Journey To Become A True God Chapter 50

50 Roh Jaha

Ye Chen and Liu Yue went to the pick-up place to collect the goods from the auction, when they arrived there were also some people who bought the items that had been won at the auction.

First of all Ye Chen took the proceeds from selling the Peach Heaven, usually the result of the total auction would be cut by 7% and given to the organizer was Liu's company.

But because Liu Yue was with Ye Chen, all the money Ye Chen had gotten at the auction was not cut in the slightest.

You Chen saw that his twelve-million-dollar card was now charged, but it was rejected that still had to be used to pay for the Reideran Pendant and Villa's necklace.

After making all the money payments on the Ye Chen Account card, only nine hundred thousand dollars.

You Chen immediately cursed the Reideran Pendant necklace and tried its use, you Chen can only ask that this necklace is fine and not damaged, otherwise Ye Chen would be very lucky to buy 10 Million dollars.

After using it you can set its power very freely, you can set the cultivation base that is seen by others.

Ye Chen hid his strength into a level three Martial Realm, now his enemy would definitely consider him weak.

Then Ye Chen saw the ownership letter of the Villa along with his land, and the Key to Owning the Villa.

Ye Chen wanted to see immediately what kind of villa he had bought.

Ye Chen: Liu Yue I will go to the Golden Eagle District to see the villa that I have purchased.

Liu Yue: "If that's the case, if I just take you there," Liu Yue offered you to take Ye Chen to the villa.

Ye Chen: "Alright let's see the villa together

Suddenly Liu Yue's cellphone was bordered, Liu Yue took the call and exchanged a few words for the person who called him.

After several minutes Liu Yue finally turned off the call, and Liu Yue lent me a little pleasure after getting the call.

Ye Chen: What's up, Ye Chen asked after seeing the changes.

"Looks like my company is at least a problem and I have to go back there right now, sorry that I can't accompany you to see the villa." Liu Yue said with regret to Ye Chen ...

Ye Chen "It doesn't matter I can go there myself, I immediately resolve the problem in your company first".

After that Ye Chen and Also Liu Yue exchanged telephone contacts to make it easy to connect with each other.

After Liu Yue left, Ye Chen decided to see if the villa was worth living, and to save time, Ye Chen flew to the Golden Eagle District.

The Golden Eagle district is filled with luxury villas, it is indeed fitting to be the location of the richest people in the city.

Ye Chen was looking for the villa he had just bought, after he had found Ye Chen finally found the same villa as the picture that was given with the Villa Ownership Contract.

You Chen saw the villa involved 200x200M with 4 floors and the condition is still quite good because there are many liars whose bodies around this villa, in the description Also mentioned if this villa still has 3 underground floors as well.

Related to this villa is not occupied for a long time, a villa of this size If Normally Maybe expensive can be Tens even more than millions of dollars.

You Chen is very lucky to receive it at a super cheap price.

Ye Chen descended and walked towards the entrance of the Villa, when Ye Chen reached the front entrance Ye Chen received evil energy from inside this villa.

It seems like Ye Chen's conjecture was true that inside this Villa there must be an evil spirit, Ye Chen opened the door and walked into the villa.

Inside the villa the condition was very dusty, because for a long time not lived, Ye Chen walked to look around inside this villa.

When Ye Chen wanted to climb the stairs to the second floor Ye Chen saw a strange black lump that had red eyes and a sharp Mouth.

"Hahaha there is another strange man who dares to come here, just look at me will definitely make you feel incredible despair" evil spirits laugh very happy

Ye Chen heard what the evil spirit had just said, Ye Chen looked at this evil spirit with a hostile look.

The reason the people who bought this villa received bad luck were all turned out to be caused by this evil spirit, although Ye Chen had never met an evil spirit before, but Gu Xuan never explained the details of the evil spirit to Ye Chen.

The evil spirit who felt the gaze of Ye Chen, immediately stopped Laughing and Seeing Ye Chen.

The evil spirit Seeing the human in front of him looking at him with a look of hostility, the evil spirit believed that Ye Chen was a normal human being and it was impossible to see it.

The evil spirit then moved to the left and right, Ye Chen's eyes followed wherever the direction of the evil spirit was
for visiting.

"Can you see me?" The evil spirit asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen: "Of course I can see you, and I will also hear what you just said very clearly".

Evil spirits Don't believe ordinary people This can see its form "Pretty human attracts you are the first person who can see my whereabouts" The evil spirit gave praise to Ye Chen.

"No pleasantries I will destroy you soon" Ye Chen issued a faith to destroy this evil spirit

Evil Spirits: "Humans are quite arrogant, let's see how strong your strength is, with the arrogance you have".

Evil spirits pulled chains of darkness from within his body

"Ye Chen, be careful with that chain, that chain can hurt your soul" Chu Yue chan warns Ye Chen the danger of the chain being released

"Alright, I understand." Ye Chen threw his talisman towards the evil spirit, the jima exploded and let out a light, this light could definitely destroy this evil spirit.

After the Light disappeared it turned out that the evil spirit was still staying in the place while smiling.

Evil spirits: "Hahaha Stupid man tried to use such low-class talismans to destroy me, do you think I'm a Teri class evil spirit"

An evil spirit, insulted Ye Chen with spicy words that came out of his mouth.

Fire came out from Ye Chen's body and around Ye Chen, seeing that the talisman Ye Chen had made did not work against this evil spirit, it could be ascertained that this evil spirit must have a high enough power rating.

"One hundred thousand fire swords" The fire around Ye Chen formed a sword that flew behind Ye Chen.

Even though his name was one hundred thousand fire swords, Ye Chen could only display the first of the 5 existing levels.

This is the fire inheritance technique left by the Sage God in Ye Chen's Memory.

Ye Chen used his mind to scatter the sword towards the evil spirit.

Evil spirits Don't stay still The chains in their bodies also start to move "The Chain of Soul Suckers"

"Bang. . . . , Bang. . . . , "The sound of a collision between Ye Chen's fire sword and also the chain of evil spirits.

Ye Chen had no idea that this evil spirit possessed strength that was strong enough as well, although Ye Chen still held back his strength so as not to destroy this villa, but the attack that was carried out by Ye Chen was strong enough to Threaten the Taham Sky Realm.

This evil spirit can fend off Ye Chen's attack quite easily, it seems like Ye Chen must be serious now.

"Go" Ye Chen mobilized all of his swords towards the spirit and swirled around the evil spirit as if he were forming a sword, the evil spirit tried to escape from the sword prison, but unfortunately only healed the flame sword.

"Hell prison" swirling swords emit flames and burn the evil spirits in them.

"Argggggg" desperate cries of evil spirits echoed throughout the room.

After there were no more screams, Chen Chen stopped the Hell Prison technique and saw that the evil spirit had disappeared, the matter about this villa could finally be resolved.

Ye Chen turned around and wanted to see the rooms in this villa.

But suddenly Ye Chen felt something dangerous approaching him "bammm. . . . "Ye Chen reflexively wept with both of his wrists and retreated a few meters.

Although Ye Chen's hand was not hugged, Ye Chen felt pain.

Ye Chen saw that the evil spirit was still alive

"Hahahaha, why kid, are you surprised to see me still alive, you think it's easy to defeat me. An evil spirit that has lived for centuries" The evil spirit laughed underestimated Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was quite sure that he had already eliminated this evil spirit but why was this evil spirit still alive again.

Chu Yuechan: "Ye Chen, this evil spirit seems to open a connection with a spiritual item, if you want to destroy it, you should look for it around this house, then just destroy it".

Chu Yue chan gave instructions on how to defeat the evil spirit at Ye Chen.

After hearing Chu Yuechan's explanation from Ye Chen immediately used his Spirit Sensei to all the House Officers to find the Spiritual Item that was meant by Chu Yue chan.

That's right after Ye Chen looked for Ye Chen to find a sword that emitted negative spiritual power that was right on the second floor.

Ye Chen wasted no time, Ye Chen immediately passed the evil spirit and went to the second floor.

"Now you want to run away from me, don't dream about it" The evil spirit immediately chased after him with Ye Chen.

After riding on the second floor Ye Chen saw an antic sword displayed on the wall, Ye Chen immediately took the sword.

The evil spirit finally succeeded in catching up with Ye Chen

Ye Chen: "Do you have any last words before you disappear from this world?"

Ye Chen held the sword with both hands Prepared to break it.

The evil spirit saw that Ye Chen's source of life was held in fear by Ye Chen.

Evil spirits: "Son, don't do that, how about we just make peace? If you put down the sword, I'll give you whatever you want".

The evil spirit tried to bargain with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen "So what can you give me? "

Evil spirits: "I can give you strength, wealth, and women, how are you attracted to it"

Evil spirits Give offers to Ye Chen, Evil spirits are very sneaky he gives offers like that so Ye Chen

gives the sword which is the source of his life to him.

After that if an evil spirit had a chance, an evil spirit would pierce Ye Chen from behind. This was a very perfect plan that could be thought of by an evil spirit.

Ye Chen: "Really?"

Evil spirits: "yes I promise"

"Sorry, but I won't believe in an evil spirit like you," Crackk. . . . . . . . . . . . Ye Chen broke the two swords with his hand.

"No," the evil spirit immediately shouted as Ye Chen broke the sword.

"Aghhhhh" The evil spirit's body shines with a superior color and its body slowly turns into flakes and disappears into thin air.

Finally the evil spirit is now completely destroyed, and the aura of this villa which was previously negative has now disappeared.

Now all Ye Ye needed to do was clean the villa and install some arrays to make the villa safe.