Journey To Become A True God Chapter 53

53 Slap On The Face

Sui Xi prefers the character possessed by Ye Chen from Hu Jun, but instead Ye Chen is only a person who has an average income, Sui Xi is afraid that her daughter will accept in the future if she will ask Ye Chen.

Every mother wants her daughter to get the happiness she deserves, but for the time being, Sui Xi will not disturb their relationship, but in the future. If you Chen can't grow, Sui Xi needs to get them both.

Hu Jun when he first saw Lin Rouxi had been liked but rejected Lin Rouxi's attitude To him was indifferent, his girlfriend boyfriend was only male, the status needed was more than what was obtained by Hu Jun.

Sui Xi "oh yes Hu Jun, how is the business done by your father, is it going well? "Su Xi asked about Hu Jun's father's business.

Hu Jun "Aunt my father's business is growing very well, and can generate millions of Dollars Every Month" Again Hu Jun Bragged his wealth.

HuJ un Looking towards Ye Chen and also Lin Rouxi, and they were talking very excited, Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi seemed not to listen to what just said, by him, it made Hu Jun upset because of being ignored by others

Normally, orangutans will be amazed when Hu Jun shows off his wealth, and tries to get closer.

Immediately contact the food sent by Ms. Lin Rouxi, so Hu Jun is not awkward and embarrassed.

Sui Xi "Then let's have dinner right away" Sui Xi invited everyone to eat.

When eating Lin Rouxi questioned eating for Ye Chen, It was almost similar when Ye Chen was eating together with Lin Rouxi.

Sui Xi saw how close her daughter was to Ye Chen, it would be quite difficult to free these two people.

As for Hu Jun, he could only include his teeth in annoyance at seeing the couple making out.

After finishing dinner, Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi Intended to leave this place immediately, the purpose of Lin Rouxi was to come here only so that his mother believed that Lin Rouxi already had a boyfriend.

Lin Rouxi "our mother wants to go home" Lin Rouxi said goodbye to her mother.

Sui Xi "Rouxi today you come home with me, asked for a long time we did not spend time together" Sui Xi wants Lin Rouxi to go home with him.

"Alright mom" Lin Rouxi could only visit her hotel.

"Good" Sui Xi likes to look quite happy.

Hu Jun "aunt Sui what if I take you two together" Hu Jun did not miss this golden opportunity to get closer to Lin Rouxi, Hu Jun did not care if Lin Rouxi already had a boyfriend, Hu Jun could get what he wanted.

Sui Xi "sorry to bother you" Sui Xi did not receive delivered by Hu Jun home.

Lin Rouxi "No, Ye Chen will take us home, right Ye Chen", Lin Rouxi winked at Ye Chen.

"Yes, no problem" You Chen immediately intervened to respond to Lin Rouxi.

Hu Jun could only smile, but in anger Hu Jun cursed Lin Rouxi "just watch out Lin Rouxi Sooner or later, you will soon be mine".

After paying everyone out of the restaurant and into the parking lot.

Sui Xi "Rouxi where is your car?"

Lin Rouxi "there mother" Lin Rouxi pointed at the direction of a car.

The car pointed out by Lin Rouxi was an ordinary car, some of the cats had rusted.

Seeing the car received by Ye Chen Hu Jun Laughing and saying "it's your car, the car should not enter here, the car should have gone into the car moving place" Hu Jun was very satisfied to insult Ye Chen.

Lin Rouxi who listened to what Hu Jun had just said was very dissatisfied "indeed thinks of the car we have, is yours better than what Ye Chen has".

"Hahaha, such a wrecked car can be compared to the car I have."

Hu Jun was very proud after he displayed his luxury car.

"Hey, your name is Ye Chen, right? I suggest you buy a car like I have," Hu Jun insulted Ye Chen, who might not be able to buy the car Hu Jun has right now.

from the beginning Ye Chen did not want to respond to Hu Jun, for Ye Chen this man was like a clown who made jokes to Ye Chen, seen from anywhere The car owned by Ye Chen looked much better than Hu Jun's car, and strangely this person was still very arrogant in front of it.

Hu Jun "Aunt is better I will drive you, my car is much better than that of your daughter's boyfriend the Ugly one.

Lin Rouxi: "Huh, Ye Chen's car is dozens of times better than what you have" Lin Rouxi pulled her mother hurried towards Ye Chen's car.

Ye Chen followed behind Sui Xi and Lin Rouxi.

Hu Jun misunderstood, Ye Chen's car was actually covered behind the car designated by Lin Rouxi, so Hu Jun thought that Ye Chen's car was a bad car.
for visiting.

Sui Xi feels strange about her daughter, why does her daughter say that Ye Chen's car is far better than what Hu Jun has.

After being dragged behind the ugly car by Lin Rouxi, Sui Xi was able to see a very luxurious sports car. The design of this car was far better than that of Hu Hu's, Sui Xi finally understood why her daughter insisted that her boyfriend's car Much better than what Hu Jun has.

Ye Chen etc. Immediately got into the car, Hu Jun found it strange why they all did not get into the car and went behind the ugly car.

"Rooommm. . . Roommm. . . "The sound of the car sounds, the sound of a car like this is only owned by luxury sports cars.

Hu Jun saw a luxury car crossing the place in front of him, the windshield was opened and could see the person who was riding it was Ye Chen.

Hu Jun's jaw almost fell to the ground, Hu Jun almost did not believe a Fruit Seller had a $ 10 million luxury Car.

Hu Jun knew enough about the few cars and the car Ye Chen was driving was a limiter edition that only made 7 units in this world.

"Hey, it looks like your car looks quite old-fashioned, I suggest you buy one that is like mine" After saying that to Hu Jun, Ye Chen immediately dashed off the parking lot.

Hu Jun's brain could not process what had just happened, the words that just said by Hu Jun to Ye Chen suddenly used Ye Chen to himself, It was like a slap on his face, Hu Jun was so embarrassed, No wonder that person was not angry at him it turns out that the young man was far richer than Hu Jun, Hu Jun felt Like, a clown who made jokes.

In the future Hu Jun could not possibly have a face in front of Sui Xi and Lin Rouxi, because Disappointed Hu Jun went to leave the parking lot with Gloomy, given the stupidity that Hu Jun had just done.