Journey To Become A True God Chapter 486

486 Sexy Queen
In the Kunlun holy land, to be precise in a very magnificent royal palace.

Currently lying down a Sexy woman with a very lazy position, this Sexy woman is in a very luxurious room, every inch of this room is decorated with the best gold in the world.

This woman wears a silk cloth that is very thin on her body, this woman's body has developed very well, from the estimated double peak of the F Cup size, very slim hips, very plump buttocks and once very long legs.

all parts of this woman's body can make every man who saw her very excited.

Besides having a very beautiful body, women are also blessed with a very beautiful face, this woman also has a special charm that can attract every man who sees her.

"Queen, I have come to bring some important news for you." A woman came and saluted a Sexy woman who lay lazily on a luxurious mattress.

This woman turned out to be a Queen who ruled the kingdom in the Kunlun holy land,

What is the news? ", Queen asked the woman who had just come to this place.

"Queen, I just got news that the Dark Legacy Faction has just disappeared from this world." The female servant told the news about the Dark Legacy Faction that suddenly disappeared from this world.

"How could that be, who did it? ", Queen immediately asked the complete details of the female servant in front of her.

"Sorry Queen, I don't know about it, this is still an unsolved mystery, there is no one who knows about who has eliminated the Dark Legacy Faction," The female servant doesn't know who the person who destroyed the Dark Legacy Faction.

"So the person who has eliminated the Dark Legacy Faction is still unknown? "Said the Queen to the female servant.

female servant"that's absolutely right, right now all factions are investigating who did it".

Sexy women started to think who could be the one capable of destroying the Dark Legacy Faction.

"Is that woman the culprit?" Sexy women begin to suspect that this woman is the culprit, in this world the only one who has such an ability is that woman.

Then what news do you have? "Queen asked another news to the female servant.

"Another news that I got is a prophecy from Madam Laura." The female servant started explaining the prophecy that Madam Laura said during a meeting between all factions.

"That woman always makes such terrifying predictions, is it possible that the person who has eliminated the Dark Legacy Faction is someone who is not from Earth? "Queen starts to think that the culprit is the people that Madam Laura said.

"Then how the reaction of Gates of Eternity Sect and Shaolin" asked the Queen to the servant woman.

The current Shaolin was still not moving, while the Gates of Eternity Sect was busy with other business.

"What is the Gates of Eternity Sect doing right now? ", Asked Queen.

"The Gates of Eternity Sect is currently busy looking for the culprit who killed Young Master Hong Won." The female servant told the Queen that the Gates of Eternity Sect was looking for the killer of Young Master Hong Won.

"Giggle. . , so that young man is dead, even a few weeks ago he was still making a mess at my place. "Queen chuckled when she heard the news that Hong Won had died.

A few weeks ago Hong Won made a mess in her royal territory, Hong Won really dared to kidnap the noble princesses in her territory, not only that Hong Won also dared to sneak into this room and wanted to do something bad to the Queen.

as a result the Queen was forced to teach a lesson and expel Hong Won forcibly.

The Queen also gave a strong warning to the Gates of Eternity Sect not to enter other people's territory without permission.

Because of this, the relationship between the royal family and the Gates of Eternity Sect became bad.

"Is that the only news you have? "Said the Queen to the female servant.

"I still have one more news, but maybe this will not be too interesting for you" said the female servant to Sexy Queen who was in front of her.

"Just say, as long as it is interesting this Queen will hear it." The Queen told the female servant to tell her the latest news.

"Yes, Queen, I understand." female servant understood, she began to tell the last news she had to Queen.

Queen listens to the story of the female servant carefully "So in the mortal world appears a young man with very strong strength? "AskedQueen to the female servant.

"That's very true, Lord Guardian said that this young man has very strong strength."female servant told the Queen that the young man whom Lord Guardian met had very terrible power.

Even Lord Guardian was unable to fight Face to Face with that young man.

"Do you have a picture of that young man?"Queen was very curious about the young man that the female servant was talking about, she wanted to know who the strong young man was capable of defeating Lord Guardian.

"Of course I have it." female servant gave the Queen an image stone.

Queen waved her hand. The image stone that was in the female servant hand immediately flew towards the Queen's palm.

Queen began to look at the image that was on the imaging stone in her hand.

"Hemmp, a very handsome young man", Queen was very interested when she saw the image of the young man who was in the imaging stone.

The youth in the imaging stone was Ye Chen, Lord Guardian secretly took Ye Chen's picture and handed it over to the royal family.

"Queen is he your type? "Asked the female servant to Sexy Queem in front of her.

"Fufufu, you can say it like that, I want to play with him." Queen wants to play with the young man who is in this image stone.

The female servant immediately felt sorry for Ye Chen when she heard this, when Queen said she wanted to play around then that man would definitely experience very bad things.

female servant very well knows how this Sexy Queen in front of her, every man whomQueen wants will definitely not live for a long time.

This secret has become commonplace among the royal family, even though Queen is very Sexy, no man dares to be too close toQueen, they are afraid of bad things when they are close to Queen.

"Send someone to investigate this young man make sure not to touch this young man even a finger, I will deal with this man myself." Queen ordered the female servant to send a great spy to investigate Ye Chen.

"Yes, I understand." female servant understands, she will carry out the order of Queen.

"Very good." Queen nodded with satisfaction to the female servant in front of her.

"You allhurry and get clothes for me" Queen ordered the maids who were here to get clothes for herself.

The maids here very deftly began to help dress an imperial outfit for Queen.

sexy Queen who wore imperial clothes became so graceful, the aura of Queen she had was radiated very clearly.

"I will go to meet someone, when I go I leave the responsibility that is here to you." Queen intends to go to meet someone, she will leave the responsibility that is here to Female Servant.

"Fine, I will do the task you are given." The female servant nodded, she would carry out the orders from Queen,

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