Journey To Become A True God Chapter 51

51 Pretending To Be A Boyfriend

Ye Chen this time formed an array of layered arays, To make an Array, we needed some special Khusu ingredients, fortunately Ye Chen already had all the ingredients needed.
for visiting.

There are several layers of array used by Ye Chen, first on the fence wall to prevent people trying to enter by force, if the array on the fence wall can be penetrated Ye Chen is still preparing a defense array that attacks anyone the enemy is entering, and there are still many again the array is installed inside and outside the villa.

This Array will be active on its own if the person entering has an evil mind.

After installing the array Ye Chen cleans the entire house from the existing dust, even though Ye Chen used his power to clean it still requires quite a long time, how come there aren't just 4 floors in this house plus 3 underground floors.

Ye Chen might have to find a maid to make it easier to clean a house this big.

When Ye Chen finished doing everything the sky was dark when Ye Chen looked at the clock that was on his phone and showed it at 7 pm.

Ye Chen was tired of spending time alone in this villa so Ye Chen decided to contact Zhao Yanyan to ask him to go for a night out.

But unfortunately Zhao Yanyan could not leave, because Zhao Yanyan was currently at his grandfather's house and intended to accompany his grandfather to dinner.

Ye Chen was quite disappointed, but Ye Chen could understand Zhao Yanyan's current situation, and not force him.

After Ye Chen closed the call, suddenly Ye Chen's cellphone rang, Ye Chen saw it and Yang Called Ye Chen was an Unknown Number.

Ye Chen picked up the call. "Hello, who is this? "

"Ye Chen, is this you? It's me, Teacher Lin." It turned out that the person who called Ye Chen was Lin Rouxi.

"Oh, it turns out Teacher Lin, what's up calling tonight at night," Ye Chen asked what Lin Rouxi needed to call him at this time of night.

Lin Rouxi: "Ye Chen can you go to my dorm. Right now, I need your help with something important, and make sure you wear nice clothes too."

"Okay, I'll go to Sena as soon as possible" after that Ye Chen cut the call.

Ye Chen did not know what assistance Linlinxi needed, even more so Lin Rouxi told him to wear nice clothes.

Ye Chen went to take a shower, after Ye Chen finished bathing Ye Chen changed the clothes Ye Chen found when Ye Chen cleaned this house, it seems like the previous owner didn't bring their belongings when selling this house, fortunately there were indeed a few male clothes. Suitable for Ye Chen to wear.

After completing changing his clothes, Ye Chen rushed towards the garage, and opened a cover that covered a car, when the car in Ye Chen saw a silver sports car that was quite cool.

Ye Chen didn't know what type of car this was. This sports car was definitely a Bugatti Brand, when Ye Chen found this car in the garage Ye Chen was intentionally not to open it, and it turned out that this car became a sports car that was quite luxurious.

But unfortunately this car ownership certificate Ye Chen did not know where to find it, Ye Chen then looked into the House ownership document and turned it over, until finally Ye Chen found a car ownership letter.

Fortunately, this car is a package with this house. Although Ye Chen does not have a driving license, Ye Chen used to drive several cars while taking food ingredients at the place where he worked part time.

Ye Chen went inside and started the car "rooommmmm" The sound of a very cool car engine sounded in the garage, This was the first time Ye Chen had tried driving a luxury car, Ye Chen had long dreamed of driving a car like this in his life.

Ye Chen drove the car and exited the Villa Area to the dormitory where Lin Rouxi and Zhao Yanyan lived.

On the road Ye Chen was driving at a speed of almost 200 Km / hr, the sensation of riding a luxury car was different from riding a delivery car.

Even though Ye Chen was driving at a speed of 200km / hour but Yang Ye Chen felt this was still slow, so Ye Chen was speeding again and again.

The time it took Ye Chen to get to Lin Rouxi's dormitory was only 5 minutes, Ye Chen immediately climbed to the floor where Lin Rouxi lived.

"Teacher Lin" Ye Chen while knocking on the door of Lin Rouxi's room.

The Door Opened and Lin Rouxi came out of the door, Lin Rouxi Wearing a White Dress that was quite fashionable, with long hair that was unraveling, wearing a white rose in her hair.

Lin Rouxi looked beautiful when wearing this dress that even Ye Chen couldn't say anything

Lin Rouxi: "Ye Chen, you took so long, I've been waiting a long time, I thought you wouldn't come" Lin Rouxi complained a little to Ye Chen.

"Sorry Teacher, I Needed Some Preparation Before I Got Here" Ye Chen was helpless to apologize.

Lin Rouxi "huh, forget it, the reason I asked you to come here tonight is, I want you to be my boyfriend"

"Are you serious teacher" Ye Chen did not hear me right, Lin Rouxi wanted for himself to be his boyfriend.

See Ye Chen a little misunderstood Lin rouxi Immediately explain "I want you to pretend to be my girlfriend For tonight just in front of my mother"

"Oh' it turns out that Teacher Lin Rouxi only asked Ye Chen to pretend to be his male girlfriend in front of his mother, Ye Chen almost misunderstood earlier, but why did Lin Rouxi want to do that.

"Teacher may I know why you want to do this" Ye Chen wanted to know the reason Lin Rouxi did this.

Lin Rouxi "That's because if I still don't have a boyfriend at my age, then my mom will give me a blind date with a man I don't know, I don't like it, so I decided to deceive my mother by saying that I already have a boyfriend The man on the phone, but I didn't expect that my mother would want to meet my boyfriend and come to this city today "

After hearing Lin Rouxi's explanation, Ye Chen finally understood why Lin Rouxi wanted Ye Chen to pretend to be his boyfriend in front of his mother.

"Oh dear teacher, you dragged your student into your own personal problem, is there no one else besides me? "Ye Chen was helpless to say.

Lin Rouxi "no, I don't know any other man, after all you are the first man to see my body half naked, so as a man you have to take responsibility" Lin Rouxi said that with a face flushed like an apple.

Ye Chen is "okay".

Lin Rouxi; "Let's go to my mother's hotel." Lin Rouxi immediately pulled Ye Chen and left.