"SHe's gone, before she left, she gave this to you" Zhao Yanyan handed over a letter for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen received a letter from Zhao Yanyan's hand, Ye Chen opened the letter in his hand and started to read the letter that came from Dongfang Xiu.

"Ye Chen im sorry for leaving without telling you beforehand, I left because I didn't want Hai Ming to do something bad to you, sooner or later I'll be betrothed to Hai Ming, if you really want to find me be even stronger, if you don't have the strength, don't be ever looking for me or Hai Ming will kill you ". This is the contents of a short letter written by Dongfang Xiu for Ye Chen.

The contents of this letter are very brief and very clear, Dongfang Xiu wanted Ye Chen not to look for herself before he became very strong, if Ye Chen still insisted on looking for Dongfang Xiu with the strength he currently had, it would be detrimental to Ye Chen himself.

The current Ye Chen was too weak, he was no match for Hai Ming, who was the first genius in God Realm.

Ye Chen's heart ached when he read this letter, because his lack of strength made Dongfang Xiu have to go away from him, if only Ye Chen had great strength maybe he could keep Dongfang Xiu by his side.

Now that Ye Chen understood that he needed more strength, if he continued like this then maybe Zhao Yanyan and the others woman would follow in Dongfang Xiu's footsteps and leave him because of some coercion from the other party.

Ye Chen didn't want that to happen, from now on Ye Chen would try to become even stronger.

To protect things that are important to him, Ye Chen needs a very strong power.

Zhao Yanyan and Nangong Xiang didn't bother Ye Chen, both of them let Ye Chen read the letter that came from Dongfang Xiu.

"Hai Ming just wait, next time I will definitely beat you" Ye Chen vowed to beat Hai Ming and bring Dongfang Xiu back to his side.

"Master, that is a very good passion, from now on you have to use everything you have to get stronger, you have very strong capital, now is the time for you to use everything you have to get stronger, don't have any doubts anymore in your heart. "Chu Yuechan gave Ye Chen a motivation to become stronger.

So far, Ye Chen has never used what he has to get stronger, Ye Chen is too relaxed about the peace he has, there is no motivation to become stronger than now.

Ye Chen has all the things that are extremely rare in this world, from the legacy of the Sage God, the fairy gate, the inheritance of the Azure Dragon, the Heavenly Silver Flame ...

Ye Chen also has women who have extraordinary innate talent and some have special bodies that are very rarely found in the entire God Realm.

If Ye Chen could use everything he currently had, then he could create an army that was invincible in the entire God Realm.

"You're right, I will use everything I have to get stronger, I will definitely become the strongest person in the whole world." Ye Chen is truly blessed to be the strongest person in this entire world.

"Very good, I will definitely always support you" Chu Yuechan was very happy to see the determination possessed by Ye Chen, finally after all this time Chu Yuechan managed to convince Ye Chen to take advantage of what he currently has.

During this time Ye Chen had only made small use of the Fairy Gate and also all the things he had, now it was time for Ye Chen to use this to get stronger and build the most powerful force in this entire world.

Chu Yuechan had to thank that goddess named Dongfang Xiu, thanks to her that Ye Chen had a determination to become even stronger.

Ye Chen got up from the bed, he got up from the bed and walked towards the exit from inside this room.

"Husband, where are you going? ", Zhao Yanyan immediately asked Ye Chen.

"I want to train to increase the strength I have." Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan that he wanted to train to become even stronger.

After saying that to Zhao Yanyan, Ye Chen walked out of his room.

Zhao Yanyan was confused by Ye Chen's sudden change like this.

"What happened to my husband, why did he suddenly become so excited about practicing to get stronger" Zhao Yanyan was suspicious of Ye Chen's sudden change.

Zhao Yanyan knew very well how Ye Chen's habits, usually Ye Chen would be very lazy to practice, why suddenly now Ye Chen is so eager to practice like this.

"Maybe this is the reason." Nangong Xiang raised the letter that Ye Chen had read.

Nangong Xiang was quite surprised when she read the letter that Ye Chen had previously left.

The letter in Nangong Xiang's hand proved that Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu had a complicated relationship.

"Let me see." Zhao Yanyan wanted to see the letter in Dongfang Xiu's hand, Zhao Yanyan started reading the contents of this letter.

"Yanyan's younger sister, isn't Ye Chen great, he actually managed to move that Cold Goddess's heart." Nangong Xiang really felt that Ye Chen was too great to succeed in moving a cold goddess like Dongfang Xiu.

"Ye Chen is indeed great." Zhao Yanyan smiled at Nangong Xiang, Zhao Yanyan would not doubt Ye Chen in that matter, no matter who the woman was it would definitely be difficult to face Ye Chen's seduction.

Nangong Xiang and Zhao Yanyan smiled at each other.

" sister Xiang, I'm going first, I have something to do." Zhao Yanyan said goodbye to Nangong Xiang, he currently has to do something.

Nangong Xiang only nodded to Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan left this room, after Zhao Yanyan left, only Nangong Xiang was in this room.

Nangong Xiang looked at the letter beside her, "Hai Ming? , isn't he the grandson of the Sea Dragon King who is the ruler of the Immortal Profound Sea Realm? ,Did Ye Chen have a conflict with this person before? "Nangong Xiang started to say in her heart, if Ye Chen had a conflict against Hai Ming then it would be very bad.

The Immortal Profound Sea Realm was such a terrifying force in the God Realm that even old man Sun Quan would not dare to look for trouble with the Immortal Profound Sea Realm.

The Sea Dragon King is crowned the most powerful and influential person in the Western God Realm, so far no one has been able to resist the might of the Sea Dragon King.

Nangong Xiang was worried that if Ye Chen dealt with the Immortal Profound Sea Realm, then Ye Chen would experience some misfortune.

Nangong Xiang began to wonder whether she should tell Ye Chen this right now, so that Ye Chen would not find trouble with the Immortal Profound Sea Realm.

"No, if I tell Ye Chen now, he will lose the determination he has." For a while Nangong Xiang would not tell Ye Chen about this.

Nangong Xiang would let Ye Chen get stronger before telling him this.

for the time being Nangong Xiang would keep this matter to herself, before that time Nangong Xiang would never tell Ye Chen this.

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