Journey To Become A True God Chapter 52

52 Meet Mother In Law

Lin Rouxi dragged Ye Chen down from the female dormitory towards the Street.

Lin Rouxi "Ye Chen, let's get a taxi to go" Lin Rouxi advised Ye Chen to go to his mother's residence by using a taxi.

Ye Chen "Teacher Lin I brought the car, let's just ride my car" Ye Chen invited Lin Rouxi to go to his car.

Lin Rouxi: "Alright" Lin Rouxi then followed Ye Chen to the parking lot at the school, here are many cars belonging to students Rich students who live in male dorms.

Ye Chen headed towards one of the most striking cars among all the cars parked here.

Ye Chen approached A sports car that was pretty cool, Ye Chen pressed one of the remote remote buttons to unlock the car.

Lin Rouxi could not believe that Ye Chen had such a Luxury Sports Car, even though in the Student Data archive received from the headmaster When Ye Chen moved to his background, Ye Chen's background was just an ordinary family and even Ye Chen lived Alone in this city without having Kin.

But here Lin Rouxi saw that Ye Chen was not the same as the one in the Student data that belonged to Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi: "Ye Chen, is this really your car? "Lin Rouxi still doesn't believe that Ye Chen has such a luxury car.

"Yes, this is my car. I just got it today, from the sale." Ye Chen answered

Lin Rouxi: "Ye Chen, what do you do for a job that you can buy a car like this?"

"Selling fruit" Ye Chen said very honestly

Lin Rouxi: "-_-".

Who would believe that selling fruit could buy a luxury car like this.

What Ye Chen said was true, Ye Chen got money from selling Heaven's peaches, but it seemed like Lin Rouxi couldn't believe what Ye Chen had just said.

Lin Rouxi: "Ah, forget it, let's go. My mother must have been waiting."

After that Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi got into the car, Ye Chen immediately drove and headed to the hotel where Lin Rouxi's mother was staying for a while in this city.

Lin Rouxi was quite afraid of the way Ye Chen was driving, on a road which was quite crowded with Ye Chen's car running at a speed of almost 150km / hour, which made Lin Rouxi quite tense.

Lin Rouxi: "Ye Chen slowly, drive casually" Lin Rouxi scolded Ye Chen to slow down the speed of his car.

Ye Chen was helpless and lowered the speed of his car. After Ye Chen lowered the speed of his car, finally Lin Rouxi felt no more tension.

The distance to the hotel is not too far only 10 Km away from where Lin Rouxi lived, while on the Trip Lin Rouxi taught Ye Chen what to do to please his mother so that their play as a pair of Lovers would not be revealed later.

10 minutes later Ye Chen arrived near the hotel intended by Lin Rouxi, Lin Rouxi's cellphone rang when Lin Rouxi picked it up. Lin Rouxi exchanged a few words with the person who called it.

Lin Rouxi "Ye Chen my mother is currently in the restaurant a few KM from here, my mother wants to change the meeting place there".

"OK," Ye Chen didn't really ask and went to Yang Guided by Lin Rouxi.

After a few minutes Ye Chen finally arrived at the fast food restaurant, this restaurant did not look too expensive, but there were quite a lot of diners in this place.

Ye Chen looked for a place to park his car, after that Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi came out together from inside the car.

Lin Rouxi: "Ye Chen we must be able to be intimate in front of my mother".

"Okay Rouxi dear" Ye Chen called Rouxi with the title dear

It is necessary that their relationship not be revealed, because that is Lin Rouxi who told Ye Chen to call it that way.

Lin Rouxi was not accustomed to being called like that and her face turned slightly red.

Lin Rouxi: "Ye Chen, let's go." Lin Rouxi intertwined her hand in Ye Chen's arm, and walked into the restaurant.

Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi looked for the Table where Ms. Lin Rouxi was.

Lin Rouxi: "Mother" Lin Rouxi Called his mother who was sitting at one of the tables

Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi rushed to the table where his mother sat, but unfortunately, next to his mother there was a man who was the same age as Lin Rouxi and was wearing after the Neat black suit.

"Rouxi the day you come too, Come and sit" Lin Rouxi's mother told Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi to sit.

Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi sat together and Lin Rouxi still held Ye Chen's arm.

Lin Rouxi's mother looked at Ye Chen from the top down. All of Ye Chen's clothes looked normal, but Ye Chen was a tall and handsome man. This was the type of man that his daughter liked.

Lin Rouxi's Mother: "This mother is my boyfriend Ye Chen, and Ye Chen is my mother Sui Xi" Lin Rouxi introduced Ye Chen to her mother.

"Hello, aunty, nice to meet you," Ye Chen reached out to Ms. Lin Rouxi.

Ms. Lin Rouxi also welcomed Ye Chen by reaching out and shaking hands.

Sui XI "Oh yeah, I forgot, this Rouxi is the son of my best friend at the campus, his name is Hu Jun, Hu Jun, introduce this to me, my only daughter is Lin Rouxi" Lin Rouxi's mother introduced the young man beside her.

"Hello, I'm Hu Jun" Hu Jun reached out his hand to shake hands with Lin Rouxi.

Actually Lin Rouxi didn't want to get acquainted with this guy, but to give his mother's face Lin Rouxi had no choice and reached out helplessly.
for visiting.

"Lin Rouxi" Lin Rouxi immediately let go of her hand after shaking hands with this man named Hu Jun.

"Since everyone has come, let's order food first." Lin Lin Rouxi's mother immediately ordered a few dishes to the waiter who was here.

While waiting for food to be served, Lin Rouxi's mother asked the extent of the relationship between Ye Chen and her daughter.

Lin Rouxi was afraid that Ye Chen would speak wrong with his mother, fortunately Ye Chen could answer all the questions asked by Lin Rouxi's mother.

"Oh yeah, Ye Chen, what do you do now? Lin Rouxi's mother asked about Ye Chen's current work.

"For the time being I sell peaches" Ye Chen honestly answered the work he was doing right now.

Luckily Lin Rouxi's mother didn't mind and Terseyum turned towards Ye Chen.

But the man named Hu Jun really sneered and looked down on Ye Chen.

"Hahaha, only a Fruit seller, indeed How many thousands of salaries can you get each month, will that be enough to pay for your and Lin Rouxi's life?" Hu Jun blatantly insulted Ye Chen.

"The income I have is more than enough for our living expenses" Ye Chen was not angry With the insult that had just been issued by Hu Jun, because after all the results of Selling Peaches had a turnover of millions of dollars in one day.

Lin Rouxi was angry with the words that Hu Jun had said to Ye Chen "How could Ye Chen only sell fruit, as long as Ye Chen could make me happy it would not be questioned" Lin Rouxi said quite angrily towards Hu Jun.

Hu Jun didn't think that Lin Rouxi would be angry because, Hujun insulted Ye Chen.

Luckily Aunt Sui Xi was not angry with that.

"Oh yes Hu Jun, where do you work now?" Lin's mother was also asked about Hu Jun's current work.

"My aunt now serves as General Manager at my father's company, with a monthly salary of eighty thousand dollars" Hu Jun bragged his rank and salary in front of Ye Chen.

"That's a pretty good job," Sui Xi praised Hu Jun's work.

Actually Sui Xi wanted to see the characteristics and properties of these two people, it could be seen that Ye Chen was a polythe and not easily angry person, while Hu Jun was quite arrogant, but Hu Jun did have the capital to be arrogant with his wealth at this time.