Journey To Become A True God Chapter 49

49 Luck Above Misfortune

The person who bargained in the Vip Room was of course Ye Chen, Ye Chen hoped that if there were no people who would compete because Ye Chen needed only about 12 million dollars, if the rich people in the VIP room participated then Ye Chen would definitely lose

Liu Yue: "You Chen are also interested in antiques too ?, But this item is of origin and its use is unclear. Maybe this is just an ordinary Liontik that is always dropped by the past"

Ye Chen: "I'm Interested in This Pendant Necklace"

You Chen can't possibly tell its usefulness because maybe Liu Yue won't understand either.

+ Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen? No one wants to bid anymore? If not, then the Master in the Vip Room will get this Liontin necklace."

You Chen Happy Because no one wants to bid on a Reideran Pendant necklace, this feels even easier.

"Two million five hundred thousand"

Suddenly someone else also offered this item and this time His voice also came from another VIP room.

Ye Chen did not expect that if other people bargained, it seemed that this would not be as easy as Ye Chen thought.

From the sound of the person Yang had just bargained for was a woman, and this woman was right on the other side of Ye Chen's room.

Ye Chen: "two million six hundred thousand"

Ye Chen gritted his teeth and began to bid as well

Mysterious Woman: "4 million"

Women on the other hand also raised the price of the offer very crazy.

You Chen is quite curious who this woman is ?, Is this woman also a cultivator and also knows about the origins of the Reideran Pendant necklace.

Ye Chen used his spirit Sensei and this woman was just an ordinary woman, Ye Chen could not find any trace of strength in this woman's body.

You Chen had no choice but to participate in this game with this woman.

Ye Chen "four million one hundred thousand"

Ye Chen bid again.

Mysterious woman "five million"

Women on the other hand continue to raise their bid prices

Liu Yue "You Chen, just forget about the inappropriate things with five million dollars."

Liu Yue tried to convince Ye Chen to give up, because the price raised by the woman on the side was very unreasonable.

Because the woman on the side can enjoy the VIP Room and its owner, Liu Yue does not believe in wealthy women. Like this, it could be the woman next to Play with Ye Chen.
for visiting.

Ye Chen: "No Liu Yue I must get the locket necklace"

How could Ye Chen want to give up something valuable? Such a value cannot be measured with money on this earth.

You Chen can get more money in the future, but it will be difficult to find God in the future, therefore you Chen will not accept unless you have no money to offer it again.

Ye Chen: "six million"

Ye Chen raised it again

Mysterious woman: "Million freedom"

The woman on the side casually raises the price again

Ye Chen "ten million"

Ye Chen shouted loudly, his voice made the people attending the auction shocked.

Because he was angry Ye Chen had forgotten to defeat his strength, Liu Yue who was near Ye Chen was also quite shocked by the voice that had just been released by Ye Chen.

After that the woman next to her would no longer bid and be quiet, Ye Chen would take this woman's aura and want to know who was

+ Announcer: "1. . . . 2 . . ., 3. .... ., welcome to the master who is in the VIP room for winning the auction for this item. "

The auctioneer gave Congratulations to Ye Chen.

Poor Ye Chen had to lose the ten million dollars he had just gotten today, and only received two million.

+ Announcer: "Well, let's move on to the next item"

The second item is a painting from the century BC and the initial price of this painting is also 2 million dollars, and this painting has been authenticated.

Soon many historical antic collectors began offering it, the final price of this painting was 15 million dollars won by buyers who needed the VIP Room as well.

+ Announcer: "And Now we have arrived at the last auction which will also close this auction"

Waiters immediately bring items in the form of a document to the stage.

+ Announcer: "This is a certificate of land and villa on the land and the initial price is 1 million dollars and the increase cannot be less than one hundred thousand dollars, now start bidding"

After the woman on the stage started the price. No one started to bid on that certificate, Ye Chen was quite confused with this incident, a villa worth 1 million was very cheap at all, but the people here were not immediately started whether they were stupid or what .

It also happened that Ye Chen didn't have a place to live, Ye Chen still had the 2 million dollar left. Why not try your luck.

Ye Chen: one million One hundred thousand

Ye Chen didn't think much and immediately offered it.

"May I know which villa you are selling"

The audience did not start bidding because they did not know which villa to sell, so one of these people asked.

People here are not stupid. Maybe a villa will be auctioned with an initial price of 1 million dollars, even the worst price is initially 5 ~ 10 million dollars.

There are two possible places that are far from the settlement or something odd in the villa.

+ Announcer: This is a villa in golden eagle district number 22

After the host said the location of the villa, everyone immediately shuddered, Villa number 22 in the golden eagle district was famous for the curse villa.

The owner of the villa has experienced many strange things, from being haunted, accidents that have befallen, to mysterious illnesses that have led to death, and the company has suddenly gone bankrupt.

That's why the villa is no longer someone who wants to buy it, even though the villa's property value is estimated at almost 100 million dollars, but with such risks, even if it's given for free, surely the people here are not willing to accept it.

Ye Chen: Liu Yue, do you know a little information about the villa.

Ye Chen asked Liu Yue after seeing the reaction of the people downstairs.

Liu Yue slightly raised her eyebrows and said: "The villa is only a few villas away from where I live, and the rumor is that many people have become victims of the malignancy of the house, from starting to contract strange diseases, accidents, until some become crazy, but I must admit that the villa is much better than what I have at the moment ".

Liu Yue explained about the damned villa to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen "oh, so the reason people don't want to bargain is because the reason is like that".

Ye Chen was not afraid even after Liu Yue said the villa was cursed, it only made Ye Chen even more curious what made the villa become like that.

Liu Yue: "Ye Chen, I suggest that you immediately cancel to bid on the villa, I will help."

Liu Yue was afraid that Ye Chen would have the same fate as the previous owner of the Villa.

Ye Chen: "Thank you for worrying about me, but no need to worry because I can handle that" Ye Chen said that with great confidence.

Liu Yue saw Ye Chen's conviction, and just remembered that Ye Chen was also quite a mysterious person too, Ye Chen could even Heal his grandmother Yang even your doctor gave up on his grandmother's condition.

Liu Yue: "If you are confident enough then I will not forbid you again".

From the very beginning to the end, nobody even dared to bid on the villa, so the villa was finally officially Ye Chen's.

Ye Chen was lucky enough to get a villa worth 100 million at a price of only 1 million dollars

Since the auction was over, people also began to leave their seats, many people saw the rooms of Chen Ye Vip and Liu Yue and felt sorry for buying the damned villa.

Ye Chen and also Liu Yue also decided to go and pick up the auctioned items.